The Loser Part Two

Wilton was sweating a bit as he waited for the email to come in. The game was still going on–and it was the end of the day, finally, and he’d done his best, but so far he’d lost every round. He hadn’t managed to eat enough during lunch, and ended up trading 25 pounds of muscle for 50 pounds of fat, giving him quite the paunch suddenly–though at least his clothes still fit. Another masturbating challenge came next, and he almost passed that one, but he’d had to go to a meeting before he could finish shooting the second load in thirty minutes, and squirmed in his seat as his cock shrank two inches and went from cut to uncut. But the current task had been strange, simply telling him to wait in his office and keep working until everyone else had left.

His last coworker walked to the elevator and stepped inside, and almost immediately a new email arrived. He opened it with a bit of dread, and read:

Well done! You actually managed to win a round. No changes for you this time.

Your new task: Go into the restroom and strip naked. Then, lick every toilet seat clean. You have fifteen minutes.

It can’t be serious. He sent an email back with that written down, and all he got back was:

We’re serious. Thirteen minutes.

He went into the bathroom and stripped out of his suit, went into the first stall and looked at the seat, but felt himself gag almost immediately at the thought. Still, he powered through for a few minutes, before throwing up into the bowl and flushing it down, and he just gave up, waiting for the last few minutes to run down, before a new email came into his phone.

You lose! Guess you’re afraid of toilets. Good thing you’ll be diapered and incontinent from now on, you big baby. Still, we think you’ll like the feeling of a full, dripping, stinking diaper. In fact, forget about changing your diapers regularly. Dirty diapers are the hottest fetish for you now, so you wear them for at least a week before putting on a fresh one.

“Wait…what? No!” Wilton said, but it was too late. Looking down, he saw the diaper had already appeared around his waist, and a second later, helpless, he felt piss flood into the front of it, warm and…and kind of nice. In fact, it was really nice, and he felt his soft cock start to harden in the front of the diaper, and he whimpered a little bit. He tried to take it off once he’d finished pissing, but for some reason it wouldn’t come undone, and as he struggled with it, he got fully hard and switched to rubbing his cock through the diaper lustfully, or at least until he heard the door open as someone entered the bathroom–the janitor.

To Be Concluded…

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