Ha, gullible fucks. So many guys out there want to be hypnotized, you wouldn’t fucking believe it. They just want some guy to tell them what to do, and be unable to resist their commands. Well, sure, none of them know that it’s me–you have no idea how many personas I have online. There’s the personal trainer, who promises to help with your workouts, the leather god, the muscle bear. No one really wants to obey a guy like me, or so they think.

They all eventually ask to meet me in real life, I make sure of that. Man, the look on their faces when they discover the man behind the screen is as far from their fantasies as can be, not that they can resist serving me, by then. That’s when I really fuck with their heads, man, they leave those meetings so warped you wouldn’t believe it. Maybe I make them impotent, maybe they feel compelled to show off their bodies, it all depends on my mood. And naturally they all empty their bank accounts for me. Yeah, it’s damn good to be a hypnomaster, what do you say, slave?

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