(Partial sequel to this caption)

Of course, these mirror spirits weren’t always interested in justice or anything high minded like that–they simply enjoyed the opportunity to twist and manipulate the lives of the beings who dictated their every movement on the other side of the glass. They were envious of our free will, and as soon as they discovered that they could wreak a little havoc in return, they simply couldn’t stop.

Derek was proud of the fact that after six months of job hunting, he’d finally managed to land a decent job at a tech firm downtown. He was dressed to impress, and very excited for his first day on the job, and feeling happy with himself, decided that he might as well document the occasion with a quick selfie in the mirror. However, the image that popped up on the camera a second later couldn’t be right…he was wearing a harley davidson tank top which could barely contain his gut, a old faded tattoos running up his arms, and his hair and beard looked like they’d been grown out unattended for years.

However, when Derek looked up from the camera in into the mirror in front of him, he watched that same man’s jaw drop–it was him! But that’s not possible. He looked down, feeling his grimy body, and realized he couldn’t go to work like this–he couldn’t even leave the house looking like this…but something else was wrong. In the mirror, he saw the room around him start twisting and contorting until he was looking at the reflection of a rundown, filthy trailer, not the inside of his apartment. “No!” he shouted, clawing at the mirror, “Change it back! Change it back!” but all he could hear was the echoed titter of something on the other side of the polished glass, laughing at him. The spirits knew that he would try to fight it, but that before too long, Derek would be just like his reflection, an alcoholic, unemployed piece of trailer trash–just what he’d never wanted to be.

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