“Well, I suppose the problem is that no one in the office listens to me. I might be the boss, but I just don’t have any authority,” Clyde said, the pudgy office manager said to the older salesman.

“Ah, well, the right suit can do wonders for a man’s self-esteem and authority. Come on, I have just the design for you, I think.”


Clyde strutted into the office on Monday, feeling better than he had in years. Of course, losing close to 100 pounds had done wonders, and while the cigar smoking, bald head and new beard were still a bit strange to him, he was growing more and more used to his new reflection. For now though, he had some business to take care of.

“Finn. My office, now.” he said, and the biggest slacker in the office, the perpetual thorn in his side, found himself compelled to march after Clyde into his office. His screams, first of pain, and them of pleasure, as his boss raped his ass, set the entire office into high gear, and no one challenged Clyde’s authority ever again.

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