Slob Control – Timefucking the Foreman

Loop One

It had been the best weekend of Bill’s life, by far. Finally taking his asshole neighbor down a peg or ten with the help of his new spellbook had been the most satisfying moment in his life by far. Sunday at around eleven, Pete had made his way over to where Bill was smoking on the porch, waiting for him to arrive for his daily service, and he’d spent a few hours putting his new neighborhood slave through his paces, making sure Pete properly appreciated Bill for the opportunity he was giving him. Seeing the lingering resentment give way to sheer bliss was an erotic thrill he’d never expected, and seeing how happy Pete was when he left, two loads of cum drooling down the inside of his thighs, stinking of cum and musk and sex, before climbing into his jeep to go suck even more anonymous cock like he did every night–Bill couldn’t believe how far he’d fallen in just a couple of days–and he still had so many plans to put into motion.

Now, though, it was Monday. While he supposed there was no real reason why he needed to keep going to work–the spellbook could provide him most everything he needed, after all–he had some other reason to go. Mostly, to settle a few scores, and put a particular fellow in his proper place. That fellow happened to be Grant, his current foreman. Grant was relatively new to the crew, and from rumors going around the crew, it sounded like he only really got the job because he was the son of a friend of the construction company’s owner. He was young, had an attitude problem, and was real bossy but didn’t know shit for the most part. He and Bill had not gotten along from the very start. 

He spent part of Sunday evening going through the book, looking through some of the spells, and found one that looked rather intriguing–in part because it would allow him to be a little more creative with his boss. Bill wasn’t one to get to work early–if anything, he was usually late, but come Monday, he roused himself ahead of schedule, got into his truck and hustled to the worksite, getting there half an hour before their scheduled start time, and before anyone else had arrived. He got the book, headed over to the trailer that served as the foreman’s office, opened it up to the page he’d marked, and uttered the spell.

He felt an odd sensation at the back of his neck, almost like the moment he finished the incantation, the world felt a bit sticky. The spell involved time–basically, he’d created a save point. He could force reality to return to this moment as many times as he wanted. Even better, he’d be able to keep any changes he made to people during each loop intact. He’d be able to fuck with Grant as many times as he wanted, in as many ways as he wanted, until he was properly satisfied.

Right on time, as he finished the spell, he saw a familiar truck arrive in the lot–it was Grant. The young, slender fellow got out of his car and headed for the trailer, slowing up a bit when he saw Bill there waiting for him. Before he could say anything, Bill uttered the same incantation he’d first used on Peter, sending Grant into a highly suggestible trance. “Come on over here, Grant,” he said, and watched his young foreman stumble his way over, slack-jawed. “That’s it, there’s some things I think we should discuss this morning, before we get to work, what do you say?”

Grant didn’t say anything of course, his mind had left the premises. Bill was about to lead him into the trailer, when he heard another vehicle approach. He looked out and saw Sam’s truck pull into the site lot as well. Sam had been with the company longer than pretty much anyone, and was one of the reasons that, even with Grant’s shitty leadership, the project hadn’t fallen too far behind schedule. Pretty much everyone, including Bill, figured he’d make a better foreman–so why not give him the opportunity, Bill wondered. Sam got out of his truck, a burly fellow in his mid forties or so, and Bill didn’t waste time uttering the same incantation and putting Sam under as well. Together, the three of them went into the trailer to have a little chat before the rest of the crew arrived. Of course, Bill was certain he’d have plenty of time to work them both over, soon enough.

Loop Three

Grant couldn’t shake the sensation that something was off this morning. There was just a nagging sense of deja vu he couldn’t seem to shake. He pulled into the lot outside the construction site, and was surprised to see he wasn’t the first one there. He was pretty much always the first to arrive, he figured it set a good example for the rest of the crew. Even more surprising was who was there waiting for him–it was Bill of all people. 

There was an odd sense that Grant should detest Bill, but something else welled up instead. Something rather surprising. Looking at him there, fuck, was he getting turned on? Something about him, standing there in his filthy hi viz, smoking one of his stinking cigars, fuck, but then again, Grant had gotten into this work because he’d always thought construction workers were hot as fuck. That thought–something about it seemed off, but it was impossible to sort out how exactly. Grant got out of his truck, adjusting the front of his jeans, got his bag and tried to maintain his composure as he walked up to where Bill was standing. “Mornin’ Bill, good to see you here early for once,” he said.

Bill just smirked at him, and said nothing. Fuck, that cocky as shit attitude only made him seem so much hotter somehow. Grant hustled past him into the trailer, dropped his bag, and sat down at his desk with the window behind him. He peeked through the shades and could see Bill right there–fuck, was he really thinking about doing this? He groped himself–yeah, fuck, what was the harm just real quick. He pulled his cock out and started stroking, as Sam rounded the corner and started talking to Bill, smoking a cigar himself.

Then, fuck, and then Grant could hardly believe his eyes. Bill wrapped one hand around the back of Sam’s head, pulled him close, and the two of them shared a long, smoky kiss. Fuck! It was something out of Grant’s wildest fucking fantasies, and he’d seen it right with his bare eyes. They kept kissing, Sam kneading and massaging Bill’s big gut, almost grinding up against him even. Bill pushed him up against the side of the trailer, still kissing him, pinning him there with his big body, and fuck, Grant couldn’t help imagining himself between both of them, and, and…

He exploded, all over his hands, all over the floor, all over the wall of the trailer under the window. He opened his eyes, and was horrified to find Bill staring right at him through the window. Fuck! Did he know? He…He had to get rid of the evidence, before anyone found out. He got on his hands and knees, licking up the cum from the wall, sucking it out of the dirty carpet, cock still rock hard somehow. Embarrassed, horrified, and yet still hornier than he’s ever been in his life.

Loop Nine

Something about this morning was definitely off. Everything seemed familiar, and yet different. Grant pulled into the lot again, and took another drag off his cigar–it was the only thing that could seem to calm his nerves this morning, but even as he did, he found it difficult to believe he was even smoking. Part of him, a part of him that was something between an echo and a memory, told him that he hated smokers, that he’d always considered it a filthy habit. It was a filthy habit of course, but wasn’t that why he liked it? Why it turned him on so much? He turned off the engine and just sat there for a moment, one hand on his gut, a gut that he’d been struggling with all morning, another thing that seemed out of place, and took another drag on his morning cigar. No use trying to figure it out. He popped open the door and climbed out.

He headed for the trailer with his bag in tow, and pulled up a bit short when he saw Bill was already on the site. That…almost never happened. Bill was usually late, if anything. Fuck, just seeing him there made his half hard cock stand right up to full mast. He’d had a fucking crush on Bill since the day he’d met him, but he was too deep in the closet, too young, too nervous to say anything, though he was pretty sure Bill would be amenable. How he knew that, he wasn’t sure, but it felt right. “Hey Bill,” he said, trying his best to sound casual, and keep the nervous tremor out of his voice. “How’s the morning? You’re not usually here this early.”

“Eh, couldn’t sleep,” Bill said, taking a drag off his own cigar. 

Grant came around him, and up the steps to the trailer. He unlocked the door, then hesitated. “It’s, uh, a cold mornin’ wanna come in and warm up? I’ll get the coffee on.”

“Sure,” Bill said, and followed him up into the trailer.

It smelled like smoke–not surprising, since Grant had a cigar fired up pretty much all day long. Bill just stood there, a smirk on his face, while Grant busied himself with the coffee maker, trying to keep himself from glancing over at his crush too many times, but fuck, he was right there, and he’s too chickenshit to make a move, fucking hell, just say something, anything!

But nothing came. He poured himself a cup of coffee, when he felt something warm press against his back. He turned around, and found Bill there, blocking him in against the counter, leering down at him. Fuck, it seemed like they should be the same height, somehow, but no, Bill had several inches on him, which only made it hotter somehow. “I know what you want boy,” Bill said, “Go on, all you have to do is ask for it.”

He called him boy, fuck. Grant was leaking, he was so fucking hard, this couldn’t really be happening, could it?

Then, Bill had his lips around Grant’s, feeding him his smoke, and the next thing he knew, Bill had him bent over his desk, his jeans pulled down, and he was driving his cock into his hole. Fuck, it hurt, but he didn’t care, he needed this, he needed it so bad, fuck! “Fuck me, fuck! Fuckin’ hell, god, I need you so fuckin’ bad…” he moaned, finally finding his voice.

“I know boy, I know,” Bill said, chuckling.

Loop Seventeen

He was running late again. Grant didn’t know when everything had gotten so out of control with him. There was something wrong, it felt like he’d done this already, but different. It was getting worse, somehow, he was getting worse. Every time he woke up, he seemed different. A little shorter, a little hairier, a little older, a little fatter. Well, a lot fatter, really. That wasn’t true of course. He was just as fat and short as he’d been yesterday. His beard was still a mess. He still had all this fucking body hair, he still stank. Something else though, told him it hadn’t always been like this, it had been different. Then, of course, there was the issue with Sam, his foreman.

Fooling around with Bill was one thing. Bill was just another member of the crew like he was. Sure, Grant liked sucking dick and getting fucked, and he especially liked it from big fat roughnecks like Bill, but this stuff that was happening with Sam, it wasn’t normal. He wasn’t supposed to enjoy being treated like this, he wasn’t supposed to drag his feet getting to work, and pull into the lot with butterflies in his stomach. It was abuse, wasn’t it? But then why was he putting up with it? Why was he already hard from just thinking about it? He should turn around and drive away. It was the thing he’d do if he had any fucking backbone. He could find another job, hell, he could report Sam and probably get him fired. He wasn’t going to do that though. He couldn’t do that.

It felt like he was on a track. He got out of his truck, sucking on his morning cigar, wearing his grungy hi viz as always. He walked towards the site, hoping that, just maybe, Sam would be preoccupied, and wouldn’t see him this morning, but knowing he would. Knowing it had already happened, knowing it was going to happen again. He came around the corner, and there Sam was, in the door of the trainer. Fuck, he was so fucking big, bigger than he even remembered him being, or maybe that’s just because he was short. 

“You’re late, faggot,” Sam said, sucking on his own cigar.

Say no. Say you’re done. Say you’re not going to take it anymore. 

“Get your fat ass in here pig, now.”

Grant said nothing, climbed the steps, and squeezed past Sam to get inside, getting a good whiff of his strong musk as he did, and wishing that didn’t make him even more excited.


Grant shucked off his dirty clothes, and stood there, shaking a bit. Five foot six, nearly three hundred pounds, hairy and balding. He felt like a worthless pig in front of the six foot four heavily muscled foreman leering down at him. 

“Bend over the desk.”

He did as he was told. He heard Sam tug his belt free of his pants, double it up. He picked up Grant’s nasty old jock from the floor and stuffed it in his mouth, then started beating his ass with the belt, pinning him down with one hand on his back. 

“Fuck faggot,” he said, “I’m starting to think you’re showin’ up late on purpose. I’m starting to think you actually like it when I beat your fuckin’ ass. Is that it? You like it when I beat your faggot ass red?” He grabbed him by the shoulder and hauled Grant upright again, spun him around, and sure enough, there was his four inch hard cock, jutting out under his flabby gut, clear as day. “Dick’s don’t lie faggot. You like being my punching bag, don’t ya?” he said, and slapped him across his face, then pulled the dirty underwear from his mouth. “Say thank you.”

“T-Thank you, Sir.”

“Ask me to hit you again.”

“P-Please…” he wanted to say don’t. He wanted to beg for mercy, but his lips and tongue, they had other ideas. “Please beat me, fuck, I wanna be your fuckin’ worthless faggot Sir, beat the shit out of me.”

Sam beat his ass and nuts, making him scream through his grimy jock. Then he threw him on the ground and fucked him, with just a little spit as lube, and somehow the pain of that only made the whole thing hotter. Sam stood up, finished with his fuck, and Grant managed to push himself up to his knees, only to find himself facing Sam’s cock. “Clean it. Then, I’ve got your reward, pig.”

He did as he was told, then Sam held him down, and pissed down his throat, before telling him to get dressed, and get to work. Only he didn’t make it that far. Something dragged him back again, back to the beginning, and he screamed, and he begged, but it didn’t matter. He wasn’t done. He wasn’t done by a long shot.

Loop Twenty-Six

He deserved this.

Grant looked up at where Sam was sitting in front of him, grimy jeans around his ankles, and ran his tongue up the length of his thick cock, feeling it throb against his tongue. He was a stupid, horny pig. A worthless, filthy fucking piece of shit pig. Part of him told him that wasn’t true still, that he had to fight this, that this wasn’t right, but that piece got quieter every time. He’d done this before, he was sure of it somehow. Not just yesterday, though he had done something like this yesterday. But…before. It made sense, somehow, but not in a way his simple mind could really piece together.

Behind him, Bill was fucking his pighole, nice and slow. This was how all of his morning started at the site these days, worshiping these two filthy gods. Somedays he’d worship and clean their bodies from head to toe, other times they’d beat him senseless, send him out bruised and battered for the crew to gossip about. They’d long ago locked up his cock, or had it only been a short while ago? It didn’t matter–stupid worthless pigs like him didn’t get to have orgasms. Service, obedience, and pain were its own rewards. He knew that should feel like an excuse, like a lie, but more and more, it felt like the only truth that remained.

He felt the flogger in Sam’s hand slide over his back, and he shuddered. He couldn’t find the line between anticipation, dread, and excitement. It came down on his back with a smack, he moaned, and started licking faster at Sam’s cock, his own throbbing inside its tiny cage. “Open up, pig,” Sam said. Grant looked up, mouth open, tongue out, and Sam deposited the ash from his cigar right on his tongue. It burned, but he rolled it around in his mouth, soaking it with spit, until it was wet enough to swallow. Then, he returned to worshiping Sam’s cock while Sam’s flogger kept striking him. 

Watching the show, Bill’s thrusts began to speed up. After a few more minutes, with a groan, he pumped his load in deep, and when he was done shooting, he pulled himself free. “Your turn, bud,” he said to Sam.

“Finally, takin’ yer sweet time.”

“I know you like it when it’s good and sloppy,” Bill said, stealing a smoky kiss with Sam for a moment, while Grant looked up at them both, wondering how he’d gotten so lucky, or so unlucky.

Sam drove his cock in without ceremony. He was bigger than Bill, which is why he usually went second. Actually, he loved the feeling of a seedy, sloppy hole around his cock–it helped him last longer. Bill came around to Grant’s head, fed him his nice, long ash, but instead of sitting down and letting him lick his cock clean, instead he bent over and shoved his wide, stinking ass into Grant’s face. “Clean me out faggot, forgot to wipe this morning.”

He balked. He didn’t balk often, anymore, but while Sam grabbed the back of his head and shoved him into Bill’s dirty crack. “Go on faggot, you know what that nasty tongue is for.”

He did as he was told. He did it because he deserved this, because he was a fat, loser faggot, and this is what his place in the world was. But more and more, he did it because he wanted to. Because he craved the filth, the degradation, the abuse. He pushed back, as hard as he could, but he knew it was a losing battle. Soon enough, that’s all that would be left of him.

Loop Thirty-Eight

Sam’s truck pulled into the parking lot. Bill was waiting over by the trailer, smoking his cigar. They were almost there, he figured. Maybe one or two more loops through, just to make sure everything was good and cemented in with them both. Sam got out–squeezed his way out, really. Six foot seven, nearly four hundred pounds of fat and muscle, furry and rough and tattooed all over. A real rough piece of work, harsh but fair, with no patience for slackers on the crew. He walked around to the bed of the truck, unlocked the cage that filled up a good portion of the bed, and gutter, Sam’s slave, crawled out and eased himself down from the bed. 

Gutter was short–around five foot two, and about three hundred pounds of mostly fat. Middle aged, balding, and filthy–Sam didn’t hose him down very often. He was wearing just a hard hat, a grubby orange safety vest, a nasty jockstrap, knee pads, and boots–and a heavy chain collar, with a chain leash in Sam’s hands. Sam tugged him along, and gutter crawled after him, head down, gut dragging through the gravel lot.

“How ya doin’, Bill?” Sam said as they approached, “Yer not usually here this early.”

He took the cigar from his mouth, leaned in, and gave Bill a long, smoky kiss, giving his gut a rub, while Bill felt up Sam’s firm body. Fuck, he’d done good with this one, Sam was one hot fucking piece of meat. “Couldn’t sleep, figured I might as well get here early.”

“You just wanted to use Gutter here before the rest of the crew got to him.”

“I mean, that too. I gotta piss like a fuckin’ race horse.”

Sam tugged gutter around, who crawled over, waited for Bill to fish his cock out, and took the head in his mouth. He swallowed all the piss without complaint. It was what he wanted, what he was destined for. Fate had brought him to Sam, and Sam had turned him into the pig he’d always wanted to be. He slept outside in a kennel, came with Sam to work, where he was chained outside the trailer all day long, there to service the entire crew as urinal, toilet paper and cumdump.

Of course, it would take another loop or two before the crew saw it that way. Bill still hadn’t let time move that far forward, to the point that the rest of the crew arrived. It was probably about time though. Clearly, Gutter was ready to be put through his paces. Ready, and quite excited. It was certainly a grand improvement over the old Grant, not that anyone would remember him, aside for Bill of course. That, and he’d gotten a chance to test out quite a few other spells, and gotten a good handle on what he was capable of right now. “Could use a good wipe too–you like eating my filthy crack, don’t you pig?”

Gutter nodded, salivating a little. Bill dropped his pants, bent over, and shoved his crack in the pig’s face, who dove right in and started cleaning him up. Fuck, he was never going to get tired of this though–this was the fucking life.

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