A Familiar Fantasy (Part 2)

Derrick had been so nice about it, despite the fact that it was so damn strange. Because Arthur didn’t really want to be someone’s boyfriend. He didn’t even necessarily want to be human, exactly. What he really wanted, as strange as it might sound…was to be a pet. Not that he becomes a animal, no, just that he…shrinks down. Too small to do anything for himself, too small to object to anything, just at his owner’s mercy–and honestly, being at the mercy of someone like Derrick was appealing, and part of him was worried that this weekend–he’d try to do something to Arthur, set up some scene or something, and he just wasn’t that interested. He was ok with his fantasies being impossible! He’d managed to come to terms with the fact that he’d just always be…too big to feel right. He’d tried, with a few exes, some…things, but all it had done was make him feel self-conscious. Better to just accept his strangeness and move on, accept that…sometimes life can’t be what you want it to be.

Then again, depending on who you know, sometimes it can be.

That’s what Arthur discovered when he arrived at Derrick’s house, frustrated at his ill-fitting seat in his car, both eager for the company of a friend, and yet terrified that he’d do something to alienate him, like he always seemed to do to men he liked. He didn’t notice that the cuffs of his pants were brushing against the ground, but the steps up to the front door did seem a bit higher than they had the first time he’d visited. He knocked at the door, and after a few moments it opened, and he found himself looking…up.

That wasn’t right–he and Derrick were the same height, and he’d always seen him eye to eye. The sensation of looking up at him was enough to send a flurry of sexual excitement through him, but it was just a trick, of course. Platform shoes? A higher step into the house? He looked down–but Derick was barefoot, and the step was only a couple of inches higher than where he stood–but then how…

“How’s my little man doing this evening?” Derrick asked him.

The small inconveniences of his difficult day started repeating in Arthur’s mind, fitting together into a larger picture. How he’d only ever adjusted his office chair up–never down. The same with the seat in his car. How his boss had been at eye level, despite being an inch or two shorter than Arthur. How poorly his well chosen clothes were fitting. There was no way it could actually be happening, right?

“You doing ok, Arthur?”

“I don’t…I think…” Arthur started to say, looking down at himself. “This is going to sound a bit crazy…but do I look shorter to you?”

“Sure. I’d say you’ve probably lost about six inches. Now, are you going to come in or not, little man?”

He said it again–that’s how Arthur had described his fantasy to him, in simple terms. To be a little man, someone’s pet person. Small, even kept in a cage, brought out for fun on occasion, cared for, perhaps even adored…But wait, had he just agreed with him? That he was shorter? And…he hadn’t even seemed curious about the question? No, he’d been expecting it, or something similar. Arthur narrowed his eyes at him. “Do you…what…”

“Come on in Arthur, we should chat.”

Part of him told him to run, to get to a hospital or…something. But his cock was hard, and that smile on Derrick’s face…Arthur stepped inside, and the wizard closed the door behind him.

“Ok…so you’re a wizard.”

“I am a wizard, yes.”

“You…cast a spell on me?”

“I did. I have to admit, I have a certain, soft spot for men who find themselves hopeless in the world, who want the impossible. This is…a new one for me–but you are rather cute, you know.”

“No one’s ever called me cute before.”

“Well, you’ve never been five feet tall before, either.”

“…You can change me back though, right? I mean, this isn’t permanent?”

“What if I don’t want to change you back? What if you don’t want me to change back? Wouldn’t those be more interesting questions?”

“This isn’t a joke, Derrick! This isn’t–I mean, you have to ask people before you do stuff like this! This is really fucked up.”

“But you like it–I can tell. Besides, you never would have come if I’d told you. You never would have believed me. You’d already resigned yourself to the impossibility.”

“But I have a life! How small am I going to get, anyway?”

“I’m honestly not sure. I’m as interested in finding out as you are.”

“I can’t go to work if I’m a foot tall, Derrick.”

“Who says you’d have to work? The world is so much larger than you imagined–sorry for the pun, but it’s true. There’s so many other possibilities.”

“But–Hey! You can’t just–put me down!”

“Why should I? Now give me a kiss, little man, and then we’re going to bed–I want to fuck you while I can still fit inside you.”

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