Here at Fetish Obsessions, we specialize in sexual perversion training. I know that you probably think that you’re alone in your predicament. You find a man you love, the romantic chemistry is fantastic, but the sex is lackluster. He just isn’t into the same things you are, and has no real interest in experimentation. Well, we are happy to take care of that experimentation for him. We guarantee that after a full training, your partner will not only be interested in your fetish of choice–they’ll be obsessed with it.

Here, for example, is our rubber room. Subjects are immobilized in vacuum sealed rubber, and teased for periods of days to months, depending upon the level of obsession desired by their partners. See, our goal isn’t to destroy monogamy–we want to enhance it. In this day in age, why shouldn’t the love of your life be the sex of your life as well? Now, are there any facilities you’d be interested in touring? Oh, don’t be shy…trust me, I’ve heard them all.

Oh? Diaper play? One of my personal favorites. Let me show you to the nursery–I’m sure it will be everything you’re looking for and more.

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