“A cure? Well, unfortunately Ed, your new condition is, well, a bit more chronic in nature. Yeah, that’s right–you’re gonna be an old, fat fuck from here on out, no matter what you do…well, I mean, there are ways to manage your symptoms, I suppose, though I doubt you’d be very interested.

"Oh, it isn’t complicated, one pill a day will be enough to keep you as your old self, but if you miss a dose–well, you know what will happen. Still, I’m not a charity Ed, if you want me to help you out, you need to do something for me.

"Oh yeah, that’s it, suck on that pouch, you fucking fat faggot. Who’s the fat one now, huh? You have at least a hundred pounds on me, and you’re gonna feel all of it shaking and jiggling when I fuck your ass.

"Oh, the pills? Sure, I have them, but we have the frat house to ourselves this week–everyone else went home for vacation. I think I’ll–enjoy your fat ass for a few more days, before I let you go back to that hot shot body you were so fucking proud of. Now bend over–watching you sob has got me horny as fucking hell." 

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