The Loser Part Three

Wilton froze, trying to remain hidden and quiet in the stall, hoping the janitor would leave for a moment so he could slip away unobserved. However, in a moment, his phone chimed loudly–another email.

“Hello? Is someone in here?” the janitor asked, and Wilton hurried to check the phone, and found a new task.

Lightning round! It’s your final task!

Beg the janitor to let you suck his cock. If he refuses, you lose. If you can’t get him to cum in five minutes, you lose. If you don’t cum in your new diaper before he cums down your throat, you lose.

“Fuck!” Wilton said, and then covered his mouth.

“Sorry, are you busy? I can come back in a few minutes…” the janitor said.

“No! No, hold on,” Wilton said, bumbling out of the door, realizing a moment too late that all he was wearing was a sopping wet diaper. The janitor was a young guy, probably in his early twenties, and Wilton gulped as the guy looked at him in shock. “Hey…uh…hey, can I suck your cock?”

“What the fuck kind of faggot shit is this!” the janitor said, and backed away.

“No! Please, you don’t understand, I need to suck your cock!” he said, and tried to grab the janitor before he could leave, but the kid turned and punched him in the face, and then booked it out of the bathroom, and he heard another chime on his phone, and dreading what it could be this time, he looked at the new email.

God, you’re such a loser. This game is over–but here’s your final change.

Congrats–you’re now 78 years old. In addition, since you failed so badly, you’re also going to become a complete faggot pervert, one who particularly likes paying young men to  humiliate and abuse you over webcam or at your house while you worship their young, muscular bodies.

Enjoy your new life, loser!

It was too late. When he looked up from his phone, Wilton was back in his home, now retired, the diaper he was wearing soiled beyond belief, but at the thought, he found his cock starting to harden in the front of it. He sat down at the computer, grinding the shit up his crack as he did, and turned on his cam. Maybe he could find a hot stud to ridicule him tonight–he was such a loser, he definitely deserved it.

The End

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