Warning: This one’s…strange.

“Now, why don’t we see just how close you two partners can get,” the artist said.

Officers Frosen and Garnet started to struggle against the bonds and rubber suits they were encased in, as they felt the pump connecting their cocks come to life, both of them slightly dizzy from the tube connecting their mouths, restricting them both to the same air supply–or rather, their smoke supply, since the only thing they could seem to breathe in was cigar smoke. The last thing they remembered really was gassing up their squad car and taking a smoke break out back, and then nothing, and now…this. Whatever this was.

They each felt the electricity start to run through the wires running underneath the rubber suits they wore, their cocks pumped larger and larger in the shared tube, until the heads met in the middle, and then began to press together. Before too long, it was nearly impossible to tell where one man’s cock ended and the other’s began, like they had been pressed together into one single shaft. The smoke which had choked them out before now felt as sweet as fresh air, and they inhaled it greedily, desperate for more from the source…and from each other. They could taste each other’s breath as well, through the tube, and…and they wanted to be closer…so much closer.

The process could have lasted minutes–it could have lasted days or weeks–they couldn’t tell. Finally, however, the suits were removed, and the two officers say that they had been rendered identical, their genetic code mashed together until they had found equilibrium. Even stranger, when the vaccuum tube was cut away, their cocks refused to separate–they had, in fact, fused together. Still, they both enjoyed that, stroking their cock together, hastily lighting their first cigars, taking deep inhales before locking lips and sharing the smoke for ages.

“Ah, perfect!” the artist cried when he saw them, “I will call it, Smoke! It’s perfect for the twin series–I’ve been needing another siamese. I must get this into the new exhibition next week, New York will simply fall head over heels in love with it!”

The two officers weren’t listening though, they were lost in each other’s eyes, cum dripping from the shaft to the floor, the two twins locked in the embrace they would now share for the rest of their lives, in the artist’s gallery.

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