A week–Matt had never been gone this long. He and Cal, well, they’d had their fights, usually about Matt’s wandering eye, and he’d storm off, spend the night with some dude and come back the next morning, and Cal was such a sucker, he’d take him back every time. But a week? Cal knew he shouldn’t bother looking for him, that he was a lout, and a shitty boyfriend, but god help him, he couldn’t help caring for the asshole. He at least wanted to make sure he was alright. So here was, at the seedy leather bar where Matt always hung out. He walked up to the bartender and asked if he’d seen Matt lately.

He didn’t look like he wanted to talk about it. After some weasling, Cal finally got a bit of information out of the guy, who told him to go find a guy named Lug. Lug–what the hell kind of name was that? Still, Cal did find him–a filthy guy dressed in ripped jeans and a leather vest, tattoos and a big beard. Cal, nervous, sidled up and asked, “Hey…uh, are you Lug?”

“Who’s asking?”

“Look, the bartender…he said, he said you might have seen my boyfriend–Matt. He went out a week ago, and hasn’t come home.”

Lug grinned, nodded, got up and walked off, looking back to see if Cal was following–he was. In a secluded corner, Lug turned around, dropped his pants, and revealed some of the nastiest briefs Cal had ever laid eyes on. “Sure–here he is,” Lug said, cupping his balls through the nasty underwear.

“W-What?” Cal asked, disgusted.

“Dude was pissing me off, so I turned him into my new briefs. Ain’t so new anymore, but he’s grown to like it.”

“That…what? I don’t–”

“Still, I didn’t know he was hitched. You’d better have him back, I suppose. Here, put ‘em on.”

Cal did as he was ordered and stripped down, fighting the compulsion the whole way, and Lug took them off, handed them to Matt, who pulled the damp, yet stiff briefs up around his waist…and he heard, or felt, or knew it was Matt. Or, sort of Matt. Cal groaned and leaned against the wall as the briefs contracted around his cock, milking him for his cum. Hungry–it was so hungry, even Cal could sense the need.

“Yeah, he’s a needy fuck, I’ll give him that. Good luck keepin’ him satisfied on your own,” Lug said, pulled up his pants, and disappeared into the crowd, leaving Cal moaning until he came, the briefs absorbing his entire load. Piss, he heard the word, and unable to stop, he pissed right into the briefs, some of it dribbling down his legs but most going into the hungry fabric. Cal tried to take the briefs off but they wouldn’t budge an inch–they were definitely still Matt, and Cal realized that Matt was still going to control his life, even if he was just his underwear.

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