This had to have been the craziest morph program Jeremy had ever seen. Not only had it automatically scanned him into the program somehow, it seemed like there was no limit to what the program could change. He was looking at an image very different from what he was used to–the older, chubby daddy bear he’d always dreamed of being, and decided that he was finished, and hit the render button. 

The program locked down down for a moment, and then nothing. No change, no new image. He grumbled a bit, surprising himself with the deepness of his voice, and rushed over to the mirror, and gasped in shock. It was definitely a morph program, just not what he’d expected. In a panic, he rushed over to his computer, hitting some keys by accident, and saw a new message as the computer locked down again. 

“‘Clone brush activated’, what the hell?” he said.

“Well how about that,” an identical voice said behind him, and he turned around to see two duplicates of himself had materialized out of nowhere. He’d always been a bit curious what it would be like to fuck himself–and now he was about to find out.

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