So sorry for the long wait, Patrick. can I call you Pat? The last shoot ran long–still, I hope you took advantage of the complementary snacks and beverages out in the waiting room.

Oh–you didn’t? 

Yes, you do have a rather nice physique, that’s true, I understand why you’d want to keep it that way. Still, after that wait, you must be thirsty at least–would you at least like some water? Yeah, I thought you might. 

All good? Alright, we’re going to start off with some test shots. If you’d just stand over, against the background please? 

Yes, thank you, that’s excellent. Now just go ahead and pose freely for a bit–keep it a bit commercial though, nothing too crazy. I just want to see how you look through the lens.

Yes…yes, very good. Alright Pat, you can go ahead and undress please.

Oh, I thought you knew this was a nude shoot?

Well, if you have a problem with it, why did you just take your clothes off?

I wouldn’t worry about it Pat. Now, I was hoping you’d be a bit further along by the time we got to your shoot, but I suppose I can use these as some bonus content. Now if you’d just sit down–could we get a tray of snacks please?–Yes, there we go–alright Pat, now, you’re going to eat that entire tray of food there, and we’ll see how you look when you’re done.

Fight all you want, but I’m going to get my pictures.

Yeah, it does taste good, doesn’t it? Stuff that whole cupcake in your mouth, yeah, that’s it, that’s a good fucking pig. Keep eating, Patty Pig. Fuck, you’re looking better already! Keep going, the men are going to fucking love you!

Alright Patty, now that you’re looking more like our target, let’s do your individual shoot–go on, play with that new gut of yours, that’s it. Fiddle that puny cock, show the camera how worthless it is. You know what you are good for? Fucking. Yeah, that’s right, finger that hole, feel how good that is? Yeah, you fucking slut, you’re going to make a killing with this video.

Well of course we’re shooting a video! Get Hogan in here! I wanna get this pig plugged with that brutes massive cock, and then we’ll get to the real fun.

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