Gary was an inventor–one who was obsessed with creating a real, working time machine. He was convinced that, theoretically, it was possible, but always a solution eluded him. His last failure was certainly his greatest–he thought he’d created a device which could create a time suspension field–allowing everything within fifty feet to cease aging while everything outside sped along at normal speed.¬†

Ready to venture to the future, Gary had triggered the device, only to find out he’d reversed the polarities. He, and everything else aged incredibly fast, and before he could stop it, he was a chubby old geezer with a massive white beard.

There was no way to reverse it. The device was fried by the field, and everything in his home caught in it had aged into older versions of themselves. His now circa 1990 computer couldn’t begin to make sense of his complex files on time theory, and his aged brain couldn’t formulate possible solutions to his dilemma. He lived the rest of his life as a recluse, a testament to the dangers of overzealous experimentation with the forces of time.

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