Looks like I have another one–there’s a farmer’s market on Tuesday evenings a few blocks down, and afterwards, we always seem to get a few farmers looking for nudie mags before they head home to their frigid wives. Still, I do love sending them home with a few…extra purchases. 

Gah, he’s so straight and square and boring though, I’m going to have to make him a bit more interesting first. Hmm…I’m thinking…top, but a little versatile, he loves having his hole diddled while he fucks–how about a butt plug to get him started? He’ll probably be wearing it 24/7 by the end of the week.

Well, he’s too hairy for my tastes, so how about we get rid of that icky hair, and beef up those muscles? Yeah, really roid him up, a perfectly smooth muscle daddy, stretching those overalls to the limit, probably a bit dumber too, sex is the only thing he can think about, oh yeah, he’s going to be a returning customer, I can feel it already…

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