Joel had some…well…anger issues. Physical aggression, to him, was just the easiest way to settle the score. He’d gotten into any number of bar fights over the years since his college days, but things had gotten worse recently, with him punching coworkers at the office, and a domestic violence complaint by his wife. He knew he needed to find some other way to take out his anger, so when trolling Craigslist he saw an ad for an underground wrestling competition, he thought it couldn’t hurt.

He’d wrestled back in high school, and while he wasn’t in great shape, he trusted his instincts and rage to push him over the top–however, he seriously misjudged his first opponent. Pinned in under a minute, and then the chain around his neck, and then…why did he feel so strange? He crawled over to the victor, nuzzled the older man’s rock hard cock through the singlet, licking and tasting his sweat, feeling his anger dissolve into obedience. He’d neglected to notice that the losers were owned by the victors for a week after each round, but he suddenly didn’t mind. He felt calm, obedient, and god, this cock tasted so good…

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