My dad is such a prick. He makes fun of me because I’m not as muscular as he is, and even steals my goddamn protein shakes the time. I think that if he knew I was gay he’d pummel me. Still i think I’ve found a way around that little problem.

See I’ve been messing around with many chemistry teacher at school. He’s this chubby bear of a man, and an awesome bottom. I told him about my father, and he suggested a little concoction he uses to pack on the fat himself. I replaced my protein shakes with it, and dad is already putting on weight. The aphrodisiac is just a bonus, really.

Yeah, he can’t explain why he suddenly needs my cum so bad–but he’s been sneaking into my room every night now at least once to suck me off while I “sleep.” I think he’s starting to notice the weight he’s packing on too, but it’s already too late–the shakes are highly addictive–Hell, I should know, since I can’t stop drinking them either. Yeah, that was part of the deal–my teacher wanted me fat too. Still, I think it’s worth it, just to bring my dad down with me, and my teacher loves my fat cock too much to make me a bottom. Looks like by the end of the year, I’ll have two big piggies to fuck. I can’t wait–even if I’ll probably be over 500 pounds by then too.

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