Interactive: Summer Internship (Part 2)

Todd had no idea what to expect, precisely. He knew that the research happening at Xigen Labs was cutting edge and wasn’t confined to one discipline, but not in his wildest dreams, could he image that he would witness something like this. The first day was devoted to onboarding with the study, signing a mountain of NDAs and liability waivers, and only then, towards the afternoon, did they get to sit down with one of the assistant researchers on the project, and learn what all of this study was about. It started with a basic rundown of genetics and evolution, some of the difficulties in studying evolving biology over generations, and then it descended into a who new set of science he had no background in. The assistant began talking about temporal vacuums, acceleration intervals–thankfully, Todd wasn’t the only one who was confused, and another intern finally raised their hand, timidly, asking the researcher to clarify what he was talking about.

It was hard to believe, but what the researchers were doing, somehow, was accelerating time–biologically–causing the beings in their study to age much more rapidly inside the field than they ever would outside of it. At last, it clicked for Todd–they were essentially brute-force hacking evolution. They would take embryos, bombard them with radiation designed to cause mutations, and then accelerate them. If the resulting sample was of interest to them for genetic research, it would be saved–and perhaps used for breeding. If it wasn’t…it would be accelerated towards its natural death in the temporal field. The interns were all silent, as they let that sink in–not only the nature of the science, but ethical quandary itself–but it wasn’t until they saw the subjects that they nearly all let out a gasp–the subjects of the study weren’t the usual mice or even monkeys–it was a human trial.

The researcher noted their surprise and shock with a rather disinterested look, and then kept talking, describing how the study had already found several promising advancements in medical gene therapies, that the subjects–due to the temporal field–rarely developed any real sense of self, and that the embryos they were using had all been slated to be destroyed anyway. Still, that wasn’t enough for some of them, and several interns asked to be dismissed and reassigned. The researcher reminded them all of the NDA, but allowed them to leave–until only Todd and two other interns remained, and the researcher smiled for the first time. “We only needed three anyway,” he said with a laugh, and continued the tour. They saw the temporal field in action, watched infants become children become adults in a matter of moments, the researchers investigating the resulting mature specimens for any interesting mutations, before sending them back into the field to age, and die.

Todd just watched it–fascinated. He’d had no idea something like this was even possible. This was science without limits; who knew what we were capable of doing down here? After that, they moved into what the researcher called “the menagerie”. The cells lining the walls were full of the most promising subjects whose mutations were most likely to yield further developments. Some of them had spawned entire new research projects themselves. Ethical quandaries aside–the possibilities were impressive. At the end of the afternoon, the three interns, Todd included, were assigned to different aspects of the project, and got to work. Things proceeded well for a few days–until something went wrong. It started with subject 86-X9.

86-X9 was a marvel of the program, a genetic jackpot. Human in appearance, his mind was capable of processing massive amounts of data in a relatively short time. The temporal field didn’t accelerate cognition–so most of the subjects never developed a mind beyond that of an infant, but 86-X9 was different. Within hours, he had begun to understand English, and could speak it by the next day. Within a week, he had learned ten languages. He was most likely smarter than the entire staff put together, and posed real danger, and so was kept isolated and confined in the deepest part of the lab. But 86-X9 was only beginning to understand his own powers, and it was on this day, that he decided to give them a test drive.

Todd heard the voice in his head, and at first, assumed it was his own. The work he had been assigned was relatively boring–sorting out data from the temporal field for research into physics–but the louder it got in his mind…the more he was certain that something was trying to talk to him. Something…wanted him to go somewhere, but where? Deeper into the lab, he realized, into the menagerie…but deeper. He knew he shouldn’t–he didn’t have authorization–but the voice…was insistent. He stole a key card at the end of the day, slipped inside, and then deeper, into the vault–where he found 86-X9. He looked like a normal person, sitting in a small cell, but Todd knew he was different. Important. The most important. This close, the voice in his mind was so loud, that it was all he could hear–his own mind was shutting down, and 86-X9’s will was all that mattered. Still, this would for, for 86-X9’s escape plan, he hoped–he was going to be taking Todd’s place, and Todd, in turn, was going to be entering the menagerie as a subject.

86-X9 and Todd went to the radiation chamber. 86-X9 would have an easy enough job warping the minds around him to believe he had been Todd all along, and with access to the intern’d mind, he knew all of his deepest secrets. The problem was that there had to be a subject take his place–and for that, Todd was going to have to change. He stepped into the radiation chamber, and 86-X9 bombarded him with a sufficient amount to trigger mutations, and then led Todd to the temporal field–give his body an additional 20 years, and the mutations would develop just fine. What sort of mutations does Todd get?

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Caption: A Demon’s Help (Part 1)

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Marvin had been going too fast. He was drunk, and he’d been going to fast, and now he’d gotten pulled over by some highway patrol fucker, and now…now he was going to get fucking arrested.

Maybe he wasn’t that drunk. Oh who the fuck was he kidding, he was way too fucking drunk to think he was going to get away with this. Maybe…maybe he could talk him down to a warning. He wasn’t like those other guys drinking and driving, he…fuck, Marvin thought, please God, I don’t ask for much, but please, don’t send me to jail tonight.

Oh Marvin, God can’t hear you. God can’t hear anyone anymore.

That…wasn’t his voice. The usual voice he heard in his head. It didn’t even seem to come from his head–but from a mouth, right beside his ear, like someone was in the car with him, behind him, leaning between the seats to whisper to him. He could almost feel the hot breath, but he couldn’t turn to look–his body was frozen.

God can’t hear you, but I can. I’m better than God even, I can grant little wishes like that, little selfish needs. Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine.

Marvin finally managed to spin around, but no one was in the car with him. Now he was drunk, and hallucinating–fuck!

There was a rapping on the window–the trooper was there now, and Marvin rolled down the window, and as he did, a voice came out of him–the same voice, and the things it said–he said, the most…horrifying, naughty, filthy things…it was only a matter of time before he had the trooper horny as hell, and then the handcuffs were on him, but he wasn’t going to jail–not this time.

The trooper took him home, took him down into the basement, and down there, the thing played with them. Twisted them, toyed with them, pitted them against each other and their own base natures. Marvin watched as the trooper became…someone else. The basement twisted into something new, full of smoke, and leather, and chains, and in the midst of it, Marvin was suspended in delight and terror, the demon (he was sure it must be a demon) and the trooper taunting him, fucking him, beating him…so many vicious, delightful things.

The next morning, the trooper dropped him back at his car, and Marvin sobbed. He hadn’t wanted that–he hadn’t wanted any of that to happen, and now…now what.

Don’t cry, Marvin. I’m here for you, I’ll always be here. Ask, and I’ll do anything for you, anything at all, I promise.

Interactive: Hypno Time! (Part 3)

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Again, like always, it seemed like no time passed from the time Johnny fired the gun and put him into trance, and when he woke up. It was disconcerting, that in one moment he was standing by the door, the windows dark, all of the lights in the apartment on–and in the next moment, he was sitting on the couch, morning sunlight streaming in, and while his mind caught up to the sudden dilation, it was clear, from the soreness of his muscles, that he’d been put through a bit of a wringer over the course of the weekend. But unlike the first time, apparently Johnny wanted him to know what he’d been doing to him, because he was struck by…something else. As his mind caught up, it was like all the memories from the weekend struck him, like a videotape fast forwarding through a movie, and he saw exactly what–and who–he had been doing all weekend long.

Johnny hadn’t told him who he’d be servicing on Friday night, when he put him under, but now, he could remember who was at the door when he answered it, right after being put into his trance. Two older men, hairy as hell, and both of them quite chubby, entered the apartment, looking at him with a bit of suspicion, but a few orders from Johnny put them both at ease, as Max helped them all get comfortable, took off their clothes, massaged their feet…

Max had never been attracted to bigger guys in his entire life. Johnny knew this, of course, knew that Max took tremendous pride in his physique, and went to the gym five days a week. So remembering now how he threw himself at these fat men, how he worshipped him, how they all humiliated him, and degraded him, how they sat on him and made him squirm for breath–it was so much to remember, so much to think about, and he felt a bit…nauseous. The weekend went faster, from the men getting comfortable with him over Friday night, and they stayed with them all weekend, Max waiting on all three of them all weekend long–cooking for them, feeding them, doing everything they asked not because he…wanted to, but because…because they deserved it, didn’t they? Didn’t such handsome men require such care and devotion? Everything was feeling so confused now. They’d left on Sunday night, hadn’t they? But then who was the fat fuck he’d spent last night with, unless…

He shook his head and shuddered, looked over, and there…there was Johnny. Not the Johnny who had shot the ray at him on Friday night–like before, over the course of the weekend, he had…changed. Before this, Johnny had been about as slim and muscular as Max himself, but now…well, now he was quite pudgy, easily 250 pounds if not a bit more. There was something else off about him, standing there smoking his cigarette as he did now–as they both did. He looked…off, his hairline a bit different, some wrinkles around his eyes…was he older?

Not as old as the two men who had stayed with them this weekend–they were easily in their fifties, but Johnny had been a few months younger than Max, and now he looked older, by months, if not a couple of years. “Well come on then, muscle boy–isn’t there something you’d like to do?” Johnny asked, sneering at him.

There…there was. Max got up from the couch, went over, and started kneading Johnny’s small gut, feeling his own cock stiffen, realizing how sexy he was to him, looking like this, how much better he looked now than he had before.

“Yeah, made a proper chaser out of you now–No more complaining about my weight from now on. I think you’d like to see me get a bit bigger, won’t you? More like Dick and Charley from this weekend?”

Max moaned, dropped to his knees, and started sucking on Johnny’s cock, feeling his gut press against his forehead when he went deep. Max shot quick, and then pulled out.

“Alright, enough of that for now, I have to get to work.”

“W-Work?” Max asked, a bit confused–weren’t they both in college?

“Yeah, fucking work–you get so dumb when you come out of trance, it’s kind of hot,” Johnny said. “Not all of us can be a college muscle boy like you. Now, you’ll have a nice big dinner ready for me tonight, won’t you boy?” Johnny said to him, “You do love watching daddy eat, after all.”

Max didn’t really know what to say, as Johnny laughed, grabbed his bag, and left for his job, leaving Max alone in the apartment. Horrified, trying to avoid processing what had happened over the weekend, he went to the gym to burn off some steam, but that, in its own way, made things worse. All of the men he usually enjoyed looking repulsed him now. To his new desires, even Johnny was a bit small for him…and a bit too young. He looked at himself in the mirror, and the usual delight in his physique wasn’t there either. He just felt…ugly now, even though he knew he shouldn’t feel that way at all! Johnny…was it him, or was the gun fucking with both of them?

From that weekend on, Max was in a trance from Friday until Monday, and Johnny would entertain men at their place for the weekend. Sometimes it was the same men, but usually it was different ones, all of them fat, and old–and each weekend that passed, Johnny also got older, and fatter, until he was cresting 325, and his driver’s license said that he was 46. Only Max seemed to have any memory of the way they had been before this, and he didn’t dare say anything, or risk upsetting his daddy. It was clear, however, that Johnny was becoming a bit restless, and the men who came over were becoming…odder, until a long holiday weekend came along, and Johnny told Max he had something special planned for them.

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Patron Bonus – Arctos: Daddy Service

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“Guys, just get over here, you aren’t going to believe this guy!”

Neither Reese nor Hugh knew what Dan was talking about, but it was a Saturday night, none of them had anything better to do with their time, and so the two friends (or fuckbuddies, or boyfriends–they never really bothered trying to sort it out) headed over to Dan’s apartment, the third wheel, and occasional threesome. All three of them were young, slim, more twink than not, and plenty addicted to the gym. They went inside, and Dan was there on the couch, watching TV, with the biggest grin on his face any of them had seen.

“Alright Dan, what’s going on?”

Dan turned to the kitchen and shouted, “Hey daddy, get out here and meet my friends for a second!”

Reese and Hugh were confused, until an older, chubby face peeked around the corner of the apartment, and beemed at them. “Hi boys! Go on and have seat on the couch with Dan, and I’ll make some extra food for you all–and bring you some beers too!”

Dan waved them in, and they sat down on the couch with him, still confused. This…was not the sort of guy that Dan was ever into, but, as Dan told them, he had found this weird website, offering Daddies to come service you, or whatever, and after a few questions, telling the site he wanted a daddy to wait on him and cook for him, this old fella had just shown up at his door and started doing it! No questions asked!

It wasn’t a joke, either. The daddy brought out some beers for Hugh and Reese, and they decided to spend a night in, humiliating the old fuck, eating his food, and then they’d kick his ass to the curb the next morning…except…none of them could really remember any of that. The food was amazing, and they all ate a ton of it. The drink too much too, and at some point, someone put porn on the TV, and then the daddy was rubbing their bellies, and sucking them all off…and then, it was morning, and they were starting to wake up.

“Fuck Dan, how much did we eat?” Hugh asked, clutching his gut, giving it a rub. It was taut, sticking out like a beachball.

“Fucking…what the fuck happened to me!” Reese exclaimed, seeing the same thing had happened to him. He heaved himself up off the couch, letting off a belch as he did, and headed for the bathroom, clutching his head from the hangover. “Is that fucking daddy still here?”

“I think he left earlier,” Dan moaned, and let off a belch as well, “I heard the door open and close at least.”

“Well, he was a good…cook…” Hugh said, and looked around them, but all he saw was piled and piles of fast food containers and junk food bags around him. “I thought…weren’t we eating…something better than this?”

“I don’t even fucking remember man…”

“Fucking–I look like a fucking blimp! How can I get this fat in a night!” Resse exclaimed, coming back in, and as he did, he let off a fart of equal strength to the belch he’d just made, making Dan start laughing. “Fuck you Dan, this is a mess!”

“S-Sorry, I don’t know why I’m laughing man, it’s just funny…” he said, and let off a belch of his own, which only made him laugh and giggle even harder. Hugh and Reese looked at him like he was crazy, when the door to the apartment opened up again, and the daddy stomped inside, carrying bags of fast food, and a twenty-four count cast of cheap beer.

“Morning boys! I had to go on a supply run. Go on, relax–don’t need to do anything. Daddy will take care of everything.”

“Hell no! Fuck this, I’m out of here,” Reese said, and tried to get out the door, only for the daddy to…no one quite knew what he said, actually, but Reese sat back down on the couch, shaking slightly, and daddy beamed at his three boys there.

“Now, I brought you breakfast! I made sure to get extra. I had no idea I was going to be helping such skinny boys, and more than one! When Sammy told me he had friends, I didn’t know you were all going to be so cute, or so fun.” He set down the fast food breakfast bags on the coffee table, turned the TV back on, and all three of them found themselves…eating again. Daddy brought them their morning beers, and soon, all three of them were drunk as well, belching from the gas, feeling their guts growing even fuller and more painful than before, sharing looks of worry, and then horror, and they all realized the only way they could get up was with daddy’s permission, and then, only to go to the bathroom, supervised. But as they ate more and more, and daddy plied them with more and more beer…the horror waned, and all three of them started laughing at their belches and farts, trying to outdo each other, daddy encouraging them all, telling his boys how proud he was of them, and how good it felt to just relax.

Caption: Grooming the Groomsman (One Possibility)

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I knew I shouldn’t be hunting so close to family, but as soon as I saw Porter, posing for pictures with the rest of wedding party, I just couldn’t resist thinking about it. He was just so dang cute! A little chubby, a nice beard, and that little bit of smugness that I just find it so fun to toy with. But he was close to my nephew, one of his friends from college, and so at first, I really was just thinking about it, I promise. But it’s surprising how quickly thinking about things can slide to doing something about it rather quickly.

Maybe if he had been more social during the reception, instead of sitting off by himself at a table staring at his phone, I wouldn’t have kept thinking about it. Maybe if I hadn’t wrapped up another project a couple weeks ago, I wouldn’t have kept thinking about it. Maybe if he hadn’t gone under so damn easily, I wouldn’t have kept going. But it was so easy. I slid into the chair next to him, and we chatted easily–he was so trusting, I could feel him relaxing, begging me to relax him. I probably could have just talked him under with an hour, but in the open, I wanted to be quick. I showed him a spiral on my phone, kept talking, and five minutes later, he was gone, happy to talk to me about anything, happy to do anything I told him to do–but I couldn’t there, not so brazenly. Maybe if he’d had more strings–a girlfriend, roommates, anything at all–I wouldn’t have gotten scared off. As it was, I suggested he come by my hotel room later that night–without telling anyone–so we could continue our nice conversation, and he was more than happy to agree with me.

In my room, we slid under again right away. It was like he wanted to be under, like he wanted it even more than I did. We talked a little more, while he stripped for me. He told me that he’d always liked girls, but it wasn’t hard to convince him that he was mistaken, that it was men he’d always wanted, especially older men, men like me. By midnight, he was there willingly–I didn’t even need to have him under trance for him to be begging for my cock–and fuck, if he wasn’t so god damn sexy, and so damn easy.

Usually I like a challenge. I like wearing them down, I like finding ways to break them, to turn their own minds against themselves, but rarely do you find someone like this, like Porter, with a mind so easily bent that its like he wants you to do it to him. Maybe if he hadn’t just moved into the same town where I lived, things wouldn’t have gone any further, but as it was, he was due to start a new job next month–and was so eager to see me again. How could I resist? Flying back home, it was all I could think about–what I might do to him, who I might make him into. There were so many options, how could I even choose?

I do know what he wants, what he told me when he was so open and honest that he couldn’t help it–he isn’t happy with how he looks, with his gut, with his chubby face. I suppose I could help him with that. We could start off easy at first, get him a gym membership, fix his diet–just some small suggestions to help him feel like he’s making progress, little things that help make him trust me more and more, and he slides deeper and deeper under my control with every visit. But just giving him what he wants doesn’t do anything for me–and my needs…well, if he’s only enjoying himself, where’s the fun in that? He needs…to lose himself. Lose control. That’s what I want to see, that’s what gets me off.

He’ll start working out more and more, neglecting his other relationships, looking at himself in the mirror and feeling more and more…dissatisfied. He feels caught between his old self, his friends, his job, and this new…something. It’ll scare him. He’ll try to pull back, and pull away from it, from me, but there’s no way I can let that happen.

I’ll tell him what the injections are–growth hormones and steroids–and he’ll be horrified, but I’ll watch him inject them himself, unable to resist my orders–and then he’ll jack off while I fuck him, telling him what a monstrosity he is going to become. I’ll start reducing his intellect, wearing it down around the edges, making it harder and harder for him to do anything beyond lifting and counting. He’ll beg for his job, in the end, but it’s only getting in the way of lifting more and more–it has to go too, in the end. He wanted this body, I’ll tell him. He wanted this–all I’ve done is give it to him.

I wonder if I’ll let him remember any of it. Probably, on occasion. He’ll have glimpses, as he’s resting in the gym, thinking about the man he’d been–clever, funny, happy even. He had no idea it would be this much work, that being this big would be so exhausting, but when he sees himself in the mirror, fuck if it doesn’t make him horny–even if the drugs are shrinking his cock. Even if he can only get hard around fat older men. Even if all he really wants is to be abused and humiliated in this massive body by men like me, and all of my friends. Fuck, he’ll hate it, but he won’t be able to stop himself…still, there are other ideas too…

Interactive: Porno Virus (Part 10)

Viruses mutate, in time. What started as a simple infection can become monstrous, with the right evolution. Jacob stumbled down the street, wearing only a bathrobe that, on a normal person, would be rather oversized, but which could barely encompass his huge frame. His mind was a jumble–he…he hadn’t always looked like this, hadn’t always felt like this, hadn’t felt these needs welling up inside him, like the milk that seemed to pulse through his cock, through his massive tits, through his very veins. What…was he now? What on God’s earth had he become?

But God, that God, the God he had followed all his life until this very afternoon, he now knew to be a false god. In his heart, there had always been doubts. Doubts that what he was doing, and what he served, were empty–empty of any real power, beyond the power that the men who believed it gave it, but now…now he had a taste of real power, of something more, something that…that he could give. Christ could only give of his body as metaphor, but he–through this new god pulsating inside him, changing him still–he could give of it literally.

It was twilight now, and he could, to some extent, go unnoticed, but he knew that he had to try and find someone, somewhere that he could be safe. He ached, ached for someone to feed from him. The milk inside him was welling up, filling him to bursting. He could feel it under his very skin, welling up from his pores, sweating out and down his hairy chest, dripping from the hair that had grown there, smelling like sex and cream. He turned up a driveway, up the steps, pounded on a door, kept pounding, until it opened, and a man stood there, older, the age of Jacob’s father, and of Jacob’s new god, looking at the heaving bestial man in the door frame, dripping with milk, his eyes wide with terror and confusion.

“Do…do not be afraid, I come from God to…to feed you the milk of…of life…” Jacob grunted, trying to make the words connect up in his mind, but all he could really do was reach out, grab the fellow by the collar of his shirt, and pull him into his hairy, milky chest. He…had to taste it, they all had to taste it, to know it. To know God.

There was screaming then–a woman had rounded the corner to see her husband in the grips of some massive, wet beast. Jacob looked at her, uninterested, disgusted–they would find somewhere else to go, somewhere they would not be disturbed. Jacob released the man, looked down at him, his milk glazed lips, his wide eyes realizing what he had just tasted, and he turned and walked back down the steps, and back down the driveway.

The woman went to go to her husband, but he shrugged her off–one taste hadn’t been enough, the virus was coursing through him now, changing him, his mind now…obsessed with the beast, with feeding from him, tasting everything the man could give him, and he stumbled down the steps after him, leaving the woman shouting for him in the doorway, as he followed Jacob down the street.

More men encountered them. None of them could resist the beast, neither young nor old, and each fell into step behind him, until they came to a small greenbelt, and towards one end, a thicket of trees. There, Jacob knew he could rest a while, and his new flock could feed, could better understand what he was offering. He could give them over to his new God. He nestled down at the base of a large tree, and the men swarmed around him, fighting over him, licking at his milk-sweating skin, sucking on his teats, fighting for the stream of cum flowing from his cock. Jacob could feel his body draining, and the virus inside him quickened again, more teats sprouting down the front of his chest and down his belly, the glands of his mouth no longer producing spit, but rather thick, viscous cream he could drool into the mouths of his disciples, watching them all grow larger, hairier, bestial, groping themselves and each other in horny delight, their humanity dissolving away as they each embraced their new God, their new purpose.

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Caption: Down in the Valley

Backpacking is one of the few escapes that Marcus felt he could still rely on, in a world that felt like he was constantly connected to everything, whether he wanted to be or not. More than once, he had fantasized about leaving it all, finding some cabin in the wilderness, abandoning wifi and phones and data and electricity and everything else altogether. Maybe he’d be able to shake this anxiety and depression, maybe he’d feel connected to something that wasn’t a constant maelstrom of terror and death and impending doom. So he would take a couple weeks off in the summer, and do his best to disappear, trails or no trails, just…escaping. Just him, and nature, alone–except on this trip, he was beginning to suspect that he wasn’t particularly alone.

The trip had started off normal enough, on familiar territory. He decided to go off in a new direction, towards a rather secluded valley in the midst of the forest, and as he descended into it, he began to get the sensation that he was being watched. This in and of itself was not too uncommon–after all, just because there were no people, did not mean that he was in fact alone–he saw all sorts of wildlife during his trips, but largely had never had a problem with them, so long as he minded his food habits properly. However, this sense was something else entirely, and when he camped for the day, the sensation didn’t disappear like it usually did, but he saw no sign of anything, so he figured he was as safe as he could be.

It was when he went down to the river to refill his water, that he saw him, there in the brush.

Handsome did not really begin to describe him. Marcus was stricken with something more than lust, it was…compulsive. Animalistic. He dropped his pack without another thought, and walked towards the strange, eyeing him over his shoulder, and the man walked away, and Marcus followed. After a quarter mile, the man led Marcus to a cave, and pulled him inside, and in the dark…Marcus felt that something was wrong. Feeling the man, his cock, his body–it didn’t seem to match what he’d seen outside of the cave. There were too many limbs, and they were too thin, the skin wasn’t hairy, but smooth, and seemed to stick to him, if he didn’t pull away fast enough. His rational mind tried to rebel, but the desire overwhelmed him anyway, pulled him into the stink of him, the heady scent of musk, with a strange pang of carrion and rot all around it. The man, the thing, forced Marcus onto the floor of the cave and fucked him deep–deeper than a cock should have been able to go, seeded him hard, hard enough he could feel his gut expand, and them wrapped Marcus in his arms, and held him there, sticky and sweaty in the dark, deep, inhuman rattling breaths in his ear, long tongue wrapping around his neck, sharp teeth at an ear.

He tried to squirm away, but the thing would nip him–not hard enough to hurt him, but enough to draw blood. He held still instead, unsure of what to do, watching the dim light from the entrance to the cave dim as night came, unsure if the squirming in his guts was hunger, thirst…or perhaps something else entirely.