Officer Daniels had had a long day, and all he really wanted to do when he got home was relax in front of the TV and forget about all of the bullshit he’d just had to deal with down at the station. A drug ring kingpin that he’d helped bring down looked like he was going to get off on a technicality because Daniels had conducted an improper interview, and the entire brass was holding his feet to the fire. If he was unlucky, he might end up with internal affairs breathing down his neck or worse. The worst part was that he couldn’t seem to remember the interview much at all, so he’d had a hard time trying to muster any kind of defense.

He let himself into his apartment and was surprised to find a small, gift wrapped box on the floor right in the entryway. Who in the hell had been in his apartment? Still in his uniform, he stooped down and picked up the box, unwrapped it, and found it contained a small jewel case with a DVD labeled “Watch me.” Curious, and a bit angry that someone had been in his apartment, he put the DVD in his player and started the disc.

He gave a start when the film started, and he found himself looking at a burly guy laying on his stomach, arms and legs bound with leather straps, wearing what looked to be a diaper, and then two masked men entered the scene, and he nearly shouted in fear. They rolled the man over, and he found himself looking at himself, eyes dazed, his mouth stuffed with some sort of cloth, and he was moaning in what sounded like…pleasure.

One of the men pulled the cloth out, and he saw it was a sweaty, cumstained jockstrap, and the other smiled down at him. “How’s Baby Daniels today? Have you been a good boy? Did you wet your diaper for me like a good boy? You like being a good boy for daddy, right?”

“Yes daddy, I like being a good boy…” Daniels said, both in the video and in his apartment, and he was distantly aware of a spreading warmth in his uniform pants as he pissed himself, unable to take his eyes away as the men checked to make sure his diaper was wet, and then rewarded him with two cocks to suck. Both men shot their loads on his face, and he licked up as much as he could, smiling wide. Then, one of the men started massaging the front of his diaper, and said, “Alright Baby Daniels, it’s time for baby to cum!”

In his apartment, Officer Daniels gave a loud groan as he filled the front of his pants with cum, feeling it join the piss there, and the screen finally went black with some words on it.

Be a good boy, and this video will never see the light of day. Back off.

Before Daniels could react, someone slammed something into the back of his head, crumpling him to the floor, and the man ripped down his pants and rammed his cock into the cop’s ass. All Daniels could do was beg for the man to fuck him harder, and in a minute, after the man came, he stood up, zipped his fly, and left Daniels’ apartment, leaving the officer to wonder what in the world he’d gotten himself into, and whether it really would be over after the investigation was dead.

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