Caption: A Demon’s Help (Part 1)

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Marvin had been going too fast. He was drunk, and he’d been going to fast, and now he’d gotten pulled over by some highway patrol fucker, and now…now he was going to get fucking arrested.

Maybe he wasn’t that drunk. Oh who the fuck was he kidding, he was way too fucking drunk to think he was going to get away with this. Maybe…maybe he could talk him down to a warning. He wasn’t like those other guys drinking and driving, he…fuck, Marvin thought, please God, I don’t ask for much, but please, don’t send me to jail tonight.

Oh Marvin, God can’t hear you. God can’t hear anyone anymore.

That…wasn’t his voice. The usual voice he heard in his head. It didn’t even seem to come from his head–but from a mouth, right beside his ear, like someone was in the car with him, behind him, leaning between the seats to whisper to him. He could almost feel the hot breath, but he couldn’t turn to look–his body was frozen.

God can’t hear you, but I can. I’m better than God even, I can grant little wishes like that, little selfish needs. Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine.

Marvin finally managed to spin around, but no one was in the car with him. Now he was drunk, and hallucinating–fuck!

There was a rapping on the window–the trooper was there now, and Marvin rolled down the window, and as he did, a voice came out of him–the same voice, and the things it said–he said, the most…horrifying, naughty, filthy things…it was only a matter of time before he had the trooper horny as hell, and then the handcuffs were on him, but he wasn’t going to jail–not this time.

The trooper took him home, took him down into the basement, and down there, the thing played with them. Twisted them, toyed with them, pitted them against each other and their own base natures. Marvin watched as the trooper became…someone else. The basement twisted into something new, full of smoke, and leather, and chains, and in the midst of it, Marvin was suspended in delight and terror, the demon (he was sure it must be a demon) and the trooper taunting him, fucking him, beating him…so many vicious, delightful things.

The next morning, the trooper dropped him back at his car, and Marvin sobbed. He hadn’t wanted that–he hadn’t wanted any of that to happen, and now…now what.

Don’t cry, Marvin. I’m here for you, I’ll always be here. Ask, and I’ll do anything for you, anything at all, I promise.

Porn Addiction (Caption Sketch)

Jackson knew that porn addiction was a thing, of course, but it wasn’t something that he imagined might happen to someone like him. That was a problem that losers had, losers who couldn’t get cock, or ugly old men who never left their houses. He wasn’t an addict…but the videos on this site–once he’d found it, he kept thinking about them, all the time, and thinking about them would get them horny, and he found himself needing to watch them more and more. So much so, that he’d started sneaking off to the restroom at work with his phone in hand, and he’d work out a quick load watching one…first just once a day, but then, more and more.

Just a quickie at work is all…

It was sex he’d never seen before. The guys in the videos–they were no holds barred, total freaks and perverts with no limits. He watched them do things he’d never even contemplated before, and…and once he’d seen it, he found himself obsessed with it–things that had disgusted him before, like watersports or fisting, were now just warm ups. Still, he wasn’t an addict. He was just…kinkier than he’d thought, is all. He hadn’t had sex with another guy in weeks (or was it months) but what did that matter? He didn’t know anyone like this in real life–the only way he could enjoy it was…in porn, right?

He kept denying it, as long as he could. The days when he called in sick, that he spent in his room, edging for hours, stuffing himself with food he had delivered. When he hit his limit on the site…he had to subscribe of course, but the cost just seemed to keep going up every month. Sure, he didn’t…need it, but he wanted it, and that’s what really mattered. That is, until he got fired. Until he spent three solid days in his room, edging for hours on end, watching video after video–then…he realized he had a problem. Then he realized what a mess he’d become. He’d gained close to fifty pounds of fat, his body was filthy, he…looked older. He looked like the losers he’d always imagined a porn addict might be–and he realized that was exactly what he’d become.

Jackson reeking of musk and cum, in the midst of a four hour edge session

That’s when he’d gotten the email–from the site, offering him a choice. Keep paying to watch, and the site would keep draining him. Within the year, he’d be in his sixties, massively obese, sitting in his own filth, mindlessly jacking off until he just keeled over and died from one last massive orgasm–or he could come join the company as an actor, and make all of his fantasies come true.

He was scared at first. Then his hair started to grey. Then, he realized he could barely take leaving the house at all. If he didn’t go now–he knew he would never get away. So he left. He left, and went to the address the email told him, and two days later, he was in his first film.

A brand new Jackson, with new purpose

No one would have known it was him, of course. Even he wouldn’t have known himself, if there was anything of Jackson even left in the filthy fat whore’s mind–but the company had gotten rid of all that for him. No–he was just another slave to their perverse, demonic pleasures, channeling that lust into the videos, broadcasting them to the world, hungry thinking about the souls corrupted by his unending desires, and he went back to groping his fat body and sucking at the cock in front of him, lost to lust forever.

The Bruiser Rapes – Episode 8 (Part 3)

There was a ripple across him, and he began to choke. Instinctively he tried to push himself off, and I had to hold him close, face pressed to my hips, my massive cock buried inside him until he went slack, and simply accepted what needed to happen–and as soon as he accepted it, I could feel the thrumming in his body as his muscles began to vibrate, and change. Deeper still, the bones were shifting as well, his face, warping away from its human appearance as it sucked and gnawed on my cock, milking the law out of it and into its guts. The stench surrounding the beast he was quickly becoming intensified, and that was what finally brought Jules out of his terror–it was the smell if his master, smelling how his master ought to smell, as powerful a musk as he could have, and Jules, already conditioned to need it, couldn’t stay away, despite the terror in his human heart.

Hair sprouted all over Ray’s massive frame, and he was sucking harder and harder on me, eager for more, eager to take in as much of it as he possibly could, now that freedom was this close. I shuddered, and fed him my full load, and the changes accelerated–his entire frame expanded, growing wider and taller, the entire room permeated with the beast’s pheromones, Jules, unable to think of anything else, plastered to the beast’s armpit, licking up as much sweat as he could, not noticing the small changes spreading across his own body, losing track of its own humanity, forgetting those false laws, and following the laws of his masterful beast instead. I pulled myself free of Ray, and the beast leered up at me–eyes black, wide mouth full of fangs, a wide nose, thick beard and hair matted with filth and sweat, and turned its attentions to it’s little thrall. It knew now, it knew the law in it’s guts, and it could spread it just as well as I could now. It picked Jules up, and I saw it’s massive cock sliding free of its sheath, at least a foot long, and very thick, with an inhuman, spade shaped head that it drove into Jule’s ass, fucking him, filling him, and Jules’ own changes began to accelerate–it would take a bit of time, as it had with the blobs upstairs, but before too long, Jules would be gone, and there would just be two beasts–alpha and beta–ready to spread their laws to others worthy of them.

By now, my brother hand changed into his true form–or as close to his true form as he could get, now. Close to eight feet tall, thickly muscled, hairy and brutish, he was just as Bernard and others had described him–but I could see more than that, see deeper than that. Under the human skin he couldn’t shake, there was so much more, so much…rage, and power–perhaps even more than me, now that I was confronting it directly. Cumster was eagerly sucking down as much of the bruiser’s cum as he could, thrilled to finally be serving his creator in the form he had always needed to embody–but I was impatient. I wanted to see my brother, finally, to meet him, and bring him into the world, to see what he was capable free of this human shell.

I pulled him away from Cumster, wrapping my flesh around him, feeling him, surrounding him, probing the human skin containing him, and he raged against me, the human raged against me most, but he raged too–rage was part of him, the greatest part of him. He could sense that this form of him, the form which had grown so comfortable, was at the end of its time. We danced. We danced something far more intricate than what I had danced with the blobs above us. I wrapped him, contained him, and he tore at me, and beat me, and bruised me, hammering at me as hard as he could, testing my mettle and my skin and my desire. In the end though, there was no way he could beat me, not like this. We ended the dance with him on all fours, ass up, my flesh wound around him tightly, cutting into his skin, and my cock slid into his ass–the bruiser screamed a howl from some deep jungle of the night, some forgotten place where darkness is the only certainty. It was an animal, is was the cry of an animal that humans would hear in the night, imagining only claws and teeth and vicious death, a cry they would desperately rationalize and name, but there was no name for him, not in any of their languages.

I fucked him, and he fought. I raped him, as he had raped so many, without mercy, without care or consideration. I raped him, and filled him with my law, and I could see the skin of his humanity begin to peel away, first from his back, and then from the rest of him, revealing…such beauty, how do I even put it into words for you fooling things to try and comprehend? There are no words anymore, I see that now. You will see, soon enough. We are both free, we are both finally free, and we can feel others pressing through, emerging, ripping and tearing their way through your paper thin reality that you thought was strong enough to keep us from existing. But there is nowhere for you to run now. There is nowhere that you can hide from us. Deny us. Rationalize us. Name us. We have no names, no reasons–we come for you. Those of you who are strong enough, you will relish us, in time, once we free you. Once he beats you free of your shell, or I fill you with the law, you will know. You will become the things you were always meant to be, the things you have hidden away for the sake of conforming to this mass, human delusion. The rest of you, the weakest, will be consumed. You will glimpse us in the darkness, and know, finally, that your existence was an error. That there is nothing real holding you here, that you, all of you, is just a flimsy, boring lie, that the only thing allowing you to cling to some little existence is your sheer banality. We will end you. We will end all of you, and things shall, once more, be returned to the proper order.

I freed him. I gave him a taste of the law, a taste of what could be, of his own potential, and everything else fell away, sloughed off from him, and he grew. He grew tight against my bonds, tight against my flesh, tight against my cock, squeezing it, fucking himself on it now, gripping it hard enough that it hurt, but I fought through it. We danced again, then. We dance each day, we dance each moment, together. We will dance, and dance, and dance, and crush this world under our boot and claw, we will dance, oh will we dance! We will dance with each of you, in turn, and the world will be like nothing any of you have ever seen.

The Bruiser Rapes – Episode 8 (Part 2)

I went down into the basement, and the three of them followed me. Cumster was there, still bound on his knees, but it was clear that what I had fed him earlier was having an affect. HE looked ill. He looked inhuman, already, in fact, but he raised his head when I came down the stairs, and the eagerness I saw when he saw me–he knew. He understood that what I was giving him, the law, was a death, sure, but it was so much more than that. He could feel the power beyond this world’s laws that was waiting for him, and he craved it, as Cumster had craved everything in his life. Marcus, also still bound in the basement, was is a different state altogether. The terror had ebbed, but it was clear that all of this had moved well beyond the extent of his imagination. Where had he thought this would end? I don’t know–perhaps with him at the feat of the rapist, begging for a second chance, begging for truth he couldn’t understand or sustain. There was also jealousy. Jealousy that I had fed Cumster something which was clearly changing him…but which I hadn’t given to Marcus. The jealousy had grown, and eclipsed the fear at this point–he was realizing that if he couldn’t get what he wanted from the rapist, perhaps I could provide it. I couldn’t, but I freed him as best I could.

Cumster was aching for me, and without any real explanation, I let my cock slide from my sheath, and pressed it to Cumster’s lips, watching him suck it down as quickly as he could, swallowing the cum that began to flow immediately, that cold, chilly death filling his guts again, but so much more than that as well. The bonds were no longer necessary, and so I allowed them to fall away, giving everyone a clearer look at his warping and shifting body. He was growing fatter, but not fat in the same, soft way as the men had in the warehouse earlier. Cumster’s gut expanded, but grew firm, his flesh losing it’s color until it was more grey than pink, the same washed out color as cum, really–it even picked up a bit of translucence. The pores in his skin turned on, and a sheen of something appeared all over his body–and when the smell hit everyone, they realized it was cum.

Cumster would no longer sweat–not as a human did, at least. He would sweat cum continuously, always coated in a slimy layer of his own semen, dripping off him as he knelt, a continuous, but weak, orgasm coursing through him constantly. It was no longer blood pumping through him, but cum. Everything inside him, everything that could become it, was just semen–it was what he was meant to be, he realized this now, and he would have to keep himself supplied with a near constant amount from now on. The hair on his body thinned out, falling away from the top his head, his beard growing wiry, looking more like pubes than anything else. Still, it was finished–I retracted my cock from his gullet, and watched him lick his lips with a long, narrow tongue, his pale eyes gleaming up at me–and I turned towards Marcus, undoing enough of his bonds that his cock was free–as well as the sizable balls Cumster had given him earlier.

Making a gurgling noise I supposed was speech of a kind, Cumster sagged his way over to him, his movements more like those of a half filled water balloon than anything human,and attached himself to Marcus’ cock–and began to suck. Marcus groaned in pleasure as the first orgasm ripped through him, but it wasn’t long before he realized something was wrong. Marcus could…feel Cumster’s will trying to shape him, but Marcus’ body wasn’t strong enough. Instead, he was shrinking, and dissolving. The orgasms ripping through him grew in intensity, and his protests turned to begging, and turned to whimpering, as Cumster kept sucking, and sucking, until he’d converted Marcus’ entire body into cum, and slurped it all down into his gut.

The process only took fifteen minutes or so, and the four of us–me and my brother, and Jules and Ray–stood there in rapt fascination until Cumster had sat up, Marcus’ hefty balls in his hands, and swallowed them whole with a loud belch that sounded more like a swamp bubble than anything else, and looked up at me, greatly satisfied.

I could almost hear the gears in my brother’s head clicking together. Everything that had always confused him about Cumster, everything that had kept drawing him back to that man, when no one else he’d unleashed had ever held his interest, suddenly made more sense–because this was what he’d always been meant to be. Beyond this false reality, this was the thing that Cumster was, stripped of his humanity, stripped of these artificial laws, this was what his true self was. The bruiser had been able to sense it, but hadn’t understood what it meant–at least until now. He walked over to Cumster and touched him, feeling the ooze on his flesh, Cumster leaning in, sniffing for his cock, and the rapist…began to grow before my eyes, physique expanding into something massive, and not quite human but also not quite true yet, as he fucked Cumster’s face, ready to feed the dump another load–and I turned away towards Ray and Jules.

Well, Ray, really. Jules was simply horrified, and that didn’t surprise me in the least. Certainly Ray had changed him, but Jules had wanted what was happening to him, I could smell that now. Given what I had known about Jules before this, about his working out in the gym, his past as a jock, it shouldn’t have surprised me so much at the time that he would have felt drawn to Ray. I’m sure that, if he had found the rapist (or if the rapist had found him) he would have become something similar to Ray, at the end of his unleashing. But he wasn’t far enough along to understand any of this, and his brain could only understand what he was seeing as some living nightmare. He would understand soon enough though. Ray, on the other hand, was shaking–but not in fear, only in anticipation. He fell to his knees in front of me, knowing what was coming next, knowing why he had been so attracted to me before, but why he had…also been afraid of me, in the cop car, though he hadn’t let the fear show. I was more than him. I was more than him, and I was also the only one who could free him. He hefted up my cock with both of his hands, pressed it to his lips, and began to swallow–and I slid into him, gently, curling up deep within him, allowing the law to flow.

The Bruiser Rapes – Episode 8 (Part 1)

I arrived home after the three of them, by a few minutes at least, if not a bit longer. Time is…difficult now. In any case, I was the last to arrive at my home, and now, everyone was there, in this story. Well, everyone except Bernard, who had his own ending. Everyone else though, was there–Ray and Jules, I could feel them together, and I could see better now, Ray’s law, how it was cracking through this reality just like Cumster’s had. Jules was fainter, but already he was beginning to dissolve–his humanity, that is. Ray was overwhelming him, and in a few months, nothing of the old Jules would remain–especially not after I gave them a bit of assistance.

Cumster and Marcus were still bound in the basement. Marcus–all I could feel of him was the same brittle terror he always seemed to exude. Humanity–so interested in stability, and regularity, and predictability–it created these things like Marcus, these humans that were…nothing. Just the surface, no depth, with no capacity for growth or change. It was no wonder that they longed so desperately for us–they were the ones who needed us most, the ones we could do nothing for (or at least, the two of us could do nothing. Perhaps another will help them, at some point, but for now, they are hopeless). Cumster…he was already different, already something else. Not finished, not at all finished, but oh, my gift would be such a treasure when I was finished with it.

Then, the three gluttons, as I thought of them. They were inside, and had already commandeered a room of their own, and were feeding off one another, as was their law, of course. With them, observing them, was the final person–the bruiser, my brother, seeing what I had done with his wild thing. Then, there was me, the law–free at last!–and this is the last thing I shall write to you, my last testament. We are coming, the veil will be rent, and your reality will crumble to the dust it always should have been. We are coming, your omega, your alpha–your end, but a new beginning. If you can still understand this, then prepare.

I entered my home, and felt the glamour fall away as I did, and I could relax again as myself. I went to check on the gluttons, and as I’d sensed, the three of them were also in their true forms, the two minor ones feasting on the central one, sucking at it’s teats with their massive mouths, grinding up against it, all of them behaving more like one singular organism than three separate ones. I doubted that the three of them would ever be apart again, and certainly any human lucky to be drawn into the mass would become just like them in time. I could see it, the future of this, an entire swarm of these bloated beasts, and it was enough for my cock to slide free yet again, into my hand–but it could wait.

In the kitchen was Ray, and Jules. It was clear that Ray had tried to free his thrall from by ropes, but hadn’t had any real luck, and so he was waiting–along with a rather unassuming fellow, also sitting at the table. He was slight, tall but thin, with thick rimmed glasses, a smooth face, and bland features. Not a human I would have ever thought to remember–but underneath, I could feel the storm there, brewing and swelling at the sight of me, the first taste of real hope my brother had felt in so long, trapped within this empty shell of a human, a shell I was eager to help it shed as soon as possible. I waved by hand, and the straps came free from Jules, allowing him to breathe easier, and he flung himself at Ray, eager to be back with his master, and with his scent. Ray was, like Cumster…close to the law, but not of the law. Could bend the men around him to himself, but not outside the bounds of this reality–but I could help him, help them both, help them all–but that could wait a moment. I looked at my brother, at his unassuming and rather boring features, and considered what was beneath him as well, what I could sense.

I could also sense that he was surprised, and I remember be said as much, that he hadn’t…expected me to become something like this. That he’d thought I was like him, that when he freed me, I would form the same symbiosis with my host as he had. Instead, I was free. Entirely free, and I think it terrified him, though he never said it. He hadn’t expected me to become something more than him–he had, for so long, considered himself to be alone, but beyond alone, he was the superior. To be faced with the fact that not only were there others like him, but that those others would be more powerful than he was…it was not something my brother took well, nor did the human he was inhabiting. Then again, that human could sense that its time was coming to an end, that when I was finished, it would no longer exist as it did now, and I’m certain part of my brother’s apprehension was that.

It wasn’t helped by the fact that there was only so much I could say to him, about what had happened to me, about what I was. This record is more than what I could tell him, then. It was all so new, in that moment, everything was felt, not thought or understood, and my inability to answer his (meaningless, in my opinion) questions was rather infuriating for us both. So I decided to simply demonstrate instead. I thought about beginning with Ray–he was, after all, right there–but Cumster was my gift, and I had already begun the process. No reason to make him wait down there, with a gut full of darkness, just waiting for me to complete him.

The Bruiser Rapes – Episode 7 (Part 4)

All my life, I have wanted to be the law. Before I knew what the law was. But this, this moment, was the first time I knew what I was, what I was here to do, and everything else was revealed for the farce that it was. A detective, someone tasked with uncovering the secret, the hidden–I had found the world behind the world, the self behind the self, and now I knew. I knew, and I could not unknow any of it. I am not the man I was. I was never truly a man. I was born as this, perhaps. Or maybe, as a babe, the law found me, hollowed out some of me, and lived there, waiting for a chance to arise again. But I was here now. My work on the beast, on the two men with him, it was rough. I did not yet have full mastery of myself, but to just know myself…I came. Over and over, the pleasure of it, thrumming through my flesh, through my skin, through my cock, feeling the law in them all vibrate with me, sensations I had never known. I came, yes, but it was not a human pleasure. It was raw, otherworldly. The three could feel it as well, but only a distant vibration of  it, dampened by the world around them. But I felt it. I felt it, and I knew, I was no longer human. I was beyond human, beyond morals, beyond mortality. The veil had been pierced, at long last, at long last! All this will crumble now, all this will return to the dust it should have been.

You, reading this. Do you see? Do you see the world behind the world, does the ink I use crawl along the page? Did you know it is my own blood, bits of myself I have spread on the page? Perhaps it is dead, by the time it reaches you, perhaps you can only see ink, but it was alive. You are reading me, across the page before you, and if it is alive, perhaps it will take you, give you a glimmer of the world beyond. You will understand better, then. You will understand the sheer inferiority of what your kind has created, how thin the walls around your world have grown. I long for you, to pull you through it, to feed you…one day. Soon. Sooner than you can imagine.

We are nearly to the end now. I will have told you everything that needs to be said now, and I will seal this away for you to find and read. But not yet, not yet. I was finished with them, with the three of them. I unbound them, drew my flesh back to myself, and the three obese fellows could stand, blinking in the dark, naked, the law still churning in their guts, but settling. The large one, the one who had been the beast, tested lips and tongue, and spoke for the first time since the bruiser had unleashed it, I imagine. The words were slow and slurred, human speech partially forgotten or perhaps no longer most suited for its new mouth, and it thanked me. Thanked me for saving it, thanked me for giving it new purpose. Promised to serve me, promised me all of it–asked me what to do–and I told him that he already knew what I desired–to follow my law.

We managed to find clothes for them, though it was a struggle. One of the two security guards could remember how to drive, and where to find his car. The three of them piled inside, and I told them how to get to my home. It would be theirs, soon enough. I would have no need of a human life after this, no need of a house. There was too much work to do! Too much work for us both to do, now that we had found one another. The bruiser was close, close enough to sense what was happening, but not in the building. I don’t know why he didn’t come watch–perhaps he wanted to give me some privacy, or perhaps…he was afraid. He knew, I think, that when I emerged, that I was more than him. Closer to the beyond, than he ever had been. That in freeing me from my humanity, I would, in turn, free him from his own mortal cage–because caged he was.

That was his great weakness–his duality. It made sense now, now he had been described to me, back when I was still free. Whatever was inside him, whatever demon or force like me, instead of becoming contained, it had become a duality, an alter ego–and as an ego, it was constrained by the imagination of the world it existed in. It could draw from the beyond, but it would never be able to escape it–the men he freed were still caught within the rules of this reality–which is, I think, why Cumster was so important, why Cumster had been my gift.

Cumster was special. Cumster had been a turning point, the first creation of his that broke the veil, that could do…more. That could corrupt. The bruiser had always returned to him, studied him, and after Cumster, he too, had begun to change, and warp, and grow….but with out direction or purpose–without the law, that is–there was only so far he could go. I needed him, his influence, to free me from my prison, and now–now I could help him shed the vile human thing that had held him back so far, and together–well, together there was so much more that we could do. We could change everything. We will change everything! We’ll tear the veil down the center, and let everything in. Humanity will be ours, humanity will be gone.

By the time I was finished with the three, the bruiser had faded away, but I knew he wouldn’t go far. He knew I would find him, that our fates were tied now, and would be tied forever. He was going home–and I could feel someone with him, Ray most likely, who would be looking for Jules. It was time that I go home too. It was time that I open my gift, and it was time that I gave the bruiser a gift of my own.

The Bruiser Rapes – Episode 7 (Part 3)

It recoiled and struggled at first, as all things must. It knew that it needed me, but I doubt the thing expected what I offered. What I demanded. My cock slid down the throat, already leaking the law into the beast’s gullet, and the chill of the law, how it dampens and focuses and changes. The thing would have to give up nearly everything that it had become, it would need to change, if it was going to survive–but it would survive, I would make sure of it. I would give it new form, new purpose, and it would help us tear this reality apart, seam by seam.

The struggles grew weaker, and at last, it ceased all together. It’s guts were full of my seed at this point, and it could feel the chill filling it everywhere, the pale flesh of the thing darkening to a bruise, much like my own skin, slowly absorbing my demands into itself, and the thing began to change. The teats and tentacles withered away, growing dry and dark before crumbling off. The body shrank back, still full and fat, but more comprehensible as a body, as something that could, possibly, be human, with two slender legs and arms, the head reforming into something masculine in nature. The eyes opened, at last, and the bruise was there, the law was there, in the beast’s mind, containing and focusing its desires–not riding the beast of them by any means, of course,. But focusing them–and I could sense, deep within, what the thing had been, before my kin had freed it.

A glutton, on the inside, but always…resisting the urge. He had been strong, muscular–a powerlifter, perhaps, or someone who simply lifted heavy things for work, the vision wasn’t clear. He ate, and he loved to eat, but he was afraid. Afraid to let go, afraid to embrace the desire deep within him, afraid to simply let go and be the pig he’d desired so much–and then the bruiser had sniffed him out, and offered him a chance to be free. Except the thing inside the man, the ball of desire and lust and gluttony, was much more powerful than the bruiser might have imagined. So powerful, that once it had been freed, the mortal, human casing had broken apart, and the beast had emerged instead.

Of course, the beast would have been no threat to the bruiser–but once it was completely free, I doubt it would have held the bruiser’s interest much. It was, after all, immune to the bruiser’s power–his art is an intricate one, more intricate than mine (the law is heavy, and absolute–but the bruiser’s art of freeing is much more fine and complex, determining which leashes to undo when.) Once something is entirely free, there is nothing else for him to do–and without me, it would have simply run wild until this reality finally snuffed it out and erased it, and all of the men it contacted, entirely. But I could save it, root it again in the laws of the realities, of this human one, and the one beyond.

Now that it was in my grip, I could contain those desires again, and refashion them into something else. The man he’d been had been a glutton, yes, but he had been something else too–he had not only wanted to feed himself, but others as well. I could…see, distantly, the men he had been with, the flabby obese men he had fucked and made love to, thinking about fucking himself, thinking about them getting larger, about growing whatever he could, even if he could not grow himself. So my law–I would give him what he wanted, I would help him feed men all he wanted.

He moaned around his cock, as he felt the heavy moobs I had left him with–two sets of them–begin to fill and bulge. I reached down with my hands, squeezing them, and a thick cream seeped from the nipples, running down the front of his body, and he could feel it. Feel the law solidifying inside him, his own law, and tears began to flow from his eyes as the bruise faded. It was done. I had pulled the beast back from the brink, I had contained it, and given it new life. Not human, though I could sense that, out in reality, he would appear normal enough, perhaps. Appear as a massively obese fellow, his body asymmetrical and heaving in odd ways, a mouth with too few teeth, skin a bit too pale and without enough hair, and nipples that would always leak slightly…but when he was alone with another, when he was feeding someone his milk, well, then they would begin to see him for what he was–and once they could see him, they would begin to see what would happen to them.

Together, we made quick work of the two men the beast had corrupted. He fed them his milk, and they gladly suckled, while I fucked their asses, filling them with my law as well, though they needed less than the beast had. Their minds were…shattered, but they could be returned to some form and normalcy, but never would they not desire to be fed–and fed by their master, stuffed full of his milk.