No…No this can’t be happening, it can’t. I mean, I sure as hell didn’t take the curse all that seriously, sure. I mean, those fucking “witches” and shit, it was just a bunch of fat goth girls trying to inflate their egos, and when Gina, the ringleader of the bunch, had told me they cast a spell on me, I almost laughed. So what if I had raped one of the bitches in their little coven? When she told me that I would spend my the rest of my life with the next person I slept with, I made a mental note to make sure it was a good one, and got on with the rest of my life.

Well, a few days later, I got drunk—really drunk. Blackout drunk, and now this. “Damn boy, ya sure are a fine lay, how ‘bout ya climb back in here ‘n take care a yer daddy’s mornin’ wood?” the fat redneck said, pulling out his cock from his pajamas. Worse, I wanted to tell him to fuck off and leave, but, well, I couldn’t. “Sure thing daddy,” I said instead, climbed in bed, and sucked off his not very clean cock, and all I could think about was what Gina had said as I scoffed and walked off that day.

“You might also want to know that when you wake up, you’ll be transformed into their ideal partner, so be careful what you sleep with.”

There was a mirror in the bedroom, and I almost didn’t dare look at myself. Young, obese, hairy, goatee—the perfect redneck cub for my daddy…yeah, daddy’s cock tastes so good, god I love all the cheese under his fuckin’ foreskin. Gonna beg ‘em tah fuck mah hole later, breed me real good, aw yeah, life is gonna be real good from here on out, I can already tell…

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