“Go on, tell the world how hot it is to have your brother’s big cock shoved up your ass.”

“Oh gawd, it feelths so good,” Benny sighed, the lisp prominent and inside his own mind he tried to roar with rage and anger, but all he could do was keep speaking like a complete fag, “I’m only happy with a big fat cock up my sloppy hole.”

Sal zoomed in for a closeup, loving how the two trailer trash sons of his old high school bully fucked wildly for the whole internet to see. They were gained quite a bit of popularity–Benny with his effeminate lisp and hungry hole paired with Doug’s gruff dominance. Sal had already received offers from several porn companies to produce movies. In a few weeks they were going to move out to LA with him–once Sal had the pleasure of hosting a private screening for his old enemy. He’d planned this revenge for so long–he couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he realized his sons would be fags forever.

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