They all want a father figure–I mean, who can blame them, really? So many deadbeat dads out there, running out on their sons when they’re just tots, growing up with just a single mother, of course they’re going to be bullied pansies by the time they grow up. I just want to be the dad they never had, is all–so, it’s not really that bad of a lie.

I troll the websites, where guys look for the fathers who abandoned them, and I lurk, waiting for one that I can help. I learn about them, about their situation, pick up little details, and when we start chatting, and I already know everything about them…well, they just want to believe it so badly.

When they come to stay with me for the summers, they usually have a hard time believing I’m really their dad. I mean, usually we look so little alike, but I help them, little by little. I bond with them, I…help them find that manliness in them which they’d never had a chance to develop. So, they leave better men than they come, big bellied, hairy, bearded…all of them my hot adult sons. And of course, they always come back for more. With a nine inch dick and all the positive affirmation they want, I have all the means of filling them up that they could ever need.

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