Pig woke with a start, and tried to roll up, but found himself constrained in his own steel cage. “What the fuck!” he shouted, but the words were muffled by something stuck over his mouth, some sort of mask which was tied behind his head. He tried to rip it off, but before he could, his visitor had stepped in front of him, and with a wave of his hand, froze Pig in place.

“Calm down. Don’t remove your gear. Obey my commands,” he said, and with a second wave Pig was free to move again, but he couldn’t even touch his face now.

“What the fuck is this, what are you doing?” he said.

“Well, you see, I do love a good pig fuck, but you…well, you just aren’t pig enough for me yet. Still, we’re going to fix that, don’t you worry, just few final touches…” he said, and with a wave of energy a circle of candles sprung to life around the cage, and the man began to chant in some sort of language Pig neither recognized or liked to hear.

Still, he managed to look at the little bit of clothing he still had on–some gloves and boots, a chain collar with a padlock and a pink bow around his neck, a round snout like mask and a headband with some floppy ears on them. As the visitor chanted however, he felt the gear start to squirm, and with a searing pain, it all began to adhere to his body. No, not just adhere to his body, his body was changing inside the cage as the chant grew in intensity, the changes racing through him faster than he could even comprehend, all of them painful beyond belief, the words wrapping their way around him, binding themselves to him, and with a final shout it was done, the lights shot sparks, the candles burst into blue flame and extinguished themselves, plunging them both into darkness.

It was tighter in the cage. Pig didn’t fit in it anymore, it felt like the life was being crushed out of him. He heard the door swing open and with a grunt, he tumbled out, heavy and soft, and started crawling away, but he hadn’t gotten very far before small balls of magical light erupted around the room, and he found himself facing himself in a mirror, and he squealed in terror. He wasn’t human anymore, well, not entirely, His face looked more pig than man, and his hands, they had hardened into trotters, the same with his feet, and he was enormously fat…and horny. Horny for his master, horny for master’s cock in his pussy.

“What a beautiful little sow,” the visitor said, walking up behind Pig. Where his balls had been there was now a wet slit, his cock now shriveled into an inch long clit, and the visitor slid several fingers in, feeling the sow start grunting, bucking back, hungry for his cock. “Heh, don’t forget that you’re the one who said no limits.”

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