My Apprenticeship Part 2

I stretched myself awake and looked around, a bit bleary eyed. Who’d I gone home with again? I looked around the room and eventually recognized it as Hog’s dingy studio apartment, which was fine with me. He was fuckin’ hot, and his piss so so fuckin’ manly, I loved it. Speaking of piss, I slipped my cock out of my jockstrap and hosed myself down with my morning load, feeling it run down through my beard and soak my already stinking wifebeater.

I looked around, wondering where Hog might have gotten to, and then got off his bare mattress and went into the bathroom, admiring myself in the mirror. It really was working, just like Ivan had promised. Who would have thought that the secret to manning up was just a steady diet of hot, steaming piss? I’d been on the crew for close to six months though, and work had kind of dried up this winter. Still, when I couldn’t quite make my rent payments anymore, I’d decided it would be easier to just sleep around with the rest of the crew. I wasn’t the only guy who did it either–there were three other apprentices like me who served the journeymen like Hog.

All the journeymen went by nicknames, and they all had worked with Ivan for a long time, and they all, well, they all had their quirks about them, I’ll say that. I heard the door to the studio apartment open and Hog lumbered in, his huge gut leading the way as he snorted, hauling several bags of fast food with him. “Brought breakfast,” was all he said and then he was eating, and I grabbed a bag before they all disappeared. I finished my breakfast, and then got down and sucked his cock while he ate–Hog loved sex with his mouth stuffed, and before too long he gave me a load of piss he’d been saving. After we ate, we headed over to the latest project Ivan had gotten for us to do, and I was just thankful to have an awesome master like Ivan. He was the best, and maybe he’d have a hot load of piss for me too.

To be Concluded…

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