My Apprenticeship Part 3

Of course I was thrilled to hear that I was finally going to be getting a promotion to journeyman. I’d worked with Ivan’s gang for close to three years by that point, and I was as manly as the best of them, a beer swilling, cigar smokin’ dumb ass laborer reeking of piss all the time, and Ivan invited me over to his house to celebrate and give me my new nickname. He gave me a beer, and I kept asking him what my new name was going to be, and he kept changing the subject on me until I’d finished my beer and was feeling strangely woozy, when he dragged me down into the basement, and stripped my clothes off, before forcing me into a diaper, and telling me that my new name was going to be “Baby Bear.”

As you can imagine, that wasn’t quite what I’d had in mind. Still, I was in no position to struggle as Ivan strapped me into the chair, put the headphones on me and blinded me, and then the audio started, a recording of Ivan’s voice, that soothing voice of his, and then I was gone. Sure, of course I was “Baby Bear”–the name fit me perfectly. I loved wearing diapers, and had to wear them, actually, considering I was completely incontinent, not that I minded. In fact, I loved it. I loved the feeling of pissing and shitting myself, and on my days off, I’d usually keep the same filthy diaper on for the entire time, just wallowing in my mess, sucking my thumb or a pacifier the whole time. It all made perfect sense, once Ivan explained it to me, and I listened intently, shitting my diaper as I sat in the chair, moaning around my pacifier as I came in my diaper as well soon after.

We had a party once I was well adjust to my new role, and all the guys congratulated me on my new name, and I couldn’t have been more proud as I sucked them all off in turn in my dirty diaper. I don’t know, I just had to suck something all the time, a cock or a pacifier, but cocks are the best. Now, I get to take the apprentices, like you, home on occasion, and I love making them sniff my filthy diapers, and sometimes I make them wear them too, just us stinking babies as I suck their nipples and their cocks all night long. How fucking lucky is it that I managed to find Ivan? I don’t know where I could have gotten work otherwise. A freak like me? I’d be out on the streets in no time. Good old Ivan, Master Ivan. I’ll do anything for him–we all would. Now shit that diaper I put on you little apprentice, and let’s have some fun.

The End

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