My Training Journal (Part 1)

Entry 1

Alright. Step one? Training Journal. Check. Well, step two, I suppose, since I already managed to snag a personal trainer! How about that, you know? Man, coach isn’t going to believe the improvement when I show up on campus in fall, it’ll be like a brand new me! First string varsity, here I come!

As for the trainer, it’s a guy named Felix who works at the supplement store, where I was picking up my protein powders. We got to chatting and he mentioned that he spends his free time working a personal trainer for athletes, but that he didn’t have enough clients at the moment, so he was stuck working here as well. The guy is ripped, fuck! He’s like his own walking advertisement! His rates were damn cheap as well (not that I said that, of course, but charging what he does, no wonder he needs a second job!), and he even offered to help me out with nutrition as well, and gave me a free sample of his homemade protein and energy booster. I just tried it out at the gym, and holy fuck!!! I’ve never lifted like that in my damn life, it was like I was two of me or something. I mean, I ache like fuck right now, for sure, my legs are like jelly, but it’s obvious that guy gets results.

Anyway, I cancelled my gym membership too–Felix has a home gym of his own where I’ll be working out this summer–hell, with his low rate and no gym membership, I’m actually saving money, can you believe it? Things are finally looking up, and I can’t wait for tomorrow so we can get started.

Entry 10

Alright, so it’s been two weeks since my first workout with Felix! He promised I’d start seeing results right about now, and so I’m weighing in and doing some measurements before I go and see him for a bit, since I want to do them without being biased by that guys positivity. Damn, he’s really fucking good at what he does, I gotta say. He says he’s not looking for more clients, but I’d probably get the whole damn football team to train with him, if he was willing!!! Something about working out with him, you…feel so calm and connected. Aware of your body somehow, in a way you aren’t usually. Like your head’s running on auto pilot or something, and he’s pushing you to levels you’d never even imagined before all of this. Fuck, I’m gushing like I have a crush on him or something (Though if I was gay, I’d probably be all over him, gotta say) so I should just measure.

Damn, this is fucking impressive! Added an inch to both my biceps. Looking at this selfie I just took, my abs aren’t really more defined at the moment because we’ve started out with a bulking cycle, but my waist seems a bit narrower (to think coach said I’d never be able to get that ‘V’ shape!” Maybe it’s not really my waist, but more my ass, which is a bit thicker. I didn’t measure that before, but at least I have a baseline for it now, if nothing else. Probably all those squats he’s making me do, I swear! The guy’s in love with me working my legs. Then again, I’ve always been one of those guys who might skip a leg day on occasion, you know? Probably for the best that I’ve got someone looking out for my best interests!

Overall, I gotta say I’m damn satisfied. A few things are a bit worrying I guess, or maybe just a bit strange? My sex drive is down a bit, which is odd. I’m usually a huge horn dog, but ever since I started this new workout, I’ve just felt…exhausted. Well, that’s not quite true. These nutritional boosters I’ve been taking have be more alert than ever, and I’m eating a fuckton of food–following Felix’s meal plans of course, so most of it’s protein and some heavy carb load to keep me bulking for the moment. Gotta gain to put on muscle, as he says! Still, what was I saying? Kind of hard to focus on shit, when my head feels like it’s wired to the damn light socket. Right, I just…don’t feel it as much, you know? Jacking off is harder than it was, and feels kind of like a waste of time. Looking at it now, it actually seems a bit smaller. I’ll measure it.

Yeah, a bit shorter? Maybe it’s just this ruler in particular. Only six and a half, instead of seven like usual…maybe I’ve just been exaggerating a bit. Balls seem a bit smaller too, for whatever reason, but maybe it’s just my bush. A lot of guys I know shave to make their junk look bigger, but I’m so damn hairy it would take me for fucking ever to do it every day! Besides, I like the natural look myself, and the beard I’ve been growing looks good. Felix says it doesn’t suit me, but fuck him–he’s my trainer, not my damn stylist. Anyway, I’ll probably ask him about the cock and ball stuff when I see him today, cause that is a bit strange. I looked up the supplements he’s giving me, on the internet, and couldn’t find anything about them, which is really weird too. Maybe it’s a side effect or something? Who knows, some of this shit can be dangerous if you aren’t careful, but I’ll ask him first. He knows his shit, after all, and he’s my trainer–he only has my best interest at heart, as he says.

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