Hour Zero: Subjects X98T and F54R are awake in test chamber seventeen. They have been dressed is slave uniform styles Gamma and Eta, profiles indicate that the two of them were friends, and brought in for conditioning together. I have begun administering compound Sexad in aerosol form into the room.

Hour Three: The two subjects have finally stopped trying to extract themselves from their uniforms, and have discovered that they have no means of communicating with one another. I am uncertain that they recognize each other at all. Compound Sexad is having some effect, but I am increasing its concentration.

Hour Four: The increased concentration is having the desired effect. Both subjects are now in a sexual fervor, grinding against one another, desperate for penetration. I will hold the Sexadd at this concentration for 72 hours, enough time for the subjects’ brains to devote 90 percent of their mass to sexual pleasure centers, and then programming will commence.

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