While Jack and Phil might have thought that their camping trip with Aaron was a chance to relax and unwind, they didn’t know that their old friend had some…ulterior motives in store for them both. It started that first night when Aaron, an amateur forager, brought some berries back to camp and said they were a tart snack, but as soon as Jack and Phil had tried some the strangest thing happened. It was like time…skipped forward for both of them, and the next thing they knew it was hours later–already into early evening, and things just got stranger from there.

When Aaron saw that they had come around, he pulled his cock out of his camo pants and said to Phil, “Hey faggot, help me out with this,” and before Phil could question it, he was down on his knees, sucking off his friend like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Jack, on the other hand, was appalled, and tried to talk some sense into his friends, but Aaron had other ideas. “Jack, shut the fuck up. Finger your asshole and jack off while you watch this faggot suck my dick, and regret that it isn’t you sucking me off, bitch.”

Jack, like Phil, was quick to obey, and as he tried to formulate some kind of escape, Aaron let them both know that he’d had this planned from the start. The berries were a native plant which at the right ripeness, exuded a powerful hypnotic agent which rendered the consumer extremely susceptible to suggestion, and he kept his friends on a solid diet for the rest of the weekend.

Each time Phil and Jack came to, something else had changed about them and their behavior. Phil found himself unable to concentrate unless he was sucking on something–preferably a cock, but he would settle for his thumb, though he had a bad habit of pissing his pants whenever he did that. Still, he found he liked it when that happened, and he was happily diapered and working as Aaron’s urinal by the time they left. Phil on the other hand had to have something up his ass all the time, and the only materials he could bear to have touching his skin were leather and rubber. Worse, whenever he was horny–which was almost all the time now–he had a habit of snorting and grunting like a pig while he jacked off uncontrollably. 

They loved Aaron though–Aaron was their master–their God, and they would stay by his side for the rest of their lives.

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