Interactive: Dale’s Story (Part 3)

 “Whatever Mike, you know she’s hot for me.”

“Fuck no, bro–she wants me!”

The two younger men laughed and paused a moment to light up a couple of cigarettes. Dale recognized them–they were Mike and Jerry, a couple of young fraternal twins in their late 20’s. They’d moved here from a couple of towns over to work as a couple of mechanics–they were still dressed in their coveralls from the day, coated with grease and grime from boot to face. They were both is solid shape–muscular and beefy from the heavy lifting they did all day long, but each of them with a fair sized paunch as well. While not exactly identical by any means, you could definitely get them mixed up if you weren’t careful, and the two were rarely seen separated.

Dale wondered if he should call out to them. Maybe they could go get help? They at least needed to get away from this crazy lunatic. He had to say something, but the breath was still locked in his lungs, the stranger smirking at him struggling to speak. “Well lookie there Dale! If it ain’t yer two boys–ya didn’t tell me they were joinin’ us tonight. Come on over here and have a seat”

Dale just gawked at him–and the brothers did as well…but neither of them found themselves capable of resisting the suggestion. Still…they didn’t know these two older guys, did they? They set themselves down on either side of Dale at the round table, slightly uncomfortable and quiet.

“Well Dale? Aren’t you proud of these two boys of yours? I must say they’re fine looking young men! Aren’t you going to introduce me?”

“I can’t introduce you, I don’ even know yer name!” Dale said, his tongue untied, “Ya guys, git the hell outta here. I don’t know who this guy is, but he’s fuckin’ insane!”

“Come…come on Pa, why would we leave? We just sat down…” Jerry said, his voice with an odd slowness to it, his eyes a bit hazy, like they were clouded with smoke.

“Yeah Pa, let’s have a beer–who’s your friend, anyway?”

Dale glowered at the stranger, “I ain’t gonna their damn Pa!”

“Now now Dale, words can hurt!” the stranger said, “Still, I suppose you can’t introduce me, can you? I mean, I have claimed this town here, but no one’s really met me yet! You’re the first person I’ve had much conversation with, really. But I don’t really want to talk about me anyway–I’d rather talk about you! Eh boys? Why don’t you tell me some things about your Pa here.”

“Pa? Oh, he owns the shop where we work–he taught us everything we know about engines. He didn’t finish high school, and he isn’t too smart, but he can tell you anything you want to know about any damn car!”

“Yeah–he was a trucker for a long time when he was younger. Wasn’t til our mom dumped the two of us on him that he settled down here, but we’re happy here, right Pa?”

“No!” Dale said, and forced himself up from the table and backed up a few steps–looked down at himself, but he too was now clad in a massive set of coveralls, coated with grease from the cars he’d spent all day working on–right? No, no this wasn’t right, this wasn’t real–it was a trick! “I don’ know what game ya think yer playin’,” he said to the stranger, “But I ain’t havin’ no more a it, ya hear me?”

“Now now, Dale, I know you aren’t too bright, but double negatives can be especially dangerous in situations like this, don’t you think? Still, it does seem like we’ll need to give you some…extra incentive to settle in to your new life a bit better. What do you think boys, you want to help you Pa out?”

“Please, just let me go…” Dale said, trying to back away, but his feet were glued back to the floor.

The stranger smiled, and said…

Alright, here are your options for what the stranger says:

  1. “Now we both know how much you love your son’s musk after a day at the shop–go give him a taste boys, and jog his memory.”
  2. “How about we give you something else to occupy your mind–like a ten inch cock and lemon sized balls to keep your horny boys happy.”

  3. “Now daddy, get on your hands and knees. We all know how much you like feeling them plug you up at both ends.”

  4. “Boys, why don’t we make sure your daddy doesn’t run off with a few more pitchers of beer and some greasy bar food.”

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