Dr. Hendricks’ methods were strange, but Rick couldn’t deny that he was more relaxed than he’d ever been in his life. He’d been skeptical about hypnosis at first, but after the first session many of his concerns evaporated, though Hendricks could tell that the stress in Rick’s life needed drastic reduction.

Next came the pills–so many pills. Hendricks was vague about what each one did, and Rick noticed quite a few strange side effects as the weeks passed. He put on weight, for one, and he noticed that his cock and balls were shrinking, but he was calmer, and maybe even a little…more submissive? 

Hendricks still wasn’t satisfied–Rick was the most anal-retentive subject he’d ever seen, and the anal exercises helped alleviate that, but he deemed that full castration was the only real option. Rick had resisted, at first, but why would the doctor lead him astray? And now, whenever the doctor licked his smooth crotch, ramming ever larger dildos into his pussy, Rick knew he’d made the right decision.

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