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What does academic probation mean, exactly? Easy–that means that when jocks like you get out of line at school, when they thing they’re too good to follow the rules, that their athletic prowess makes them untouchable by any authority, the principal decides they need a few weeks to relearn their place in the world. 

I own you for the next two weeks–smirk all you want, but you have to do everything I say. Yes me–old fat Mr. Gannigan–but trust me, you like daddies, don’t you? Nothing tuns you on like an old fat fucker with a big old cock. Don’t try to deny it–after all, you can’t. Yeah, confused? I see that terror in your eyes. Looking at me a bit differently now, aren’t you? Eyes can’t quite seem to tear themselves away from my crotch, it seems. I know you want it–and you’ll get it, trust me. 

Yeah, it’s a bit smelly–I don’t shower all that much, but go on, taste it–I guarantee you’ll hate the taste, but you won’t be able to stop eating all that cheese out from under my foreskin. I was gonna have my weekly shower tonight, but I wasn’t expecting to have a new jock to play with! No showers for me then–just a few, nice long tongue baths. 

But you want to know the best part? When your two weeks are up, you’ll be back to normal, mostly–but not completely. Maybe you’ll still find yourself craving the smell of my sweaty ass crack. Maybe you’ll enjoy your own musk a bit more, since you’re going to skip all the showers for the next two weeks as well. Hell, Aaron? That quarterback of yours? Mr. Lewis fucked him so much that boy keeps a plug in his hole 24/7 now. 

Now–here’s your orders. Go get dressed in the nastiest, smelliest football gear you can find in the locker room, and then come meet me in the parking lot. Detention’s at my apartment tonight, and we’re going to break you in right away–trust me, you’ll love it.

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