There just had to be an easier way, didn’t there? Sure, diet and exercise would work, but that didn’t mean he wanted to put in that much effort. Part of the problem was that Vance was just a bit too clever for his own good. There always had to be a shortcut–some better way to do something, and he’d often waste hours trying to improve some process that he could have finished in less time if he’d just done it.

And so, that was how he ended up looking online for weight loss tricks, when he could have been researching diets and joining a gym. Still, he did find something a bit interesting–a hypnosis program which promised to give him the willpower to become the muscle beast he’d always wanted to be. Of course, Vance was convinced that he was too smart to ever be hypnotized, but he was curious, so he downloaded the free files and gave a listen, but as soon as the induction had played, he was nearly drooling on his computer.

The files, it turned out, weren’t really hypnosis files–they were a bit more advanced than that. Instead of suggestions, the high frequency white noise blasting into his ears was actually dismantling his brain bit by bit. Trapped inside, unable to move, Vance screamed as his intellect and his clever ideas were slowly replaced by brute instinct and drive. The files finally ended, and the beast in Vance’s body got up with a grunt and started working his body to exhaustion, no longer able to speak, no longer able to think about anything other than working out and building the body of his simple dreams.

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