It had sounded like a good way to make some extra money, after all, the house had an extra room, and was big enough that neither Max nor Terry would run into the couch surfers all that often. For a few months, it actually worked out great–most of the people who came by were perfectly polite staying a day or two before paying for the space and taking off, but then came Rudy.

Max and Terry were uneasy about him from the beginning–the tattoos, the smoking, the lewd looks, the body odor, the violent outbursts. The guy was down right scary, but the two of them lightened up once they got a bit of Rudy’s second hand smoke in them. 

Rudy’s been living there ever since, and he’s the one calling the shots. His two boys are now chain smokers, keep their heads shaved, and have started getting tattoos, just like their daddy. Still, after they stopped taking in couch surfers, since Rudy needed the extra bedroom converted into a dungeon, they needed another way to make some extra cash. Max and Terry were happy enough to rent out their holes to any dirty fucker off the streets though, and couldn’t be happier with their new roommate.

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