“Whatcha lookin’ at dad?” your son says, looking over his shoulder, his jeans dropped down around his ankles, and you can’t help but stare. You’d thought that a little backwoods vacation would be good for your son–toughen him up a bit–but it had only been three days and he’s growing a beard thicker than yours. Was something changing him? He’d said he’d found something that first day, in the woods, but then where were your feelings coming from? This…lust. Waking up next to your naked son in bed, feeling him stroke your cock, you let him continue for a moment too long before leaping out of bed, furious and now this. He wants you, and you’re losing the ability to say no.

He strips you down, discards his own clothes, and pulls you into the woods, his grip unyielding. He’s changing as you run, growing furry, teeth becoming fangs, hands and feet become paws. He’s…he’s a bear, and suddenly the two of you are surrounded by others, at the foot of an altar. This…this is what he’d found, and it looks like the two of you wouldn’t be leaving these woods anytime soon.

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