Now, I don’t take a boy from every show I do, certainly not. I would have hundreds! What a burden. No, I’ve taken twenty-seven in total, though I don’t have them all still with me. Some I’ve released, with or without memory of the time spent under my control. A few I’ve been convinced to part with, usually for large sums of cash, but three at once? Well, I suppose there’s a first time for everything.

Oh, I know I’ll have my hands full, training three at the same time, but I never back down from a challenge. Still, I’m trying to settle on their specialties…Rick, in the middle, is the easiest–won’t he just be the cutest cub? I’ll have him hanging off my arm at all the bear runs for the next few years, at least until he gets a bit older and starts balding–I’ll train him for other duties then, maybe…a smoker. Yes, I think he’ll look dashing with pipes and cigars stuck in him at all times, don’t you?

That leaves Gary and Hugo. Hugo, on the right–tiny cock, hairless body. He’s going to be a sissy. Women’s panties, shaved head to toe, maybe I’ll even make him forget he has a cock–just a big pussy where his ass should be, I’ll rent him out like the little whore he’s meant to be! And Gary, goodness, maybe I’ll go somewhere radical–I think I’ll bulk him up. Natural, of course, no steroids, just good old fashioned hypnosis. It’ll be a long journey, but I bet I can make a pretty penny off him once he’s 250 pounds of pure muscle.

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