Are you into some of the kinks your write about?

Well, I suppose what you mean by “into”. Do they arouse me? Well yeah, or I wouldn’t write about them, but that kind of seems obvious. So, do I delve into any of these kinks in reality? For the most part, no. My writing is a fairly cathartic–I tell these stories so I feel less inclined to indulge in real life, which isn’t to say I think people shouldn’t indulge if they want to, mind you.

Mostly, I’m happily married, in a closed relationship, and he’s decidedly less interested in the sorts of stuff I write about than I am, which is fine. If he were interested, I suppose I’d have more opportunity to explore. I do find a few ways to indulge myself on occasion, and might keep a well soiled jockstrap around for when I need an extra little kick…

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