“Please, no more, change me back.”

“Why? You sure seem to love the taste of that pit of yours. Fuck you’re ripe–I can smell you across the room. I love that in a roommate.”

“I just–I’m only fucking looking for a place! I’m not your roommate.”

“Details–before I’m done with you, ain’t no one gonna want to be your roommate other than me. Face it, your apartment hunting’s over. Now, how about some tatts? I love a man with tatts.”

“But I work in an office! They’ll fire me if I have tattoos.”

“An office? What kind of sissy are you? You’re gonna be workin’ construction with me, anyway–don’t worry.”

“No fuckin’ way is I…I ain’t gonna work somethin’ like…like that. Ya…Ya did somethin’ tah me, wha’ the fuck’d ya do!”

“Sorry, I hate having roommates smarter than me. I only got an IQ of 95, so yours is 70 now. Don’t worry–with those big muscles and big cock, you’ll be too busy workin’ out and fuckin’ to think.”

“Ha–ha ha, yeah…yeah that sounds fuckin’ hot, roomie. Could…could I suck ya now? I’s pretty horny.”

“Sure. What are roommates for?”

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