One year of community service for a hate crime conviction? Randal wasn’t happy with the plea bargain, but he sure as hell didn’t want to go to jail with all those niggers, fags and wetbacks–he was too old to defend himself. Then he found out about which community, and what sort of service.

Six black faggots, one for each day of the week except Sundays. He went to their homes, kept house like a bitch, and then, the sex. He couldn’t disobey–the microchip in his head stopped that, and worse he was paid a stipend for his labors like a fucking whore!

Sundays were his only day of freedom, but he couldn’t even bring himself to go to church. How could he face God after what he’d done? Even worse, the men were wearing him down, humiliating him. He would beg for their cocks now. Sure, they told him to do it, but he was starting…to enjoy it. He hadn’t been with a woman in months, and all of the faggot sex was going to his head. If he didn’t stay strong, he was going to be at this for much longer than his assigned year.

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