“Trey, you really need to take a rest man–you make me feel nervous just looking at you,” Bill said on the couch, “Why don’t you sit down and play a game with me? We haven’t had a shooter session in weeks, man.”

“Can’t, I gotta go to the gym or coach will bust my ass at practice tomorrow,” Trey said, throwing his duffel over his shoulder, “You know, you really should come with me, you were in such good shape in high school man, it would be a shame to let it all go.”

Trey and Bill had been friends since high school, and had been thrilled when they’d been accepted to the same college, but since the start of classes, they’d grown further and further apart. Trey had joined the football team and devoted most of his time to working out–Bill had decided to skip athletics, and mostly sat around the dorm playing video games, looking like a bit of a slob. Still, after his workout, when he’d returned to the dorm, he’d felt kind of bad for his jab at his friend, but Bill wasn’t around to apologize to. Still, maybe he should take a break and play a game for a bit.

He loaded up the shooter Bill was always playing, and soon he was engrossed–in fact, he completely lost track of time, and played the game all night long, only coming out of it early in the morning to discover Bill had come home and gone to sleep at some point, he had broken into his friend’s junk food stash and stuffed himself silly, and he’d…pissed his gym shorts? He put the game away and changed, trying to forget it, but he asked Bill where he’d gotten the game the next day, and Bill just smiled knowingly, and suggested they play it for a while.

They played for almost twenty hours straight, both of them stuffing their faces and pissing and shitting themselves uncontrollably. Before the next marathon session, Bill managed to convince Trey to wear a diaper like he usually did, and this time, Trey realized he’d even cum in the diaper multiple times. Worse, he couldn’t stop playing–neither of them could, and when they unlocked the online mode a week later, both of them spent weeks diapered all day with their headsets on, zoned out, listening to the daddies they were playing against tell them what good little boys they were, slowly turning into fat, horny babies, just like they’d always wanted to be.

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