(Caption) What is Lost, Can be Freely Claimed

October Caption Challenge (29/31)

“Come on Simon, magic? Really?”

“Sure Marty! Just fuckin’ trust me, alright? The plan’ll work. You wanna live in this shithole the rest a yer life?”

“Ya know I don’t.”

“Well then work with me here. So we lure a couple a rich guys from the city, one a those gay couples, and have them stay here for a week.”

“Here? Why the fuck would they wanna stay at a run down shithole like our place?”

“Easy–it’s called AirBnB.”

“Come on babe, doesn’t it look quaint?”

“It looks dirty.”

“I want to get out of the city though.”

“I know, I know, look, just book it, alright? But I reserve the right to demand a refund.”

“Alright, so they stay here–how’s that help us, Marty?”

“Well, they first they lose their luggage, you see…”

“It’s not the end of the world, the airline said they’ll have it to us by the end of the week.”

“We’ll be leaving by the end of the week, Gregory! What in the world am I supposed the wear? My plane clothes all week?”

“Well, you are the one who said that you wanted to get out of the city and into the country, maybe living a little simpler could help. I mean, did you really need two suitcases for a week here?”

“Yes! Of course I did!”


“Only thing is, when you lose something, according to magic, that creates…an opening. Something else can slip in and replace it. If you don’t claim it, well, that means it’s up for grabs.”

“So…we just gotta give them something else? Like what?”

“We got all kinds a stuff, Simon! And with a little spell here and there, they won’t even miss their garbage luggage.”

“I can’t wear it anymore, Gregory–oh look! Someone didn’t clean out the closet. Oh, but it’s not the most…well…chiq, is it?”

“What, coveralls and rubber boots aren’t your style? Fuck, this place is a dump, I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.”

“Let me just…hmm…it fits pretty well, actually.”

“Oh my god, I have to get a picture of this. Chadwick, in coveralls–the guys back home are going to fucking freak out.”

“Oh haha, fine, you can get a picture, but only if you put on something too.”

“No fucking way.”

“Come on! It’s pretty comfy…”

“Oh fine, but I’m just trying it on, ok? Nothing more.”

“So they put on our stuff, and…then what?”

“Then we wait.”

“Fuck Greg, you…fuckin stink today.”

“Well yeah–why the fuck wouldn’t I?”

“No, I mean, you don’t…usually stink, do you?”

“Come on Chad, of course we fuckin’ stink.”

“No, I mean…fuck, what was I thinkin’ about?”

“Go get me another beer man, I just wanna relax before we gotta go back tah work on Monday.”

“But we’re supposed tah leave in two days, right Greg?”

“Leave where?”

“I…I thought…”

“Dumbass, what are you fuckin’ thinkin’ for?”

“I dunno.”

“Get me that beer, then get yer ass over here, I’m fuckin’ horny as hell this mornin’.”

“We wait?”

“Yeah, we wait.”

“For what?”

“For the magic to work, stupid!”

“Don’t yell at me Simon.”

“Look, they forget who they are, they take our place, and then they renounce their old lives, which means we can have them! We take their stuff, and bang–brand new lives.”

“Why the fuck would they give up their good lives for our shitty one?”

“Look. I promise it’ll work, just trust me.”

“What the fuck ya want?”

“Just some lost luggage from the airport…for a Gregory Morse and a Chadwick Anderson?”

“Ain’t no one here by those names. Ya must have the wrong address.”

“Oh–so you’re renouncing your right to these worldly goods?”

“What the fuck ya sayin’? Yeah, sure, whatever. Get the fuck off mah property.”

“Yes sir, have a good day Sir.”


“Who was that Greg?”

“No one important. Come here, Daddy’s fuckin’ horny boy…”

“Oh fuck Daddy, you fuckin’ reek tahday.”

“Yeah I do you fucker–come on, one more day a vacation, then it’s back tah fuckin’ work. I wanna spend it fuckin’–outside.”


“Yeah, gonna throw ya around a mud puddle, get ya real fuckin nasty, then plow that hole a yers.”

“Oh fuck Daddy, that sounds fuckin’ hot.”

Well go on then boy, let’s get started.”

Interactive: The House Made Me Gay! (Part 7)

He almost missed it, lying there on the floor under the desk. Marcus had to get down on all fours and crawl under to grab it, but he managed to fish out the odd little key he found there, and held it in his hand. It was quite small–most likely the key to a padlock, or perhaps a little chest. It was also quite old, looking a bit rusted, though not rusted enough to be unusable. He figured he should probably ask Mr. Woodrow about it, but decided against it–he was nice, but there was something…off about him. Of course, there was something off about Taylor and Quinn too, but that was harder to sort out. Marcus was certain that something strange was going on here, but didn’t know what exactly–he had his doubts that a little key would answer the questions for him, but it wasn’t like it would hurt, right?

So he left his unpacking for a while, absorbed in his mystery, and started snooping around. None of the doors had locks on them, so that was a bust. Quinn and Taylor were…busy down in the basement, from the occasional moans rising up from the stairwell, but he didn’t know what would be down there anyway to unlock. Instead, he checked the attic, but there wasn’t anything up there at all, much to his surprise. He was about to give up, looking out his window, when he noticed something in the yard he hadn’t before–back behind a row of overgrown hedges, there was a small roof–probably a shed of some sort, out behind the pool–but not the pool house itself. Figuring it couldn’t hurt to look, he went out into the backyard, and found his way through the garden to the door of the shed.

Sure enough, it was secured with a padlock. He tested the key in it, and while the lock was about as rusty as the key, it did finally give way and pop open, letting Marcus undo the hook, and swing open the door…and he let out a little gasp. 

It wasn’t a shed…exactly. It looked more like, well, a workshop. Something he might imagine out of a fantasy novel, if anything. There were flasks and vials on shelves all over the walls, several benches with papers strewn across them, most of it looking like no one had been out here in quite a long time. He poked around, carefully, looking at the books laid out–most of them grimoires written in languages he didn’t even recognize…and that kernel of doubt and suspicion that had been rising in him was getting larger. Something was going on here–he was sure of it–but even for him, with the evidence looking him in the face…magic seemed a bit far fetched for an explanation. 

He kicked the latch, before he knew what it was–a trapdoor set in concrete floor of the shed. He hauled it open, and peered down into the dim light below…but he wasn’t sure exactly where the light was coming from. Still, he climbed down the ladder, hit the ground, and heard the snorting behind him–he turned around, and just…stared at the thing there, across the room, also staring at him.

It…was a pig? It was a man? No–it was something between them, standing on hind legs, cruel, yellow tusks pushing out, with two equally vicious horns pushing from the things forehead. It’s eyes were bright red, and…and the air stank. It stank of piss, and shit, and musk, and manure, and all sorts of vile things. He was staring at Marcus is calm, measured silence, and then it spoke.

“Come closer, boy–let me get a look at you.”

It wasn’t…speech exactly, and Marcus took a few steps forward, the smell intensifying…and the terror mounted as well, when he saw the thing’s cock slip from its sheath, a massive, twelve inch member with massive hairy balls below it…he wanted to run, but something…had him, was forcing him forward, no matter how hard he tried to fight it.

“Yes, you’ll do nicely, it’s been so long since I’ve had company. You want my company, don’t you boy? Yes, of course you do, you can’t stop staring at it, can you?”

There was…a circle on the ground. A foot away. He tried to stop himself, tried to hold back, but…but that cock, it was fascinating to him, he…he needed it. He crossed the circle, felt the power it held collapse, and then he was on his knees, worshiping the demon’s filthy cock, and the beast laughed, and snorted, and grunted–free at last!

He rutted against Marcus’s face, and came, his vile, yellow grey cum filling the boy’s mouth, spewing from his nose, forcing its way down into his guts, filling him up with the demon’s corrupt seed, and Marcus sat back, dazed and horrified at what he’d just done, but unable to stop it. “Good boy–you’ll be my first. A few more loads, and we’ll be ready to show that warlock a thing or two of our own, don’t you–”

There was a bright flash, and then the demon was gone–banished, back to where he’d come from, leaving Marcus groaning on the floor, as Mr. Woodrow stepped forward, shaking his head, looking at all of the demon seed absorbing into Marcus’ body. It was too late now, he knew–he would just have to wait and see what sort of corruption spread through the boy’s body–then, maybe, he could come up with a solution for him. He cursed himself for losing the key in the first place! Still, at least it had been found, in the end.

Marcus moaned, feeling his body shifting and aching as the seed spread inside him, begging the older man for help as he began to change…

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The Hog King

A gift for a certain someone’s birthday.

Warning!: This story has some weird stuff in it. Cockvore, cock to pussy tf, mpreg. Read at your own risk!

It had been three years since the Emperor–as the leader of the rebellion had called himself–had emerged to challenge the King’s rule. Laughable, really–no one had even understood what the rebels had wanted. The realm was prosperous, at least for the wealthy, but who cared about the peasants really, so long as they were contained–and the King contained them well. It was assumed that the local levy would be enough to contain the initial uprising–but then it spread, and with it, came the first of the rumors of this so-called Emperor.

A giant, they said. Ten feet tall, packed with muscle, massive beard and hair in thick braids, swinging a monsterous axe. Powers–impossible powers. Controlling minds, swallowing men whole. A cannibal, a wizard, a monster. The King was undaunted, of course. These were just rumors–effective ones against the local dukes and counts, who were coming to pester him more and more for aid and assistance, telling him that he simply didn’t understand the threat. The Emperor–he was doing something to the people. Changing them. He could take anyone, no matter how feeble and weak, and turn them into violent brutes seemingly overnight, willing to do and sacrifice anything for their new Emperor. 

Did he want treasure? Prestige? A title of his own? When it became clear that the rebellion would soon spark a proper civil war, the King called for parlay, and sent a team of diplomats in good faith, to determine what this so called Emperor desired–but the men who returned, claiming that they were the same men the King had sent…it couldn’t be true. They were twisted somehow, corrupted. One had grown massively obese, and was carried back on a palanquin by the guard, no longer able to stand. One had become some inhuman beast, caged. Another, so old he seemed to be in his 90’s, barely able to speak. With them, an Emissary of the Emperor himself, with a simple message. Bend the knee. Submit to the Emperor, and he will give you mercy. Or else, you will become a toy, like these.

He ordered the Emissary jailed, but he escaped the dungeons–leading the King to believe there were already traitors in his midst. Seeing no other option, he rallied all of his troops, hired in several bands of mercenaries from neighboring kingdoms, and set out to crush the revolt once and for all–but things did not go as planned. The army he faced was vast–like every peasant in the land had become a soldier in the army itself. Their morale was great–every single soldier fought with a single minded devotion to the Emperor that the King’s trove of gold could never hope to inspire in his own army. The Emperor did not even enter the field–there was no need. The King’s armies were shattered, and the King himself sent scurrying away–but his castle had fallen as well, while he was away. His heirs were hidden, sent to other kingdoms, and the King was reduced to a mere scoundrel, hiding as the monstrous army pursued him–but even that had come to an end now. Betrayed once more, he was now here. Back in his own castle, in the dungeons, with his own King’s guard imprisoned with him. His luxurious garments gone, now clothed only in rags. He had been crushed, and today, he had been told, the emperor would crown him with his fate.

He did not know what that meant. Execution, most likely. It’s what he would do, what he would have done to the Emperor had he emerged victorious. Now here he was, 33 years old, a thriving and prosperous reign brought to an end by some violent sorcerer’s ego and lust for power. He had been a good king, he told himself. And if he was to die today, so be it–at least he never beant the knee to the cretin. They were men–him and his guard. They would die like men too. 

There came a sound from the stairs, and a sizable regiment of the Emperor’s troops came to the dungeons. These ones seemed…mostly normal. As normal as any of the Emperor’s minions seemed. Still human, at least. Some of the beasts on the battlefields…Men with the heads of boars, and the claws of bears. Small dog men speeding through the ranks, tearing at flesh with razor sharp fangs. It was impossible. A nightmare. These guards, though hairy, and naked, each with a cock at least a foot long, stinking of blood and sex…this was easy to comprehend, compared to some of what the King had now seen. To think, he had imagined them rumors. Still, though, he had not once laid eyes on the Emperor himself–and over these three years, the rumors of him had grown only more and more monstrous. Who knew what awaited him in his own throne room, even now?

The guards hauled the King and his guard from their cells, shackled them together in a line, and marched them up from the depths, for their audience with the Emperor. The halls had been stripped bare for the most part, and every part of the castle was packed with heathens and warriors–and more than once, the King saw them fucking one another, in twos, and threes, the most despicable, blasphemous acts…what was to become of his noble kingdom, under the rule of this perverse tyrant? He felt despair, thinking of his court, of the noble houses, most of them now doomed to end. He doubted the Emperor would stop at his own kingdom–and if he could do this here, he could anywhere. What could possibly stop him?

They came to the throne room doors, and even the King could not stop a shudder from running through him–though he did his best to keep his men from seeing it. He held his head high–ready to face him. The guards opened the doors, marched them inside, and the King gazed upon him for the first time…and he could not help but gasp. 

He had heard rumors, so many rumors, but nothing compared to the man he now laid eyes on, if man was even the term anymore. The throne had been removed–the Emperor could have never fit upon it anyway, and he now merely sat at the top of the steps, a 25 foot giant. How had he even entered here, the King wondered? He looked, and saw one wall of the room had been demolished, a ramp constructed up the side–most likely just for him. Just the sight of a man so impossibly large was enough to make some of the men in the group pause, and one of them fell to his knees, astounded that this–this is who they had been fighting. How could they have ever hoped to win against something such as this?

The guards forced them all upright and into motion again. The King did his best to reclaim his calm–but he was shaken. How could he not be? A lion, the men fleeing the battlefield had called him. Now he saw that the metaphor was more apt than he could have imagined. Human, yes, but the Emperor’s hair was long, and impossibly thick, streaming around his face in a mane. In the dark room, it was…well, it was difficult to know what color it was. It seemed to shift, depending on how far away he was, and how much light shone on him–deep auburn, fiery red, golden blonde. The mane was perfectly braided, and each braid cascaded down the whole length of his person, pooling around him in massive coils, all the way to his bare feet. The rest of his body was hairy–but enough that skin could be seen in most places. Bristly hair, almost like a boar.

Closer still, more fine details appeared to him. The massive hands capped not with nails, but with claws–long, black claws manicured perfectly–enough that the hand was still usable, but plenty deadly to a challenger. The same was true of his feet as well. What he had first thought mere flesh between the Emperor’s legs became apparent as his cock–but it seemed impossible too. The thing was huge–nearly as thick as an entire man, and easily six or eight feet long. Then there were the eyes. The King could only hold the Emperor’s gaze for a moment, before he would look away, head swimming, What were the eyes, even? There was something there, something else, something deep, and ancient, and horrifying. Something older than humanity. He looked again, struggling to hold his eyes there, showing that he would not be bent, and the irises, like the hair, were constantly shifting in color, and…and it was beautiful.

The Emperor was beautiful. He was a monster, but looking at him there, he was regal. He was an animal, but one conscious of his own nature, one capable of presenting himself as civilized. Had he been a man before this, or was he some beast, raised up by sorcery? He trembled then, and did not feel the tears running down his face, before he finally looked back away, and nearly fell. The Emperor had seen inside him, he could feel it. Had been pawing and clawing across his mind, in that moment they had shared that gaze. The King had barely scratched the surface, but he was sure the Emperor already knew more about him than his closest advisors.

“There you are, My King!” the Emperor said, and laughed, a great booming laugh that sent the stone walls and floors shuddering. “So generous of you to finally grace me with your presence and full attention after all of these years. I have been looking forward to this moment for so very long, I assure you.” The Emperor bared his teeth in a smile–the fangs were sharp, and glistened with drool, the mouth…too wide, somehow, more like the jaws of some unseen beast.

“I know not what you wish from me,” The King said, doing everything he could to keep his posture upright, and still, “But spare my men–I will accept whatever punishment you wish. Have mercy on them, and the rest of the kingdom.”

The emperor just laughed some more, and the beasts in the room laughed with him. The calmest was the Emissary, who simply smiled in his cloak off to the side. “Nonsense King! You think I have brought you here to punish you? This is your coronation!”

The Emissary pulled something out from behind the massive Emperor then, and the King saw that the vault had been raided–there, in the Emissary’s hands, was his crown–apparently untouched. Every jewel still in place. What sort of game was this? It did not make any sense to him. Why not take the jewels? Melt the gold? The Emissary came forward, crown held gently between his hands. The King tried to make sense of him–as far as he could tell, he was fully human–so why side with these beasts?

“Now, King–kneel, and allow me to crown you once again–and you can assume your rightful place in my empire.”

He did not move. This was a trap–he could sense it. Two guards grabbed him however, and unchained him from the rest of his men. He struggled, but they were two strong–the two stinking brutes dragged him forward, and forced him to his knees before the Emissary–who gently–ever so gently, set the King’s crown upon his head–and it began to glow with a slight, golden light–and the King felt a filthy, corruption spread down through his head and into his body.

The King gave a grunt, and collapsed to his hands and knees, but forced his head up to look at the Emperor, determined to remain steadfast against the corruption suffusing him–but there was no amount of willpower that could stop what was to come. He felt his body churning, his gut grumbling, and it began to expand, his young muscles withering away as his body filled with fat. He tried to push it in with his hands, but there was nothing he could do as he swelled–another hundred pounds, and then another–fatter than any man the King had ever laid eyes on–other than his one-time diplomat, he supposed. His rags fought as hard as they could, but they shredded away in moments, leaving him naked on the ground before everyone, grunting and wheezing, feeling his vitality, too, begin to sap away.

He was getting older. His hair growing longer and receding, leaving a thin horseshoe of long, greying locks around the back of his head. He reached up to his face, feeling his sagging jowls, a beard pushing through as well, growing just as long and knotted down in front of him. He could smell himself now–the corruption seeping out from his very pores, and as much as he wanted to be disgusted at himself…he found himself relishing it. Groping his fat body, smelling the stink rising from his unwashed fat. More grey, bristly hair erupted from his skin–mostly down his back, his skin toughening into a leathery hide. His hands and feet felt like they were in a vice–fingers crushing down into hard, clumsy trotters–the same with his feet–and lastly, his face began to push out into a short, pig’s snout–though anyone would have been able to recognize him for who he’d been–as the king. The magic seered through the crown, and it began to melt and warp around the King’s fat head, now just a mass of golden, tarnished metal and dull jewels–it was far too warped for it ever to be removed–but then why would he want to remove it! He was the King! The Hog King!

The Emperor, seeing that the transformation of his rival was coming to an end, took a deep breath from his massive pipe, and pushed out two massive streams of smoke from his nose. They wound towards the King, wrapping around his arms and legs, lifting him into the air, and solidifying into a sling made of solid smoke–the changed King now facing his own men–and they gasped at the sight. Where the King’s cock had been moments ago, there was now a massive set of labia, drooling on the floor under him, the King reaching down with one trottered hand to push inside it, squealing as he did in filthy, forbidden pleasure. 

The new Hog King saw his men there, saw the horror on their faces, but why were they so horrified? Could they not see him in all of his glory? Crowned again, victorious at last! They…they would serve him–yes, serve him in all of his needs! “Fuck me!” he squealed, “Fuck your Hog King, men! Shove your cocks in my dirty pussy, I command it!”

All they could do was stare. One man, shuddered and turned away, unable to bear the sight of his King, the man he had fought beside for years, reduced…to this monstrosity. None of them stepped forward to obey him, and the King grew enraged, grunting and snorting in his sling, unable to get out, shouting for them to fuck him, to fuck him rough, to service him as he demanded!

“Well, your King has given you an order–do you not obey him? Have you not each sworn an oath to him? I have heard from other knights, that your oaths are all that separate you from the beasts of the land who prey on the innocent–are you all so easily convinced to cast them aside?” the Emperor said.

“You vile, horrific abomination!” One of the knights spit at him, “I will not let you taunt us with this thing, with this cursed beast. He is not out King, and you will never rule us either!”

The room fell quiet, and the Emperor considered the man carefully for a moment, and then one of the Emperor’s long braids shot out, coiled itself around the outspoken knight, and hoisted him into the air, drawing him across the throne room to where the Emperor reclined. “Ah–if you will not obey your king then, I suppose that is treason against the crown–isn’t that right, my King Hog?”

The King snorted in agreement, and again demanded the remaining knights fuck him–but they all stood there, watching the knight struggle against the coils, his face turning slightly blue, as the Emperor’s cock began to writhe on the ground, the head rearing up like some nightmarish worm. “Well, I suppose my cock is a bit peckish–I knew one of you would have to be an example in any case–so I skipped breakfast.”

The knight tried to scream, but could not find the air, as the head of the Emperor’s cock surged up, and swallowed his feet down into the maw. The Emperor took his time, and the only sound in the room was the King’s squeals and petulant demands, as the knight slowly disappeared down the Emperor’s urethra, his legs, then his torso, until just his head remained free from the neck up–and then even that was swallowed up. The knights watched as he struggled in the shaft for a minute, and then went quiet–just a bulge in the middle of the Emperor’s massive cock, that was pulled a few feet further towards the root every few moments, until it was gone all together–and then they saw the King’s balls swell, and a trickle of precum began to flow from the head of his cock onto the floor of the room.

“Yes–that’s much better. I only have room for a few of you in here though,” he said to the knights, “The rest, I think, I will slide into my ass–I do love feeling you squirm and thrash inside there. Now–obey your king, or you know what fate your Emperor has in store for you now.”

The knights were pale, and quiet. Finally, one of them stepped forward, up to the King, and pulled out his cock. This close, the man could smell the King’s pussy, the corruption flowing from it, and his cock stiffened immediately, and he forced it inside, losing control of himself almost immediately as the King urged him to fuck harder, and deeper–and the knight, too, began to change. Back broadening as he grew taller, packing on fat and muscle, face contorting into a bestial caricature of his former self. He fucked harder and harder, spewing precum into the King’s pussy, his brains draining, until with a final roar, he came after a few minutes–fully changed into one of the Emperor’s elite warriors. He pulled free, his cock now fully porcine, and went to stand with his fellow men.

One by one, the knights all accepted their fate, fucked their king, and became one more soldier in the Emperor’s massive army. No where near sated, the King began demanding more–cum dribbling from his pussy down onto the floor below him, but the Emperor silenced him with a word. “Take the King down into the courtyard. He will be displayed and made available to all the men for the next week–you of his former guard will see to his other needs of course, keep him fed and well watered. After seven days, the king shall take his place in the harem, with the other breeders–I’m sure he will have a load of piglets brewing by then.”

The warriors all hurried to obey their Emperor’s orders, and he relaxed–knowing that the war was now won. All that remained was to hunt down the King’s heirs and bring them here–but that task was already underway. They would be brought unchanged, just as their father had been–but they would see him–the new Hog King he had become, and then they, too, would likely join him in the Emperor’s breeding stock. After all, royal lineage had power–and he would need power, for his plans to come.

Interactive: The House Made Me Gay! (Part 2)

The initial explorations didn’t turn up much of interest to Taylor, and so he found himself back in the room, unpacking, when he saw something poking out from between the mattress and box spring of his bed. It looked like fabric or clothing–he grabbed it and pulled on it, and with a tug, the thing came loose–and Taylor found himself holding a pair of dirty looking briefs.

“Eww…what the fuck?” Taylor said, and stretched them out as best he could, but they were…well, a bit crispy, with some colorful brown streaks all over them, like, well, like they’d been used as a cumrag for quite a while, and someone had forgotten all about it before moving out. 

He dropped the underwear on the floor and immediately went into the bathroom to wash his hands off, shuddering. He thought about that weird guy he’d seen the day he’d signed the lease–could they be his? It seemed like something a creepy gay guy like him would do, jack off into a pair of his own underwear, and then stash it for fun later–how disgusting. He went into the kitchen, dug around under the sink for some gloves, and when he found some, he put one on, and went back up to get rid of the nasty thing–but as soon as he stepped in his room, he gagged.

The stench of the thing had spread quick–he hadn’t really noticed it when he’d pulled them out from under the mattress, but now that they were in the open air, he could smell it–and it did smell like cum, like old, nasty, disgusting, cum…Taylor gave a little snort, and took a step into the room. It smelled awful, but it was the only thing he could think about–he shoved one hand down into his shorts, and started groping his cock, before getting down on his knees, picking the underwear up, and shoving it into his face, inhaling deep, snorting even, as he grew close to a climax of his own. His cock exploded in minutes, and he filled the front of his own briefs with a load of cum–and then kept going. The smell was just getting stronger inside his mind now, and he couldn’t stop–he didn’t want to stop.

It was three loads later, his own briefs now soaked inside his pants, that Mr. Woodrow came up the stairs and looked in on him. “Oh dear, I guess I could have hidden those a bit better,” he said, and stepped into the room. The smell didn’t have any effect on him, but Taylor fought tooth and nail to keep the older man from taking the filthy briefs away from him–but Mr. Woodrow sent a little surge of energy into the young man, and he went slack. “There, that’s better. We can’t have you losing yourself too quickly now–not until all of your friends have moved in here.” He lifted up the mattress again, and this time he stashed the underwear on the other side, against the wall–it wouldn’t get as good of circulation, but after that direct dose, Taylor would just need a little…reminder on occasion. Then, he sat down, and told Taylor what he was going to remember.

Taylor woke with a start an hour after that, the dream already fading from his mind. Fuck–it had been one the wildest sex dreams he’d ever had–and he couldn’t even remember it! He looked down, and saw that the briefs he’d been wearing were soaked–he couldn’t recall the last time he’d had a wet dream, especially not one this powerful. He stripped off the briefs, ready to throw them into the laundry, but paused–and sniffed them, tentatively. They…reminded him of something, kind of. Then, he had a better idea. He got up, lifted up the mattress, and stashed his own briefs there, unaware of the much fouler pair on the other side. It couldn’t hurt to have a cumrag at the ready after all, he told himself, and got back to unpacking, feeling much refreshed after his nap.

For the next few weeks, the dream kept returning every night, and after every nap. Nick would never remember much of it in the end–but everytime he woke up having already shot his load, or so close he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from rubbing one out, and adding another load to the cumrag underwear he now kept stashed under the mattress. He didn’t know what had come over him really–he was just so horny lately, but porn wasn’t really holding his interest much like it had before. Instead, he dove harder into his research project, and found himself worrying less and less about the dreams as the days wore on. He’d find a girlfriend in the fall, and things would sort themselves out naturally, he assured himself.

Then, Mr. Woodrow made a surprise visit one afternoon while he was studying, hauling with him a sizable box. “Afternoon, Taylor,” the old man said with a smile, “My son has been cleaning out his things, and well, the two of you are about the same size I think. I brought over some of his clothes, to see if you might want them. No worries if you don’t–just throw them out, but I wanted to check.”

They chatted a few more minutes about other stuff in the house, and Mr. Woodrow promised he’d fix the few minor issues that Taylor had found, then left before Taylor could remember to open the box with him there. Alone now, Taylor hauled the box up onto the table, and opened it up–but what sort of clothes did he find inside?

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A Dog’s Tale (Part 2)

Some time earlier…

It had been ten or so years ago, when it had started. He’d been younger then, a corporate climber, always working, fighting for raises and promotions. He’d thought that life was about status, and looks, and money. His one vice, had been men–and he’d resented it. It was the one thing about him which…was abnormal. Which cut him off from the rest of his cohort, and while most places were fairly progressive, being gay was still a liability he couldn’t afford. He kept it a secret as best he could, especially at the business where he was at the time, whose management board was quite a bit more conservative than others. He’d go out on the weekends to bars on the other side of the city, or purchase a few hours with discrete call boys if he needed to stay home and work. For a long time, it was enough, even if he knew it wasn’t satisfying.

That was the most frustrating part, in fact–the lack of satisfaction. As wealthy as he was, as important as he was, he still wasn’t happy. It never seemed to be enough. Wealth and prestige only seemed to create stress, rather than relieve it. It made him a bit cruel, and it made him drink, and so, when an older fellow had come onto him at a bar one weekend, those two traits combined into a perfect storm, and he ended up publicly berating the fellow. What he didn’t know, however, was that he couldn’t have chosen a worse target–the man he was shouting at was a wizard, and one with a particular talent for curses.

He had expected the man to slink away from him, but instead Joel, as he introduced himself, took a seat beside him at the bar, and the two of them carried on a sizable conversation–of which he recalled very little. It was so long, in fact, that the bar was closing, and he hadn’t found anyone to take home with him. He was horny enough that he would have even settled for Joel, even though the older, portly fellow was hardly his type, especially with the pipe he had spent the entire evening smoking, but Joel shot down his suggestion, told him goodnight, and left him to call a cab and go home alone.

He had the first dream that night, and it remains one of the most intense he’s ever had. He’s certain that it lasted all night, from the moment that he laid his head down on the pillow, to the point when he finally woke, mid orgasm in the midmorning sun, his sheets soaked with sweat and cum. In the dream, at first, he was a man. He was himself, but he was behaving…like a dog. Joel was there, and Joel was his Master. He knew, in his mind, that he should feel utterly humiliated, but with each passing moment, he just felt…happy. Content. He felt satisfied, in a way that he’d never really been before, and it just made him…ecstatic. They went for walks, and even though the people they passed by stared at him in disgust, he didn’t feel humiliated–they just didn’t understand, is all. This is what he needed. This is what he’d been looking for this entire time, and he’d never even known it.

In that single dream, he lived with Joel for what seemed like weeks, or maybe even months. He lost count of how many times he pleasured his master, and his master pleasured him. He was losing his grip on himself, he was certain that his entire life as a person must have been a false memory, just a mistake. He found himself changing, his hands becoming paws, hair sprouting and covering his body, his mouth and face pushing out into a proper muzzle. He was finally becoming himself. He was becoming everything he needed to be. By the end of the dream, he was just a dog–a rather perverse dog, of course, who took great delight in licking his master’s cock, and begging for him to plow his doggy hole–but certainly not a man any more. And he was happy, so happy, he was certain he’d never need anything else again in his life. And then, just as he lost the final bits of his humanity, just as he convinced himself that his prior life as a man must have been a fabrication, that he could remain here, happy, for the rest of his life–that’s when he woke up.

He sobbed for the rest of the day, uncontrollably. What had he been doing with his life, up to this point? How could he have been such a fool? He didn’t want money, or status, or a good job with a corner office. He wanted to be a dog! It was so simple, and yet he’d missed it entirely. Worse, he’d been so close in his dream, and yet he knew that this desire was unattainable for him. He couldn’t be a dog. He couldn’t just…change like that. Even pretending to be a dog wouldn’t be enough, he could already tell. The depression was crippling, and he needed to take a few days off of work–the first sick days he’d ever taken in his entire life. But what did it matter? Rich or poor, his life, from this point on, would remain unfulfilled, no matter what he did.

The dreams returned each night, never quite as intense, but they didn’t have to be. The sharpness of the feelings over the first couple of days eased off, and he was able to return to work, but everyone could see that something was different about him. The fire was gone, the ambition. He would take these long lunches, some days, and no one would know where he went for them–but every time, he was sitting in a park a few blocks away, watching the masters and their pups play, and run, and bark…and wishing he could join them, but knowing he never would.

A Familiar Fantasy (Part 3)

Arthur woke up, groggy. He was sprawled out in a massive bed, and without really thinking about it, he swung his legs over the side, went to stand up, and instead fell about a foot to the floor on the side of the bed, where he tumbled over, and looked up at the room around him. It wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t his imagination. This was really happening to him. Derrick was really a wizard, and he was really shrinking, and he had no idea just how small he was going to become. He stood up, and found that the top of his head came just to the top of the mattress–if he were in better shape, he’d maybe have been able to climb back up to where Derrick was still snoring–but as old and out of shape as he was, there was no way he’d be able to make it back up there. Besides, he had to piss more than anything–but how in the world was he going to get up to the toilet, at two feet tall? He walked to the bathroom to inspect it, and sure enough, there was no way he’d be able to get up there…which meant he was going to have to get help, he supposed.

He went back into the bedroom and went around to Derrick’s side of the bed. He reached up, but couldn’t touch him, and so he was forced to yell up at him to get him to wake up. His voice was strange–the smaller his neck was becoming, the higher pitched his voice had become. He was almost sounding a bit…squeaky? He didn’t want that to turn him on a bit, and yet he was getting hard all the same. The humiliation of having to get someone up to help him piss was just as horrifying, and yet also…something he had fantasized about before, actually.

It took some effort, but Derrick finally roused himself and got up. He went with Arthur into the bathroom, lifted the little man up onto the toilet seat and helped him balance while he pissed, and then made him wait while Derrick emptied his own bladder, and then made Arthur jack him off into the toilet bowl as well. He wasn’t exactly enthused about the idea, but Derrick threatened to abandon him on a high shelf for a couple of hours, and so Arthur did as he was told, and jacking a cock which was so large compared to his own–he got hard as well, and ended up jacking himself off after Derrick had cum-and then he lifted Arthur back off the toilet, and offered to make breakfast.

The table was too big for him, so he sat on the floor, with a little box and a little dish of food. It seemed like so little, and yet he was full as soon as he’d finished it, and Derrick insisted he measure him. A foot and a half. Eighteen inches. He didn’t even reach Derrick’s knee. He felt puny, and helpless, and yet so…excited somehow, when Derrick picked him up and put him on his shoulder. The height was a bit dizzying for him, and he could barely believe that just one day before, he’d been standing at that height all the time.

“So what do you think? Is it everything you wanted it to be?”

“Actually…yeah.” Arthur hadn’t felt this happy in ages. He felt like himself, somehow. He spent the rest of the day with Derrick in his library, and while his master read, he sat in his lap and toyed with his massive cock, which a few hours later, had grown as large as he was, when erect. He was shrinking slower now, and yet every lost inch at this point only made the entire world around him expand exponentially. Everything looked new to his eyes–while Derrick cooked dinner, he explored the counter top with a strange glee, amazed at what he could fit inside, amazed at what he could see. He’d finally stopped shrinking it seemed–he was now three inches tall, and looked to be able the size of a large mouse. He ate the bit of dinner his master set aside for him, and then Derrick carried him in the crook of his arm down into his workshop.

“So, do you want me to change you back?” Derrick asked, setting him down on his desk, crouching down so he could look Arthur in his tiny eyes. “Don’t think about the rest of the world, about that life you had. You can have a home here with me as long as you like. It’s been a rather long time since I’ve had a familiar, and I think I would be the first person to have a human one, but you would be a help in certain tasks. So just think of what you want to be.”

Derrick sat down on the desk and looked around him. The lamp towered over him, and the room was so dark he could barely see into the corners, but he could see Derrick’s face–the creases and lines, the age he’d never noticed because he’d never known where to look, but it was amazing how being this small brought the little things to focus.

“I want to stay, I think. Maybe…maybe not forever. But for now, I do.”

“That sounds like a good plan to me too,” Derrick said, “Now, do you want to see some magic?”

Arthur nodded. Derrick put his hand on the desk, and Arthur climbed his way up his arm, sweating a bit when he reached the man’s shoulder, but he had a wonderful vantage point from which to see everything, clinging to his new master’s collar, and for the first time that he could remember, Arthur felt he was right where he belonged.

A Familiar Fantasy (Part 2)

Derrick had been so nice about it, despite the fact that it was so damn strange. Because Arthur didn’t really want to be someone’s boyfriend. He didn’t even necessarily want to be human, exactly. What he really wanted, as strange as it might sound…was to be a pet. Not that he becomes a animal, no, just that he…shrinks down. Too small to do anything for himself, too small to object to anything, just at his owner’s mercy–and honestly, being at the mercy of someone like Derrick was appealing, and part of him was worried that this weekend–he’d try to do something to Arthur, set up some scene or something, and he just wasn’t that interested. He was ok with his fantasies being impossible! He’d managed to come to terms with the fact that he’d just always be…too big to feel right. He’d tried, with a few exes, some…things, but all it had done was make him feel self-conscious. Better to just accept his strangeness and move on, accept that…sometimes life can’t be what you want it to be.

Then again, depending on who you know, sometimes it can be.

That’s what Arthur discovered when he arrived at Derrick’s house, frustrated at his ill-fitting seat in his car, both eager for the company of a friend, and yet terrified that he’d do something to alienate him, like he always seemed to do to men he liked. He didn’t notice that the cuffs of his pants were brushing against the ground, but the steps up to the front door did seem a bit higher than they had the first time he’d visited. He knocked at the door, and after a few moments it opened, and he found himself looking…up.

That wasn’t right–he and Derrick were the same height, and he’d always seen him eye to eye. The sensation of looking up at him was enough to send a flurry of sexual excitement through him, but it was just a trick, of course. Platform shoes? A higher step into the house? He looked down–but Derick was barefoot, and the step was only a couple of inches higher than where he stood–but then how…

“How’s my little man doing this evening?” Derrick asked him.

The small inconveniences of his difficult day started repeating in Arthur’s mind, fitting together into a larger picture. How he’d only ever adjusted his office chair up–never down. The same with the seat in his car. How his boss had been at eye level, despite being an inch or two shorter than Arthur. How poorly his well chosen clothes were fitting. There was no way it could actually be happening, right?

“You doing ok, Arthur?”

“I don’t…I think…” Arthur started to say, looking down at himself. “This is going to sound a bit crazy…but do I look shorter to you?”

“Sure. I’d say you’ve probably lost about six inches. Now, are you going to come in or not, little man?”

He said it again–that’s how Arthur had described his fantasy to him, in simple terms. To be a little man, someone’s pet person. Small, even kept in a cage, brought out for fun on occasion, cared for, perhaps even adored…But wait, had he just agreed with him? That he was shorter? And…he hadn’t even seemed curious about the question? No, he’d been expecting it, or something similar. Arthur narrowed his eyes at him. “Do you…what…”

“Come on in Arthur, we should chat.”

Part of him told him to run, to get to a hospital or…something. But his cock was hard, and that smile on Derrick’s face…Arthur stepped inside, and the wizard closed the door behind him.

“Ok…so you’re a wizard.”

“I am a wizard, yes.”

“You…cast a spell on me?”

“I did. I have to admit, I have a certain, soft spot for men who find themselves hopeless in the world, who want the impossible. This is…a new one for me–but you are rather cute, you know.”

“No one’s ever called me cute before.”

“Well, you’ve never been five feet tall before, either.”

“…You can change me back though, right? I mean, this isn’t permanent?”

“What if I don’t want to change you back? What if you don’t want me to change back? Wouldn’t those be more interesting questions?”

“This isn’t a joke, Derrick! This isn’t–I mean, you have to ask people before you do stuff like this! This is really fucked up.”

“But you like it–I can tell. Besides, you never would have come if I’d told you. You never would have believed me. You’d already resigned yourself to the impossibility.”

“But I have a life! How small am I going to get, anyway?”

“I’m honestly not sure. I’m as interested in finding out as you are.”

“I can’t go to work if I’m a foot tall, Derrick.”

“Who says you’d have to work? The world is so much larger than you imagined–sorry for the pun, but it’s true. There’s so many other possibilities.”

“But–Hey! You can’t just–put me down!”

“Why should I? Now give me a kiss, little man, and then we’re going to bed–I want to fuck you while I can still fit inside you.”

A Familiar Fantasy (Part 1)

Derrick walked around the set up in his kitchen one more time, double checking the details of the ritual. It wasn’t something he’d told many people in his long, long life, across a string of shifting identities as he moved from place to place, but Derrick was a wizard, and a rather skilled one at that. The gift had been passed to him almost two centuries earlier by an older lover at the end of his own life. As far as wizards were concerned, Derrick was just now approaching middle age, and he appeared it…but he’d also found himself growing a bit lonely over the last few decades. This modern world was so strange–it was rather astounding how fast things were changing now. His own magic felt almost…unnecessary at times, now that he had a mini computer in his pocket. Still, there were some things technology couldn’t do–but one thing it could do was…facilitate meeting men, and Derrick had, much to his own surprise, found someone interesting. A man named Arthur who looked close to Derrick’s own age, and therefore often seemed childish to Derrick, and yet he was sweet…and he also had something else that Derrick found fascinating. Arthur’s fantasies–well, as far as he knew, they were hopeless. But to a wizard, well, nothing was quite as hopeless as it might seem.

It was always a bit nerve wracking conducting a spell he’d never attempted before-especially one which, he assumed, could have some rather…unfortunate side effects, were someone to miss a detail or two. Still, there was no way of knowing without trying, right? He focused, and began–in the center of the circle in front of him, a few strands of Arthur’s hair, and as the spell progressed, and the energy in the room thrummed about Derrick’s mind and body, he could see the strands began to pull into themselves, growing smaller and smaller. He stopped the ritual and broke the circle when he could barely see the hairs, the energy pent up released into the night, surging out in search of their target, and he searched about for the hairs–he hadn’t gone on too long, had he? In the end, he had to dig out a magnifying glass from a cluttered drawer of various tools, but he spotted them, and breathed a sigh of relief. Everything had gone as it was supposed to–now all he could do was wait. The two of them had already made arrangements to spend the weekend together, so Arthur would arrive tomorrow afternoon–and depending on how things went, he might not be leaving for a while. Derrick grinned at the thought–he was too energized to sleep, something which always happened when he performed magic too late–and he pulled a recently acquired grimoire from his shelf and perused it until the early hours of the morning.

What a strange day, Arthur thought, as he wrapped up his work on Friday afternoon in preparation for his weekend with Derrick. He was still a bit…surprised that he’d ended up in a relationship with him, or at least, it was a relationship to him. They hadn’t really made anything official yet, but Derrick didn’t really seem to be the kind of guy who liked making things official. In fact, Derrick was someone who kept himself frustratingly apart, so much so that more than once, Arthur had assumed he hadn’t really been interested in a close relationship–and yet, Derrick had pursued him anyway, and it was difficult to not feel a bit flattered that someone as impressive as Derrick would want him, for whatever reason. As far as Arthur was concerned, he didn’t really have much to offer anyone–he was just a middle aged guy, overweight, insecure, burdened by highly unrealistic fantasies which made sex rather uninteresting for him. He’d been to Derrick’s house a few times–a large manor on the outskirts of town, sitting on a few acres of property–but this was really the first time he’d be spending any sustained period of time with him. He was nervous, and as far as the day had already progressed, he wasn’t too confident that things would go well.

It wasn’t that anything particularly bad had happened, it was just that, all day, things had felt a bit…off. It was little things, really. His clothes had felt uncomfortable, his pants slipping down a few times, forcing him to tighten his belt a bit uncomfortably. Same with his office chair, which he couldn’t quite seem to find the right height for, no matter how many times he adjusted it. He’d been clumsy all day, his hands not quite grasping what he’d been trying to do, and he’d broken a coffee cup both in his own kitchen, and it the break room. He’d tried to chat with his boss about a project as they were walking, but found it oddly difficult to keep up. Everything had just seemed a bit more difficult than it should have been, and now he was feeling frazzled, exhausted, self-conscious, and wondering whether he should just call Derrick and cancel their weekend plans.

There was a buzz in his pocket–a text from Derrick: “Excited to see you! You coming soon?”

To cancel or not to cancel? Arthur’s thumbs hovered over the keyboard, and despite his doubts…why not at least give it a chance? “Leaving soon,” he typed, slower than usual, because his fingers kept missing the keys for some reason, “See you in an hour.”

He wrapped up his work as quickly as he could, got up from his awkward chair, put on the coat he’d worn in that morning, and to his surprise, found the sleeves were an inch or two longer than they should have been. Was someone fucking with him at the office or something? He tried not to think about it, and left. Down in the parking lot, he had to spend a minute or two readjusting his car seat, even though he hadn’t needed to touch it in months, and then headed for Derrick’s home, about a half hour drive away, still nervous, still not very sure about all of this–still not at all sure what Derrick saw in him. Last time had been awkward enough–they’d gotten a bit drunker than he’d intended, and Derrick had started kissing him, and that had been fine, but he hadn’t really felt like going further, and then everything about all of his weird…fantasies and fixations had just sort of poured out of him in a mess. A rather humiliating mess.

Master of Men (Part 2)

Craig opened a trapdoor in the floor of his garage, revealing a staircase which descended into the ground below. Paul followed him, no longer able to think of doing anything beyond following the stink of the older man’s sweat down into the depths. The stairs gave way to a ramp, the tunnel linked up with other tunnels, and soon they emerged into a broad, high ceiling cavern. In the center of the room was a dias poised a story and a half off the ground–it looked ancient, and far too well crafted to have been made by anything crude–rather, it seemed to have erupted from the ground as a fluid mass, before something froze it in place. Paul reacted instinctively, tugging back when he saw it, but Craig yanked the lead, and he followed him up a winding stair to the surface above.

The men of the neighborhood were already there, milling about, finding their places around the circle. Paul saw Jason there, limping, but he wouldn’t look at him. Unlike the other men, who all bore plain robes, he was naked aside from a solid ring of steel around his cock and balls. Paul wanted to cry for help, but his jaw was slack. He didn’t think he could even muster a single word. The surface of the dais was perfectly even, yet bore an intricate pattern of metal inlay, winding around the black rock, glinting in the torchlight. However, as soon as Craig stepped into the circle, the metal began to glow a dull red, the other men hurrying to the edge of the circle, where they knelt in a ring around them both.

He waited for them to settle, and for the cavern to return to silence, before booming out, “Welcome, my Men.”

“Glory to the Master of Men,” they replied, in unison.

“Today, my men, is a very special day! A day all of you know well, a day when we welcome a man into our midst, the day we elevate another to our height, a day when we add another to our service. Jason, come here, come, stand tall and be joyful! Today is your day, a day you have been working toward for such a long time.”

Jason stood, he limped into the circle, head bowed away from his brother, and stood on the other side of Craig.

“You have completed your duties, as an initiate, and you have provided a worthy sacrifice. Today, you will claim what you seek, the true manhood you desire. We shall witness your re-manning, and we shall welcome you into our midst.”

Craig waved his hand over the floor, and the metal shimmered, slithering up as though it were alive, before grasping Paul’s neck, ankles and wrists, tugging him down to his knees, and then all fours, holding him in place on the floor. He tried to fight against the enchantment addling his brain, but he couldn’t, just drool on the stone, as Craig turned to his brother.

“Your brother has failed to use his gifts. You shall make better use of them than he has. But the Beast in him will not give up easily–a true man must be firm of hand and strong of spirit. If you want to join us, you must take from him what he has abused.”

Craig stepped to the edge of the circle, leaving the two brother’s alone in the center of the platform. Jason stood still for a moment, and then walked around behind Paul, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, but I…I can’t…”

“Ja….son…” Paul managed to force from his slack mouth, but it dissolved into a moan, as his brother’s thick fingers slid into his sweaty hole, loosening him, and then he felt Jason’s cock push into him. It was hot, it was so hot, and he wanted to crawl away, but the metal held him tightly in place, as Jason fucked him. Craig began a chant; the men around them were soon following him, and floor began to glow a brighter red. Jason was panting, but he was close. The chant grew louder, and he groaned loudly, cumming into his brother’s hole, and Paul felt a searing force push it’s way into him from his brother, twisting him, destroying him. He fought it, he but it was so strong–it ripped his defenses to shreds. His body was gurgling, and his muscles began to fade as fat filled up the place they left behind, his barrel chest dissolving into a heavy gut and two pendulous moobs, and his knee. His right knee, it hurt–a desperate, searing pain. Is this what Jason had felt? Is this what he’d suffered with for so long?

The force ebbed, the tatters of himself settling within him, and Jason withdrew, standing up. Craig approached, “Welcome! Welcome, my newest Man!” he said. Paul couldn’t turn his head with the metal clamped around his neck, but Craig led him around his fat body, and he could see his brother–he was huge. At least seven feet tall, and packed solid with muscle, far more muscle than he could have simply stolen from Paul. He was sobbing. He was sobbing, and he fell to his knees before Craig, “Master…Master, thank you. It doesn’t hurt. The pain–”

“I know,” Craig said, caressing his bearded face, “I know, and you are a Man now. Your sacrifice was great–you should be proud.”

“I promise…I promise to serve you, to obey, anything, anything for you Master, anything, I swear, for what you’ve given me…” Jason tried to continue, but he dissolved into wrenching tears, and Paul could only watch. Craig stepped away, the men of the neighborhood came forward and helped Jason stand, bringing him back out of the circle. But what about him? What about his sacrifice? Paul was broken too–why should he be forced to carry Jason’s burdens as well as his own? How was that fair?

Craig walked back to him, and kneeled in front of Paul. His face was kind, and that only made Paul angrier. “You provided your brother with a great thing, you know. You should be proud.”

Anger. Anger greater than anything he’d ever felt in his life, greater than anything he’d felt in war welled in him, pushing Craig’s musk from him. He screamed and cursed at him, his body tensing, but the metal refused to give an inch. In that moment, he felt like all of the layers of himself were being stripped away, and he was simply an animal. Craig didn’t flinch, he waited until he stopped, heaving for breath, before standing up and turning to the men behind him. “All men are broken. All men are flawed, are deficient. They are prone to vice and sin. This man, is more than broken however. He was welcomed the Beast into his heart. It is not his fault–he has been trained to shurg off empathy and fellowship, to replace them with hatred and rage. This, my Men, is no man at all, but a beast in the guise of a man. But I am the Master, and I can free him of his self-imposed illusion. Bear witness to my miracles.”

“We are the men who witness,” the men reply.

Pig woke with a start, and tried to roll up, but found himself constrained in his own steel cage. “What the fuck!” he shouted, but the words were muffled by something stuck over his mouth, some sort of mask which was tied behind his head. He tried to rip it off, but before he could, his visitor had stepped in front of him, and with a wave of his hand, froze Pig in place.

“Calm down. Don’t remove your gear. Obey my commands,” he said, and with a second wave Pig was free to move again, but he couldn’t even touch his face now.

“What the fuck is this, what are you doing?” he said.

“Well, you see, I do love a good pig fuck, but you…well, you just aren’t pig enough for me yet. Still, we’re going to fix that, don’t you worry, just few final touches…” he said, and with a wave of energy a circle of candles sprung to life around the cage, and the man began to chant in some sort of language Pig neither recognized or liked to hear.

Still, he managed to look at the little bit of clothing he still had on–some gloves and boots, a chain collar with a padlock and a pink bow around his neck, a round snout like mask and a headband with some floppy ears on them. As the visitor chanted however, he felt the gear start to squirm, and with a searing pain, it all began to adhere to his body. No, not just adhere to his body, his body was changing inside the cage as the chant grew in intensity, the changes racing through him faster than he could even comprehend, all of them painful beyond belief, the words wrapping their way around him, binding themselves to him, and with a final shout it was done, the lights shot sparks, the candles burst into blue flame and extinguished themselves, plunging them both into darkness.

It was tighter in the cage. Pig didn’t fit in it anymore, it felt like the life was being crushed out of him. He heard the door swing open and with a grunt, he tumbled out, heavy and soft, and started crawling away, but he hadn’t gotten very far before small balls of magical light erupted around the room, and he found himself facing himself in a mirror, and he squealed in terror. He wasn’t human anymore, well, not entirely, His face looked more pig than man, and his hands, they had hardened into trotters, the same with his feet, and he was enormously fat…and horny. Horny for his master, horny for master’s cock in his pussy.

“What a beautiful little sow,” the visitor said, walking up behind Pig. Where his balls had been there was now a wet slit, his cock now shriveled into an inch long clit, and the visitor slid several fingers in, feeling the sow start grunting, bucking back, hungry for his cock. “Heh, don’t forget that you’re the one who said no limits.”