I have to admit, I was suspicious of them when they rode up to give me an estimate on the renovations, but with their backfiring pickup and grungy clothes, who wouldn’t be a little suspicious. Still, they convinced me to hear them out, and when they sounded like they knew what they were doing, and quoted me a price lower than everyone else I’d talked to…something convinced me to go with them, even if my better judgement told me not to trust them.

Granted, it took a lot of trust, those first few months, and I was more than hesitant–hell, most of the time, I was outright hostile. When they insisted that I let them sleep in the house, when they told me that part of the contract was to cook them meals–naked–I was pretty angry, but I trusted them, and it paid off.¬†

Their house is beautiful, and they even built me a place of my own in the backyard. Yeah, that’s me, down in the corner. Sure, I know you only see a dog–because that’s what they want you to see. My master’s–just trust them, and it’ll all be alright. It worked out for me, after all–what’s the worst thing they could do to you?

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