Riley was on an adventure, and he was just going to let the road take him wherever it wanted. He’d always wanted to go on a long road trip, but being poor on cash and rich with time, he decided that the best idea would be to simply hitchhike around during his summer break from college. Everything had gone well so far, but the next person who stopped for him was in a beat up, rusted out pickup truck, and the hick rolled down the window, letting fly a stream of black tobacco spit onto the ground inches from Riley’s foot. “Where ya headin’, boy?”

“Oh…uh, anywhere, I guess…” Riley said, but he didn’t really feel like getting into the truck with this nasty fat man in grimy overalls.

“Heh, well, I’ll take ya anywhere ya wanna go, if ya suck mah dirty cock fer me.”

“I’m not a faggot, and I’m not that desperate,” Riley said.

“Heh, yeah, I reckon ya ain’t–how’s ‘bout we change that?”

Riley felt something shiver it’s way through him, and he dropped his pack to the ground, looking down at his shirtless chest and torso, as it started to sag out with a soft layer of fat, his skin growing rough and wrinkled–and covered with grey hairs. Something brushed against his chest, and reaching up, he felt a thick beard descending from his face, his hair growing out wild and unkempt into a huge, curly mass and fell back past his shoulders. In a panic, he spun around to the shop window, where he could make out his reflection in the glare–no longer a fit college athlete traveling the country, but a destitute old man. New memories flooded into him, how he’d been homeless for decades now, relying on the kindness of strangers for shelter and food, traveling the country before any place could get too sick of him. He was trying to move on out of town now–and while it wouldn’t be the first cock he sucked to get a ride…no, not this guy, he’d done something to him, changed him.

“What the fuck did you do to me!” he shouted at the man.

“You want a ride or not?” the hick said.

“Fuck no, not with you, no fucking way.”

“Heh, guess yer still not desperate enough–we can fix that though.”

Riley felt a second shiver deep in his gut, a new need stirring within him, and he licked his grimy lips. Fuck, he was hungry for some cum–he hadn’t sucked any dick all day, and he was desperate, and he bet this guys cock was good ‘n ripe, just how he liked them–the filthier the better.

“Sure man, I’ll ride with ya, ‘n I’m happy tah suck yer cock too,” Riley said, throwing his ragged pack in the back of the man’s truck and walking around to the passenger seat, his head down in the fat farmer’s lap even before he’d gotten the truck moving, the farmer grinning from ear to ear as he headed off down the road and onto the highway with his passenger.

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