My Apprenticeship Part 1

Working for a contractor wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I graduated from college, but even with an engineering degree–something I’d thought would be helpful in the job market, the only thing I could find were mountains of “unpaid internships.” I’d honestly only applied to the posting on a whim, and when I’d met with Ivan, the owner of the company, a brash, stocky man with a heavy gut and many tattoos, chuffing on a cigar, I’d thought I’d never get the job when he referred to me as a ‘weak little college pussyboy’. Still, he called me the next day and offered me an apprenticeship for minimum wage, and…and I don’t really remember why I took it. I didn’t really want to work for him–he seemed like a total asshole–but by the end of the conversation I was agreeing to start the next day.

The crew was working on remodelling a house, and the first thing I noticed was that everyone he employed stank like a fucking urinal, or maybe a bar bathroom. It was kind of disgusting. Still, the day progressed pretty normally, but it was hard work. I had always been a bit of a wimp, maybe even on the edge of underdeveloped, but it was a job, and I tried my hardest, but still, I could tell Ivan was growing frustrated, and he dragged me off about halfway through the day into the bathroom, and we had a chat.

He knew what I needed, you see. He just wanted to help me man the fuck up. We had a real nice conversation, but still, I didn’t know if I wanted to go through with it. I mean, sure, drinking a real man’s piss, like Ivan’s, would help me man up–make me stronger, make me hairier, more mature, but I didn’t want to drink his piss…did I? That was crazy. Ivan, however, grinning around his cigar, just pulled out his dick and started pissing into the toilet, and I watched it go, and it was such a fucking waste. I needed that piss, I needed it to be strong, and I was on my knees, drinking down as much as I could, and then he left me there to drink the toilet bowl dry, desperate for every drop I might have missed. I needed this job, after all, and I couldn’t keep it if I didn’t become a real man, and quick.

To be Continued…

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