Slob Control – Bill’s First Slave

Peter had never gotten along well with his neighbor, Bill, ever since he’d moved in next door around a year ago. They lived in an old neighborhood without an HOA or any real neighborhood association, and while Peter liked keeping his lawn tidy and his house looking good, he soon realized that Bill had no such intention. The yard went to weed, and Bill would just spend his weekends out on the porch, wearing nothing more than some boxers and a filthy looking undershirt while he drank cheap beer and smoked his cigars. Judging from the dirty pickup he drove and the grubby workwear he’d tromp around in occasionally, Peter figured his neighbor was in construction, but had never asked for details. Peter, in the end, did his best to just ignore him and focus on his own life instead. Peter was in his mid 50’s, still happily married to his high school sweetheart, and their only son was currently away for his junior year in college. It was nice having him out of the house, and striking out on his own, finally. It was a late Spring day when everything changed for Peter.

He’d been planning on a normal Saturday–sleep in a bit with Michelle, play a round of golf, mow the lawn in the afternoon. When it came time to mow, he saw that Bill was on his porch, as usual, but with something he’d never seen him with before–Bill was reading a book. Not a normal looking book either, it seemed to be, well, it was big, and leather bound, and stood out quite a bit. He seemed rather absorbed in it, and Peter didn’t exactly want details, but as he mowed, he kept a curious eye on him anyway, and saw that Bill kept looking over at him as well. Then, he noticed that Bill had set his cigar down, and was reading something aloud out of the book–and Peter felt a bit strange. Woozy, his vision beginning to tunnel, like he was going to faint. He tried to call out to Michelle for help, but couldn’t. There was something else he had to do, something important–but that was the last thing he recalled clearly.

When he was next properly aware of himself, he found himself in a room he didn’t recognize. He looked around, confused, and found that he was standing in front of Bill, who was sitting in a recliner in front of him, a big grin plastered across his face. “What…what happened?” Peter said.

“Relax, Pete, everything’s fine,” Bill said. Despite Peter knowing that everything was very much not normal, he found himself relaxing all the same, his heart rate slowing from the panic it had been racing at. “You’ll feel better if you take your clothes off. Go ahead and undress for me, Pete.”

There was, of course, no way that Peter would undress here, in front of Bill, and yet, without wanting to, he discovered his hands were already obeying Bill’s command. In a matter of moments, he was completely naked in front of his fat, slobby neighbor. “What–why is this happening?”

“I figured it was bogus, honestly,” Bill said, patting his hand on the large book beside him, “I found it at an estate sale last weekend. It came in a lot with some other stuff I wanted. Turns out, it’s a spell book, looking for a new owner, and that owner is me, now. It’s not just any book of spells either–it somehow knows exactly what kind of magic I want, and makes the spells for me, personally. The spell I cast on you, is an obedience spell. One that will make you my perfect little slave. That trance you were in is way more powerful than hypnosis–but don’t worry, I didn’t do anything too extreme today. But tell me, Pete, what do you think of my body?”

“Fuck, I think you’re the most handsome man I’ve ever laid eyes on,” Pete said, horrified at the words falling out of his mouth. Worse, he realized that he was hard, that looking at Bill’s fat, hairy, dirty body there was, in fact, turning him on more than his wife’s body ever had.

“Oh my, are you gay, Pete? You never told me that.”

“I am gay. I’m gay, and I love servicing fat, old, hairy men like you, Bill.”

“Does your wife know that?”

“N-No…no, please, you can’t…how are you doing this? This isn’t right!”

“This isn’t right?” Bill said, hefted up his heavy apron of fat, revealing his thick, precum drooling cock below. “I’ll give you a choice, Pete. You can pick up your clothes and leave, and I’ll put your mind back the way it was. Or, you can come over here, get on your knees, worship my fat body and suck my cock off. If you do that, though, you’re agreeing to by my slave, my little whore neighbor from now on, and you’ll be my guinea pig for whatever spells I want to cast on you. What do you want to do, Pete? What do you really want?”

“Fuck, I want to worship you so fucking bad,” Peter said, and stumbled closer to the recliner, a bit of him trying to hold back.

“You want my dirty, fat body more than you love that wife of yours? Your son?” Bill said.

Pete fell to his knees, crawled over, and pressed his tongue against Bill’s hairy belly, moaning as he did. “Fuck, oh fuck…” he moaned, dragging his tongue across the surface, one hand drifting to his cock and stroking himself as he licked.

“Get your hand off that cock of yours, slave, you don’t touch yourself without permission,” Bill said, and Pete yanked his hand away, “give me a good belly rub, satisfying me is more important than satisfying you. You’ll get your pleasure if you serve me well, slave.”

Peter did as he was told, kneading Bill’s soft belly with his hands while he kept licking it, until Bill’s hand grabbed the top of his head and pushed him lower, underneath, to his cock. Peter had never so much as touched another man’s cock before, but as soon as he tasted Bill’s sweaty, musky cock, he knew without a doubt he would never want to be with a woman, ever again. He struggled all the same with the substantial length and girth of Bill’s cock, and his neighbor eventually just grabbed hold of his head and started fucking his face, barely giving Peter time to breathe, before he finally came down his throat.

“Good job slave, you’ve made the right choice, becoming my little whore, don’t you think?” Bill said, a little out of breath from the exertion. “Come on, let’s give you a little reward, eh? You want to cum, don’t you slave?”

“Please, yes, please Master,” Peter said, not even noticing what he called Bill, his face wet with tears, spit and cum.

“And how do slaves like you get to cum?”

“By…By fucking my little slave cock up against your big, beautiful belly, Master.”

Peter climbed up on top of Bill in his chair, who shoved his face into one rank armpit, and the stench alone made Pete shudder and moan in delight. He started humping against Bill’s belly, licking and snorting at the stinky pit, and in less than a minute, he was horrified to realize he was actually going to do it. He was going to cum, just from humping himself against Bill’s massive gut. It was too late to stop himself, much too late to try and wrestle any kind of control back, and he came, spraying a massive load of cum all over Bill’s belly, which his Master made him lick up afterwards.

“You made the right choice, slave,” Bill said, “Now, why don’t we take care of a few additional details, slave? There’s some spells in here I’ve been wanting to try out, and I think you’ll be the perfect test subject. First of all, Pete, we’re gonna have to do something about this body of yours. No slave of mine is going to look like, well, this–I can tell you that. Go stand back where you were, so I can get a good look at you.”

Peter did as he was told, and went back to stand a few feet in front of Bill’s recliner. He’d always taken decent care of his body, and even in his mid fifties, he was still relatively slender–though he’d picked up a small belly over the last decade or so. He’d never been particularly hairy, and Michelle didn’t like facial hair, so he kept his face smooth. He had a decent sized cock, not as large as Bill’s was, but perfectly average.

Bill picked up the spellbook, laid it open on his belly, and started flipping through the pages. Peter was confused–all of the pages looked blank to him, from where he was standing. Pete looked up, noticed where Peter was looking, and grinned, “The book, apparently, is bound to me until death, or I choose to relinquish it. No one else can use it until then, so don’t think about anything clever, like trying to steal it, slave.”

“Why are you doing this, Master? Just…please, let me go.”

“Ah, but where’s the fun in that?” Bill said, “All these filthy things I’ve always wanted to do, and never had much chance, well, there’s no time like the present, is there? Now, where was that spell again…ah! Here it is.”

Bill arrived at the page he’d been seeking, and read out an incantation in a language that Peter didn’t understand at all. He felt something though, a strange tingle through his entire body, almost like there was a small electric shock running through him, from his feet up to the top of his head. “What…was that, Sir?”

“I’ll show you, come on, let’s go to the bedroom.”

Bill’s house was a small, ranch style house with no upstairs. A little hallway off the living room, past the front door, led down to a bathroom and a couple of bedrooms. Bill led the way into the larger, master bedroom, where the room was littered with dirty work gear, and stank of sheets that hadn’t been laundered in months, if ever. He flipped the lights on, and the sliding doors of the closet were mirrored. He had Peter stand in front of them, looking at himself, still confused.

“Let’s see–all I should have to do is concentrate, and…”

The electric tingle returned, but this time, it was centered on Peter’s chest and his belly. He gasped, as he watched those parts of his body inflate in the mirror, his chest growing more muscular, while his small gut rapidly expanded into a firm, taut, gut. It wasn’t nearly as big as Bill’s, but it was substantial enough that Peter found himself needing to shift his stance slightly to accommodate it. The tingle affected his arms and legs, beefing him out considerably, just like his chest, and then his skin started to itch as a thick pelt of hair grew in–enough hair that he started to sweat as he stood there, a thick, inch long beard appearing on his face as the hair on his head disappeared entirely, leaving him with a bald dome. Peter had been slow to gray, but he watched as his new hair faded from his previous dark brown to mostly salt. He looked older even, though the various aches and pains he’d felt over the last few years seemed to disappear at the same time.

He looked at himself, at his new self, his hairy, chubby, muscled bearded self, and was horrified. He felt the tingle affect one last area, his groin, hefted up his gut and saw his cock shrinking up until it was just an inch long, while his nuts doubled in size. He felt Bill come up behind him, wrap his arms around his chest, and push his belly against the small of his back, and just that touch made Peter shudder and moan. His huge sack throbbed, and he felt a wad of precum drool from the head of his tiny cock. “There we go,” Bill said, “Now this is the kind of dirty, old, muscle-bound, pigslave I can get behind.”

Bill pushed Peter over to the bed, and bent him over it, and with one hand, reached between his legs, got his fingers and hands slick with Peter’s copious precum, and slid two thick fingers into his hole. Peter had never been touched back there, and he expected his body to put up at least some resistance, but all he felt was pleasure as his hole opened to his Master’s touch. “Oh–Oh fuck, Sir!”

“Yeah, just a filthy, slutty old pig bottom, that’s what you are, slave,” Bill said, “I’m not a cruel master. I want you to want the things I do to you. I want you to beg me for it, to beg me for more. You want me to fuck you, pig? You want your Master’s cock in that hole, now that I got it all lubed up with your precum?”

“Please, please fuck me Master, fuck me…” Peter moaned, horrified at how deep his voice was, at how pleading he sounded, at how true it was.

Bill hefted up his big belly and let it flop down on the small of Peter’s back, making him shudder. Bill’s cock was already hard again, and he slipped into Peter’s hole with no resistance, running his hands over Peter’s furry back, kneading his muscles there while he fucked him. Peter could smell him as himself as he sweat more and more, the pungent musk rising up from his pits. It was rank, and yet, he couldn’t get enough of it. He could feel sweat dripping off Bill’s face as he fucked him roughly, panting and huffing from the exertion, could smell him in the sheets underneath him, in the room. His cock was spewing precum, massive amounts of it, but an orgasm felt impossible. Bill’s thrusting quickened, and he came with a roar, driving deep and emptying his own load into Peter’s hungry hole, before collapsing on top of him, driving the air out of Peter’s lungs, the sensation of being crushed under his Master’s weight making Peter even hornier.

Finally, Bill pulled himself free, climbed up on the bed, and collapsed in a sweaty, stinking heap. “Go on, slave, I know you’re horny after that. Worship my belly, hump a few loads out, use me like a fuckin’ cumrag, I wanna stink of you when you’re done.”

Peter didn’t need any further direction. He crawled across the mattress, grabbed hold of Bill’s soft gut, and after just two thrusts against the soft mass, he came with a roar of his own, thick cum drooling down the side of Bill’s gut from Peter’s massive load. His Master was right though, he was still so horny. He straddled him, bellies pressed together, and kept humping, licking and sucking at Bill’s sweaty belly, already feeling another orgasm building, Bill just watching his lust crazed neighbor lose himself in his own lust and belly worship, right where they both belonged.

Half an hour later, they laid on the bed together, their hairy bellies sticky with sweat and several loads of Peter’s cum that he’d shot between them before finally collapsing beside his Master. “That was good, slave,” Bill said, rolling over and running his hand through Peter’s new beard, “You’ve made me very, very pleased, this afternoon.”

“I…Thank…Sir…” Peter said, not quite certain how to respond. He’d enjoyed it, but only because he’d been compelled to do so. The pleasure, though, was undeniable. He’d never felt this kind of lust, this kind of sheer, hedonistic delight before in his life. “I…we can’t…please, I can’t stay like this, you have to change me back, Sir.”

Bill just smirked at him. “Why? You didn’t enjoy yourself immensely?”

“I…I did. But Michelle, and…I can’t just show up to work looking like this, and…and this, we can’t, just, live like this, it’s not…it’s not…right.”

Bill just laughed. “Who says it’s not right, or good? Last time I checked, I get to make those rules now, pig.”

“This is crazy, you can’t just…make me…like this.”

“I can, and I did, and I have no intention of changing you back, either. You’re my pig slave now, and that hole of yours is way too good to let go of now.”

“But my life, I can’t–”

“Here, first things first,” Bill said, as he hefted himself out of his bed, muttered a little incantation, and the spellbook appeared in his hands from nowhere. “Damn that’s handy. Let’s see, first, let’s finalize that body shifting spell…”

Bill flipped the pages, muttered a spell under his breath, and Peter felt that odd tingle again all over his body–but this time, it was almost in…reverse. There was something else happening, like all of this potential he’d been imbued with was evaporating, his body growing solid, and real in ways he couldn’t quite explain. “Tell me slave, what did you look like when you came into my house today. Do you remember?”

“I…I was…” Peter said, but while he knew that Bill had changed him, as far as his memory could tell, he’d always looked like this. It wasn’t true, and yet, his memories, all of it. “I…I don’t remember. But I was different, I know I was!”

“Go check your wallet then.”

They went back out into the living room, he dug his wallet out of his pant’s pocket, and sure enough, it was his new face, his new weight–all of it. It was real. This was real now, like it had always been him.

“I own you slave. I own your fucking reality,” Bill said, “You think I’m going to let something like society, or laws, or rules stop me? You should feel honored that I chose you to be my first. I’m tired of being an outcast, a freak. From now on, everyone is going to bow to me. This is my world now, and you’re going to love it, trust me.”

“You…you can’t just…” Peter said, but realized it wasn’t true. He could. Bill could, and clearly, he wasn’t going to stop here.

Bill flipped through the book again, landed on a page, and said a different incantation. As he did, Peter felt his head begin to ache, but not like before, when he’d been put into that trance. This felt like someone was digging into his head, into his memories, into his very reality. The divorce. How he’d come to the realization, a decade ago, that he was gay. That he’d always been gay, and miserable with Michelle. She hadn’t taken it well. He hadn’t seen her in ages, and she’d gotten near total custody of Sean, their son in the process. He’d lived here, alone, all that time, now, single and gay and…and something else. There was more coming, too.

How he’d started making up for lost time. How he’d quickly realized he preferred quantity over quality. That with his tiny cock, he could only real be a bottom, so he better be a good one. He didn’t play golf anymore–no, he spent his free time sucking cock, preferably anonymous ones, usually at the adult video store a couple miles down the road, in the gloryholes, where he could just be a mouth, or an ass. That, and the gym. He went to the gym everyday, keeping his muscular build up, even as he got older, and fatter by the year. That, and work–he still worked at the same place, still had the same job.

The ache in his mind started to subside, leaving him exhausted. He fell to his knees, trying to cling to the reality, the history that was already vanishing from his mind, from his thoughts. Just a shadow was left, a hole, enough to know that something he’d treasured was gone forever. “You…what did you…do to me?”

“I ruined you, slave,” Bill said, getting down beside him on the floor, and pulling him close. “The only thing you have, now, is me. That’s the way it should be, right? A good slave can’t have other distractions from your service. Besides, that blowjob you gave me before was terrible, I needed to make sure you got your skills up, and got rid of that gag reflex. I can’t shift too much at once–even that was pushing it a bit, but I didn’t want you having anything to regret. I just want my old muscle slave to be happy–and nothing makes you happier than going to the gym, sucking tons of cock, and servicing your master every day, of course. That’s all you have left now. It could, I suppose, be worse, couldn’t it? Why don’t you thank me for giving you the life you deserve, slave.”

“Th-Thank you Master.”

“You’re welcome, slave. Now get home. Your service is done for today.”

Peter got dressed in his clothes–his filthier, much larger clothes than what he’d had on before, kissed his Master’s gut goodbye, and left. Evening was falling. He stepped down the porch, still feeling a bit unsteady in his new body. He saw his house next door, now it just as much disrepair as his Master’s was. Inside, the floor was littered with pizza boxes and old take out. He didn’t want to be here though. He could feel everything that Master had taken from him still, little ghosts of old feelings that he couldn’t recall, but that still lingered at the back of his mind. Besides, he was starving–and not for food. He got in his dirty jeep and drove to the sex shop, where the guy behind the counter knew him by first name. He went right to the gloryholes, got on his knees, and soon was sucking cock. It felt good, being wanted, being needed, even if it was just his mouth, and the cum tasted so good, and filled him up in ways that he’d grown to crave over the years. When he was satisfied, the front of his jeans was soaked with precum, like usual, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to cum until he was back with his Master. Back where he belonged. The only place where a dirty old pig could possibly be needed. It was all he had now–he could see that. As much as he wanted to hate Bill for it, he couldn’t. He loved him. He loved him in ways he could barely fathom. He’d do anything for him, now. He was Bill’s slave now, in body, mind, and soul.

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