You look around the rest area…what are you doing here again? You were on a trip, or something, and…and what were you driving? Where were you going? Huh…that’s an odd thing to forget, you suppose. Still, it’ll come back to you…right?

You head into the restroom to take a piss–damn your ass hurts. You must have just had something a bit too spicy at that Flying J, when you were last on the road with…with someone, right? But with who? You shake your head and finish pissing, figuring it isn’t important. Right now you just have to go wait…yeah, wait for someone. You take a look at yourself in the bathroom mirror. When was the last time you shaved? Or had a shower? You take a sniff of your pits and recoil a bit. Fuck you stink–is that piss? You notice your shirt is damp…but you don’t remember why. Too bad there isn’t a shower here. Oh well, best to just go wait.

You sit down at a picnic bench by the trucks parked at the rest area, waiting. It’s a bit cold, and the hi-viz vest you’re wearing doesn’t do much to fend it off. You don’t know why you’re wearing it–only that it’s important. If he didn’t have it on, the man he’s waiting for won’t be able to find him. You hope whoever you’re waiting for comes by soon. There’s a trucker approaching–a bit cautiously–and as he comes closer he asks, “Need a lift?”

“Need a lift”–the words resonate in your head, unlocking all sorts of doors. “Sure thing, daddy,” you say–the sex rolling off your tongue. “I’ll go anywhere you’re going.”

“Get in the cab, bitch.”

You rush to obey, climbing up into his cab behind him. You have his dick down your throat as fast as you can, hungry for him, for your daddy. You love your daddy so much. He fucks you then, calling you a dirty filthy whore and you thank him for his cum. When he finishes, the two of you drive for a bit, you suck his cock whenever he has a load for you, and drink his piss for good measure as well, because you want to be the best trucker whore out there. This daddy is a nice one–he buys you a meal like he’s required to, but even lets you shower when you stop, and then he says the words, the words you hate–“I’m finished, fuck off whore.”

You forget again, you always forget. Wandering off, your ass tender, you look around for your car. How long has it been like this? You don’t remember. Still, you wait. Wait for the next guy to give you a lift. Wait for your next trucker daddy to come along and whisk you away down the road.

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