Daddy Cop Part 1

How in the hell did he get turned around in here? Jeff and his partner were only supposed to check for any minors on the premises, but now he couldn’t even find his way out. Jeff had gone in alone–Peter, his young partner, was too lazy to give much of a fuck, and had stuck around outside to smoke one of those cigars of his. Jeff sighed and hefted his belt up under his gut. This close to retirement, and the department gives him a fucking hotshot. Even though Jeff was the senior partner by about twenty-five years, Peter couldn’t be bothered to care at all about what the older man might have to say.

Jeff pushed through another crowd and into another room, looking for the exit, but the bar was really something closer to a complex–and there definitely weren’t any minors here. Hell, if there were, they would stick out like a sore thumb in this place–one of those gay bear bars apparently–but there had been some rumors about strange happenings in this club, and so the department was looking for a possible reason to start a broader investigation. The place was smoky too–but it wasn’t pot–it smelled more like tobacco, but as much as he would have liked to enforce the ban on indoor smoking, he couldn’t find anyone smoking at all, and then he looked down at his hand, and found the huge pipe sitting in his palm.

Well that explained why the smoke kept following him, but what in the world was he doing with a pipe? He shouldn’t be smoking, Marsha would kill him, even if…even if the smoke was kind of arousing, and…and who was Marsha? He brought the pipe back up to his mouth and sucked down another lungful of smoke, like he’d been doing for several minutes now, completely oblivious to it, and he wasn’t quite able to figure out where the line between his terror and arousal was. He ran one gloved hand over his hairy gut, feeling himself shiver as his cock got a bit hard.

Wait, his belly? He looked down, and saw that his uniform had disappeared–or at least most of it had…or had he come in this? He usually wore a leather harness on his nights out to the club after all, and he loved leaving his dick hanging out from his chaps. His big, fat daddy dick, with a big PA in the head. A skimpily dressed cub danced up to him suddenly and started grinding up on him, and with a growl Jeff leaned over and blew a huge breath of smoke down the young man’s throat, watching him squirm and writhe in pleasure. When he broke the kiss off, Jeff shoved the cub down onto his knees and roughly face fucked him on the dance floor, a small ring of men surrounding them and cheering them on, until Jeff shot a load across the cub’s face.

Something was wrong. Something had happened to him, he had to get out of here, didn’t he? He had…someone was waiting for him outside. His partner? No…not his partner, his…his boy. His cub…his son…yeah, his hot son, but he needed some discipline, Jeff thought, his cock hardening again as he tromped through the club to the entrance and marched up the steps into the cool night air.

To be concluded…

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