Tommy couldn’t remember much about the party he’d attended the night before–everything had gotten really fuzzy after his second drink, the one the older guy had brought him. “How are you feeling, piggy?” the man said, unzipping Tommy’s pants and feeling up his cock, while other men looked on, grinning, “You’re gonna be a good little piggy for me, aren’t you?”

Tommy couldn’t fight the men off as they stripped him down and started dressing him up, shoving a curly pig tail dildo in his ass, putting a leather harness on him, gagging him so the only sounds he could make were grunts and snorts as the men abused his chubby body, fucking both of his holes as they all told him what a good pig he was being. The next morning, he could only remember snippets of all of it, but as he stared at himself in the bathroom in his hotel room, he knew something must have happened to him, because he was different. Really different.

His mouth and nose had started to flatten and push out into a snout. His hair was falling out all over his body, aside from a coating of bristly fur along his back. Two tusks were starting to push their way out of his bottom jaw and curl up around his lips as he let out a few grunts and snorts, jacking off his now sheathed, corkscrew shaped cock with his three fingered, trottered hands.

“Soooey!’ the voice outside his hotel room said again, and the man knocked again, louder this time, “You almost ready for me piggy? I bet you’re looking handsome this morning. I can’t wait to get you down on the farm, watching up roll in the mud and the muck. Open the door piggy, open the door for your farmer…”

It was getting harder to think now, and his eyes were looking smaller and duller in the mirror, as another orgasm wracked it’s way through Tommy’s pig cock. They seemed to last forever, and the counter was coated in his pig cum, a curly tail pushing its’ way out above his ass, and he tromped his heavy body to the door. His farmer was out there–his master. He needed to let him in. He needed a good piggy fuck this morning, and he unbolted the door.

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