Daddy Cop Part 2

Where in the hell had Jeff gotten off to? The old fuck just needed to retire, Peter thought, as he waited outside the bar for his partner to return. Still, it was getting a bit late, maybe he needed some help. Still, it could wait until he finished his cigar at least. He took another drag, and glared at a couple of guys heading into the bar, enjoying the look of intimidation which flashed across their faces. He took another drag, chuckling, when the door opened and someone new stepped out–a fat old daddy bear, clad in leather his nine inch cock hanging out for everyone to see, and he growled, “There you are son–get the fuck in here.”

“Who the fuck are you talking to?” Peter said, realizing the man had addressed him, but before he could do anything, the man had grabbed Peter by the collar and dragged him into the bar. Peter didn’t remember much of what happened after that. As soon as he was in the bar, the older man’s hard cock rubbing up against his uniform, leaving drools of precum across his pants and ass, and then everything just went blurry, and the next thing he remembered was a sharp pain in his ass, and he opened his eyes, looking up and finding the man from the bar looming over him, now completely naked, and the man smirked.

“Good morning, son,” the man said in his deep voice that made Peter’s cock instantly hard.

“Oh…daddy,” Peter said, his voice higher than usual. What was wrong with him? Where was he?

Daddy Jeff drove his cock deeper into Peter’s hole, watching his cub moan and shudder as all nine inches worked it’s way into his ass. Jeff could distantly remember what Peter had looked like before, but he looked so much better now, after a night in the bar with him. He loved the goatee, the tattoos sleeves, the fat ass and jiggly gut, but mostly he loved his son’s new attitude. He did everything his daddy told him to do after all, and he loved it.

Peter did his best to fight against the new compulsions, but by the time his daddy finished his morning fuck, he was too far gone to do anything beyond moan, and jack his cock, cumming in tandem with his daddy, before sucking down his daddy’s load of morning piss from his huge cock. “Can we go to the bar again tonight, Daddy?”

“Sure son, how about we dress you up like a leather cubslut, and have you kneel in the bathroom as the club’s hot cumdump and urinal? You’d like that, wouldn’t you son?”

“More than anything, Daddy,” Peter said with a sigh, hugging his father close, “More than anything.”

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