Kevin McGrath, a modern day bandit, has somehow managed to escape arrest over thirty times, and even worse, no one is entirely sure how he manages to do it. He makes things easy enough–robbing banks without even a mask, getting away with the cash on the same motorcycle each time, but the officers who pursue him…well, when they inevitably catch up to him at the seedy motel he holes up in, well, strange things start to happen.

He never resists arrest, but as soon as the men approach him, the find themselves impossibly attracted to the outlaw, and the longer they remain near him, the more thy change. Those who get away after a few minutes tend to quit the force, becoming rough leather cop masters at local gay bars, but on the few occasions that they end up spending the night with McGrath…

Well, it’s a bit different each time. One officer was found in the hotel room, wearing only a leather harness, bound up, his asshole so loose he couldn’t close it, begging the men who found him to fist him like the pig he was. In another case, the officer was found stuffing himself with food, after gaining three hundred pounds over night. McGrath hasn’t struck a bank in the last few months, so he’s probably planning his next heist, and who knows what might happen to the men who pursue him this time.

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